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January 20, 2022

Democrat Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are under intense pressure to vote to destroy the filibuster and support the “Voting Rights Act” (aka, the “Legalize Vote Fraud Act.”)

Fortunately for America, these two appear to be the Party’s only actual remaining “adults in the room,” and they seem to be standing firm, which will likely deal both of these naked power grabs a defeat.

For the record: nobody is being suppressed from voting in America in 2022. It’s easier to vote than it’s ever been. It’s easier to vote under what Biden ludicrously called the “Jim Crow” voting laws in Georgia than it is in New York or Biden’s home state of Delaware. And a recent nationwide Rasmussen survey found that more than 80% of voters support voter photo ID requirements, having all ballots received by Election Day, requiring voting machines to be made in the USA, and removing dead people and those who have moved from voter rolls.

Manchin also tried reasoning with his angry fellow Democrats. He said of the attack on the filibuster, "I just don't see how you break a rule to make a rule." And he said we already have laws and rules in place to protect voting, and nobody’s going to be obstructed from voting, “that’s not going to happen.” It worked about as well as trying to explain calculus to a rabid badger.

And as for the filibuster that Democrats have now started branding the “Jim Crow filibuster” (is anyone else offended that they keep eroding the gravity of that term by applying it to everything they don’t like?), they didn’t seem to think it was a tool of white supremacy when they were the minority during Trump’s final year. In 2020, Republicans used the filibuster one time and Democrats used it to block legislation 327 times.

For all their vilification of Manchin and Sinema, those two are doing the Party a huge service. They’re protecting one of the strongest tools of the minority, which, God willing, Chuck Schumer will soon be leading.

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  • Fred Deaton

    01/22/2022 03:39 AM

    Courageous Patriots For an analogy suggest reading "Profiles In Courage " Chapter on Senator Edmond G. Ross of Kansas

  • Christina Kinne

    01/21/2022 10:09 PM

    Thank You, Mike Huckabee, Happy New Year 2022., please send love and hugs to your wonderful Daughter Sarah, I miss her! Manchin and Sinema are the adults in the room, good title it is time to end the noise, end the slinging and bring back some sanity and manners to the table., some real diplomacy. Americans are much more interested in bringing back production and creativity, and the true love of our fellow man., that is who America really is, that is what America represents, the majority are here to support and defend our freedoms and liberties. Anything that does not contribute to that will be gone with the next 2 years. #SAVEAMERICA