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November 1, 2022



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if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14

San Francisco DA decides Pelosi attack "politically motivated"

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David Depape, the man who has confessed to law enforcement that he entered the home of Paul and Nancy Pelosi and assaulted Paul with a hammer, is “a homeless, mentally ill drug addict with a fondness for BLM,” as Tucker Carlson quipped accurately Monday night. That description applies to a lot of folks in San Francisco, but he’s also an illegal alien, A Canadian who has long overstayed his visa. So, for a more complete description, David Depapae is “a mentally ill, drug addicted illegal alien nudist who takes hallucinogens and lives in a hippie school bus in Berkeley with a BLM banner and a pride flag out front.”

But earlier on Monday, San Francisco DA Brooke Jenkins gave a press conference in which she stated flatly that they believe Depape’s crime to be “politically motivated” –- and this being San Francisco, one may safely assume which politics she means. This remark came in the context of her repeatedly stressing that answers would have to wait because the investigation is in its early stages.

So, which is it? If the investigation is just beginning and so many questions can’t yet be answered, how is this DA able to say with such certainty that the attack was politically motivated?

Leftists waste no time; in fact, they were already blaming the right the day of the attack.

But a very different picture is emerging –- that of an assailant who is simply crazy as a bedbug, and perhaps infested with them, too, from his living arrangements involving a dilapidated, garbage-strewn old school bus. He just lets his freak flag fly, whether that flag is a rainbow flag, a BLM flag and/or (hypothetically) a MAGA flag. I say hypothetically because I’ve heard no actual reports of a MAGA flag.

But this close to the midterm election, a MAGA flag it will be! Attorney Laurence Tribe, who is just as deranged in his own way as this nudist weirdo is in his, tweeted: “...The far right has normalized the use of violence even against the families of public officials with whom somebody might disagree.”

Far right? Since when is this hammer-wielding fruitcake a member of the far right? And if we’re going to get political about who is “normalizing” the use of violence, how’s about we ask Steve Scalise (who was almost killed by a shooter targeting Republicans), Lee Zeldin and Rand Paul? For starters.

Let’s just look at what we know to be true, and also who might be trying to hide or shade the truth. Beege Welborn at HOT AIR expresses it well, saying on Sunday, “Events and reports from the scene are shifting rapidly. The possibility the cynical Democratic card is being played more as a distraction from the true situation, [versus] an accusation of fault, looks stronger every passing hour.”

Local news seemed protective of Paul Pelosi’s image. One reporter, caught on a hot mic talking to his producer on the phone about what he could include in his broadcast, was heard saying this: “Hey, so is this the dude that is a former nudist dude?”… “Yeah, okay, is it okay to say any of that stuff?”… “Nope?”

President Biden tried to have it both ways (as usual), condemning “too much hatred, too much vitriol” in political speech while repeatedly indulging in it himself. Biden’s speeches lately have been as divisive and poisonous –- particularly in their race-baiting –- as any we’ve ever heard from anyone. And so-called news organizations were quick to link this incident with “domestic extremists,” sometimes piggy-backing on what the Biden administration is saying. CBS News reported, “On the same day as the attack on Paul Pelosi, the U.S. warned of a ‘heightened threat’ to the midterm contests, fueled in part by a rise in domestic violent extremism (DVE) and driven by ideological grievances and access to potential targets, according to a joint intelligence bulletin obtained by CBS News.”

Ah, another joint intelligence bulletin. We know how much to trust the intelligence community when they get together to issue a report, which is to say not at all. Any bulletin issued by them has as much credibility as their letter about Hunter Biden’s laptop. (Note: so-called “fact”-checkers are similarly unworthy.) On the bright side, their bulletin gives those of us with ideological grievances an acronym all our own: DVE. If it’s going to apply to us in today’s political climate, though, we should say it really stands for “Doubt Virtually Everything.”

Better to hear from people with real knowledge to share, as opposed to a campaign narrative. Attorney Harmeet Dillon, whose firm once served Pelosi with legal papers, said security was very high at their San Francisco home even when the Pelosis weren’t home. “Break-in is odd given this level of security,” she tweeted. And security cameras are everywhere in this very affluent neighborhood.

