January 29, 2019

There are numerous theories as to why special counsel Robert Mueller and “attack dog” Andrew Weissmann did the equivalent of smashing a flea with an anvil by sending a huge team of heavily armed FBI agents in the pre-dawn hours on Friday to arrest Roger Stone and raid his home. On Sunday morning, Roger Stone himself offered his own.

Out on his own recognizance –- as the judge in the case considers him no flight risk –- he went on the Sunday news shows to talk about it. “...I’ve been under investigation for two years,” he said on ABC News’ THIS WEEK. “I have destroyed nothing. But if I were going to destroy evidence, wouldn’t I have done it a long time ago? They could have simply called my lawyers and I would have turned myself in.”

“It was an expensive show of force to try to depict me as public enemy number’s an attempt to poison the jury pool. These are gestapo tactics.”

I’m sure Stone would add that this is why they needed some TV coverage, which CNN very conveeeeeeeniently was able to provide. That way, a lot of potential jurors saw that raid. However, I wonder if this strategy could backfire, in that the government was seen behaving precisely as it should not have in this case. People who want to get Trump at any cost will love the effort to make Stone look like a dangerous, big-deal bad guy, regardless of the civil liberties trampled by the FBI in the process. Others, I hope, will be horrified at the FBI’s overkill tactics and find even more reason to distrust the special counsel.

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None of the charges in Stone’s indictment relate to Trump or “collusion” with Russia, though anyone chosen for his case from the jury pool will likely be ignorant of that fact. Stone faces seven charges on witness tampering, obstructing a congressional inquiry, and lying to Congress during his September 2017 interview with the House Intelligence Committee, chaired at that time by Republican Rep. Devin Nunes. As part of their examination of Russia’s role in influencing our 2016 elections, the committee asked him about WikiLeaks and its release of material obtained from the DNC and Hillary campaign chairman John Podesta. Most likely, the jurors chosen for Stone’s case from that jury pool won’t know who Podesta is, either, though they will know who Hillary is and probably will have voted for her.


Judge Andrew Napolitano said Monday on Neil Cavuto’s FOX News show that Stone’s trial may not take place for another year. That’s if Stone really digs in, fights the charges and fails to “cooperate” and give Mueller what he wants. In other words, this could go on a very long time.

Worst of all, the Stone case puts off Mueller’s final report on Trump, as he won’t be issuing one until Stone can be cross-examined. If Napolitano is right about this, it means his trial and the emergence of Mueller’s no-doubt scathing and highly partisan report will be going on during the 2020 campaign. As timing is everything, this is just as Trump’s opponents would dearly wish.


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  • Charles Gilbreath

    01/29/2019 07:08 PM

    Mueller is a criminal and cannot be trusted He hates Trump and must be fired when will this garbage stop? It has cost taxpayers millions for nothing

  • Lou Ann Shelton

    01/29/2019 03:55 PM

    I am so deeply troubled by the tactics of Mueller and his cohorts. I keep hearing that we conservatives need to stand up to this but how? I want to see President Trump exonerated and Hilary and her group punished but it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. I’m thinking we need a good old fashioned uprising!!

  • Ronald Joseph Kule

    01/29/2019 01:13 PM

    Mike, since "intelligence" (the spy type) is defined as "what the other guys do not know that you know about them," the raid of Stone's place likely was an attempt to get at his "intelligence." Fearful people always MUST KNOW by any means, because they cannot observe for themselves. And they always blow up molehills into mountains while targetting wrong targets. Fortunately, they cannot complete their actions - a useful indicator of who are the bad hats among us.
    That is not to say they are unintelligent; they can be very bright about how they go about their nefarious ways. But, they can be defeated easily by exposing THEIR crimes and, if looked for, crimes will always be found in the back-hat camp shadows.

  • Adrienne Davis

    01/29/2019 01:00 PM

    How is Andrew Weissman still an attorney? This guy was overturned by the SUPREME COURT 9-0 but it was too late for the 10,000+ employees of Arthur Anderson, LLP. This guy is famous for withholding exculpatory evidence and being overturned on appeal because he's a really dirty lawyer. You have to have enough money left to appeal so he files motions incessantly which require a response, translate that to money and you can bankrupt anyone. This guy is so sick. This is the type of people Mueller chose to run his office? I wouldn't expect good judgement from the guy who has covered up MAJOR crimes since he was hired the first time. Mueller and Comey have an equally dirty history. Yes, TREASON. RICO. SEDITION.

  • ervin barkman

    01/29/2019 12:09 PM

    Somehow Mueller show be fired and his investigation ceased. He is a vicious hound dog doing much damage to the nation. He should be investigating Hillary Clinton if anyone!!

  • Louise Harsha

    01/29/2019 12:09 PM

    I just can't believe this can happen in America. I am so
    afraid for my grandchildren and our great country.

  • Stephen Russell

    01/29/2019 10:47 AM

    Stone raid:
    How jury can "buy" Stone raid as to poison jury pool is Beyond me, maybe in the 70s-80s to hunt the Mob then
    Not Stone today, someone is missing the mark
    Files Report, missing data, misread data,Bogus
    Data leading to prosecute NOT showing otherside.
    False Info used
    Bottom line
    Mueller & team prosecuted