The tall tree is Fox News

May 28, 2019 |

As if you needed another reason not to vote for Sen. Elizabeth Warren for President, her attack on Fox News when they invited her to appear on a town hall was not only a hostile assault on the free press, it also showed a staggering lack of strategic intelligence. 

Note that Bernie Sanders said yes to Fox, and he got a respectful hearing and scored 2.6 million viewers, the highest-rated townhall so far.  Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg also said yes to Fox and gave themselves a boost. 

“Beto” O’Rourke, on the other hand, opted for a CNN town hall.  It drew only 714,000 viewers, which is actually far less than the pitiful 1 million viewers that CNN normally draws on a Tuesday night.

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And why are the ratings so low?  Aside from “Russian collusion” and Michael Avenatti doing to CNN’s journalistic reputation what the bums in San Francisco do to the sidewalks, CNN is no longer even trying to appeal to anyone other than hair-on-fire Trump haters.  FYI: It’s not me saying that, it’s people who used to work at CNN:

They’re like the parody heavy metal band Spinal Tap: they’re not becoming less popular; their appeal is just getting “more selective.” 

I realize that very few of the Democratic candidates have any private sector business experience whatsoever, so I’m going to help them out.  Before you wrap yourself in a blanket of ideological purity and refuse to dirty your silky pantaloons by entering the studios of Fox News, ponder this simple, age-old couplet about advertising:

“He who has a thing to sell and whispers of it down a well

Will not get as many dollars as he who climbs a tree and hollers.” 

Just to make it clear for you, the tall tree is Fox News and the hole in the ground is CNN. 


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