As Welborn notes, REUTERS was quick to blame President Trump for what this cuckoo-bird did: “An internet user with the same name as the man arrested at the scene...expressed support for former President Donald Trump and embraced the cult-like conspiracy theory QAnon in online posts...”

Welborn praises Michael Shellenberger for doing some real journalism, going out and talking to people who knew Depape firsthand. Apparently, the guy was mad as a hatter, living in a storage shed and doing hard drugs long before Trump entered politics. “Depape’s politics have little rhyme or or reason,” Shellenberger reports. If you’d like to know about the real person instead of the left’s convenient creation, his piece is a must-read…

Shellenberger likens this obvious sicko to John Hinckley, Jr., the mentally ill man who shot President Ronald Reagan. Back in the '80s, politics hadn’t yet tainted everything –- not quite –- and, if memory serves, most of us on both sides of the aisle could take a breath, think reasonably about it, and agree that, yes, Hinckley REALLY HAD shot Reagan because he wanted to impress Jody Foster, not because he fanatically supported Walter Mondale.

But today, Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) have their own story to write, and few among them care if it veers from reality. In 2022, they tell “their truth,” which is that Trump and Trump-supporters are to blame for EVERYTHING. As Shellenberger notes, “Wrapped up in their own obsession with Trump Republicans, most journalists missed the real story. David Depape is not a microcosm of the political psychosis gripping America in general. Rather, he’s a microcosm of the drug-induced psychosis gripping the West Coast in particular.”

So I come back to my question for the San Francisco DA: If the investigation is so young that you can’t answer many questions about it, how can you already believe this attack on Paul Pelosi was politically motivated? Why would you say that? Perhaps you haven’t had the inclination to talk with a woman named Linda Schneider, who got to know him in 2014 and said she didn’t “think he had the courage to be part of any political or terrorist group.” She said of him, “His drug use began again and he went off his rocker.”

True The Vote leaders jailed for not revealing source

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We reported recently that Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich had asked the FBI and IRS to investigate the Houston-based vote integrity organization True The Vote, which continues to look into the 2020 election.  Here's that story if you didn't see it...

On Monday morning, that group was hit again.

In an act reminiscent of the 1950s McCarthy era, Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht of True The Vote have been arrested and jailed for refusing to name a person of interest in the defamation and computer hacking case against them, someone they claim is a confidential FBI informant. They were found in contempt of court last Thursday and, on Monday, taken into custody by U.S. Marshals.  U.S. District Judge Kenneth Hoyt for the Southern District of Texas ordered that they be held in jail –- no bail –- for “a day or more,” until they reveal the identity of this informant.

Phillips and Engelbrecht had testified that identifying their source would put his life at risk. “Every name I give you gets doxxed and harassed,” Engelbrecht told the judge.

They’d been asked to reveal this name as part of a lawsuit by Michigan-based election software company Konnech, which sells election software, not to count votes but to manage poll workers and the logistics of elections. The CEO of Konnech, Eugene Yu, fled to California with his family after True The Vote made, he claims, “baseless and racist” accusations that led to death threats against him and his family. But Yu was arrested just outside of Lansing, Michigan, and charged by the Los Angeles DA with storing data on American election workers in China, which is in breach of the company’s contract --- not to mention a very bad idea! He faces federal charges of grand theft by embezzlement and conspiracy to commit a crime. He posted bail and is back in Michigan but wearing an ankle monitor. This would seem to lend some credibility to the True The Vote accusers, who were reportedly the ones who tipped off LA officials.

True The Vote was allegedly given proof that Yu had done this at a meeting in a Dallas hotel room in January 2021. Phillips and Engelrecht went on to accuse Yu of being a member of the Chinese Communist Party and alleged that China had used the data to influence the 2020 election.

The LA TIMES put it this way (and keep in mind, this is the LA TIMES): “Election deniers have claimed that the small company has ties to the Chinese Communist Party and gave the Chinese government access to the personal information of a million poll workers, according to the NEW YORK TIMES report, which said there was no evidence of these claims.” Of course, by “election deniers,” they mean True The Vote. And be advised: any time the phrase “election deniers” appears in a news story, that means it is not a real news story.

