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September 10, 2023

My monologue on my TBN show “Huckabee” last week got a LOT of attention from the loony left who missed the obvious point of my message, which is not surprising.  For people who often have Ivy League degrees, they aren’t that smart, and they typically see things from their myopic lens of elitist snobbery.  In this case, they totally failed to comprehend that under the Biden regime, America is becoming a police state where the “powers” of “justice” are used to destroy dissent and to influence and possibly steal elections.

Here is the monologue in full so you can hear it for yourself.  (Trigger warning!  Some from the left screamed that I was using “threatening language!”  I have to wonder if those saying such gibberish actually watched it or just took someone’s mischaracterization and served their whine without the cheese?

The obvious point is that if the current government continues to abuse power by arresting and criminalizing those who disagree or oppose the banana republic dictator-like tactics of Biden’s police state, that same government will only grow worse in its abuse of power until it won’t even pretend to have honest elections and will just perpetuate power at gunpoint.  It’s how dictatorships operate. 

If a sitting President can defeat or worse prevent his opponent from running by corrupt police powers, then those who refuse to bow their knee to the Baal of big government and tyranny will be disenfranchised from voting and told what to do from the barrel of a gun.  It’s already happening.  A pro-life Dad in Nashville taken at gunpoint and handcuffed in front of his children by gun-toting SWAT team because he protested at an abortion clinic.  A man in NW Arkansas was arrested at gunpoint at his home 2 ½ years AFTER he merely attended the January 6 Capitol protest and even had his personal Liberty safe opened by the FBI with cooperation with Liberty Safe company despite the fact that he did not break into any offices, assault anyone, or vandalize anything.  White House Economic Advisor Peter Navarro was arrested at gunpoint and put in handcuffs and leg shackles as he was boarding an airplane to travel to Nashville to be a guest on my TV show.  He just this week was “convicted” of “contempt of Congress” and threated with prison time.  (Remember when then Attorney General Eric “Wingman for Obama” Holder was charged with contempt of Congress?  NOTHING happened to him.  NOTHING.) 

Watch my monologue:

Fortunately, not every journalist is brain-dead and saw my message accurately, like Michael Knowles of the Daily Wire:

Don’t be naïve.  Half of America is under assault for believing that we should have secure borders, safe cities and streets, protection of innocent human life, penalties for violent criminals, laws that treat Hunter and Hillary the same as any other criminals, and that we SHOULD put America first.  If you believe there are only 2 genders and that parents and not governments should have authority over your child, you are a threat to this regime.  If you believe we should worship the Creator instead of the Created by bowing to the “climate czars” like John Kerry and Al Gore, you have a target on your back. 

I stand by every word I said.  And I really do fear for the future of my beloved America.

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  • Shannon Bailey

    09/11/2023 09:03 AM

    I’m not part of the radical left. But I do know scripture says to study to show thy own self approved. And I am seeing some crazy stuff happening in the world in America in particular and shame on you because anybody willing to do the research can see the numbers. Both sides are messed up, but the GOP is on an agenda that will ruin America. The scripture also says to be aware of those who enter through the side gate. You know the wolves in sheep clothing. I hope you remember that when you meet your maker, I hope you are able to answer for that. Shame on you, fear mongering the people. How are your fleshly roots deeply seated in corruption now you’ve lost all integrity. I used to think you were a good man. You are no leader you are a hollow read swing this way in that you are also an elitist. You’ve lined your pockets with blood, sir.