Anyway, on October 6, the judge pressed them for the name but they would not comply. Earlier this month, their attorney Brock Akers –-who apparently is now their former attorney –- gave the judge the name of another computer analyst apparently involved as well, Mike Hasson, but said he was in danger from forces within the CCP and offered no way to contact him or any other identifying information about him. Last week, back in court, Phillips and Engelbrecht were represented by a different Houston attorney, Michael Wynn, who told the court Akers was on vacation in the Mediterranean and was withdrawing from the case. The confidential informant, presumably another analyst besides Hasson, remains unidentified.

We hope that by the time you read this, these two advocates for election integrity are out of the slammer. If you’d like to delve further into this complicated story, VOTEBEAT has done a good job of sorting out the details.

Also, here’s a link to the True The Vote webpage that features recent news updates. They haven’t responded yet on their site to being jailed –- maybe because they’re IN JAIL –- but they’ve posted responses to the arrest of Eugene Yu and also to the targeting of True The Vote by Arizona AG Brnovich.

Quote of the Day!

Quote of the Day! From former President Barack Obama: When we don’t just disagree with people but we start demonizing them, making wild crazy allegations about them, that creates a dangerous climate.”

Couldn’t agree more, sir! Now, would you please tell your former Vice President that?

Biden grows government and stifles the economy

Remember how business was booming under Trump, with unemployment down and real wages finally rising for all demographics, up until the COVID lockdowns cratered the economy? A large part of that was due to Trump’’s philosophy of getting the government out of the private sector’s way. For every new rule or regulation the government issued, more than two were done away with, freeing up industry and innovation from the burdens of pointless federal red tape.

When Biden came in, he had the TDS-inspired delusion that everything Trump did was evil, so he had to do the opposite. Thus did we get open borders, the repeal of energy independence, and no surprise, a return of federal red tape.

According to a new study by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Biden’s Administration has added 4,429 new rules and regulations in less than two years. That’s a whopping 45.8% jump in paperwork over Trump’s final year.

It’s no surprise, but the really amazing part is how many people in this Administration think they know how to run America’s businesses better than the people who founded them. Honestly, can you think of anyone in Biden’s Cabinet who is even qualified for his or her own job, much less a supervisory job in the private sector that actually requires knowledge, experience and accountability?

Supreme Court News

This week, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments in two cases that could spell the end of affirmative action in college admissions, or at least a huge rollback of it.

The cases involve a state school, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and a private school, Harvard University. Observers said the conservative Justices seemed extremely skeptical of arguments that race-based admissions policies are still needed, constitutional or only play a very minimal role in deciding who does or doesn’t get into a university. And the argument that opposing affirmative action is racist white supremacy isn’t working too well anymore, considering the Harvard case is about Asians being rejected while blacks with far lesser qualifications are accepted.

There are more details at that link, and Bonchie at has more here, including the observation that just as with Critical Race Theory in schools, the left’s lawyers are trying to have it both ways by denying that it exists, but also claiming it’s absolutely necessary and must be maintained.

Of course, all of this obsessing over skin color to create a superficially “diverse” student body is ultimately insulting and meaningless. The really scandalous lack of diversity at American universities is the intellectual and political lockstep leftism of their faculties. Until something’s done about that, all their boasts about how diverse they are should be greeted with loud guffaws.



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  • Anne Turner

    11/01/2022 02:38 PM

    Words of “wisdom” from an 82 year old. LOL

    If the GOP, does not take both Houses on Tuesday one, or all , of three things have happened: The American public is woefully and embarrassingly ignorant: Americans no longer care about freedom and the ability to work to make their lives better; Cheating by the DNC; TDS.

    Pelosi’s attacker probably doesn’t even know their is an election Tuesday. The DNC attacks are totally predictable. Trumps power to affect everything is totally amazing. How one man can make so many dreadful things happen does give him a lot of credit for super powers.

    Joe Biden is an embarrassment on the international scene. It is sad but true.

    The medical profession should be horse whipped for what they are doing to children. Science tells is that their are two genders. Period. If someone thinks they are a horse, should we shoe all four limbs with metal and nails?