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October 29, 2023

Former President Trump had a bad day for court decisions Friday, with a Colorado judge ruling that a lawsuit that’s trying to keep him off the ballot in 2024 using the ludicrous 14th Amendment argument can go forward. There are other such cases around the country receiving various and contradictory rulings. So far, the Supreme Court has refused to step and do its job. But they eventually will have to rule on this, so it would be nice if they’d speak up and protect the Constitution and “our democracy” by putting the kibosh on this nonsense before we actually hold the election.

Also, the judge in Trump’s kangaroo court fraud trial in New York ruled that his daughter Ivanka will have to testify against her own father, I guess because this trial just didn’t seem low enough. The prosecutors claim Ivanka has relevant information, and the judge said, “Ms. Trump has clearly availed herself of the privilege of doing business in New York." After seeing this attempt at twisting the law to destroy a man’s business out of political animosity, I don’t think I would call that a “privilege.”

I hope Trump’s attorneys will ask her to state under oath and into the court record for posterity exactly what she thinks of both the judge and New York’s Attorney General Letitia James.

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  • Terri Tuckness

    11/06/2023 09:37 AM

    Let's turn from negative view on things to post positive. I'm going to leave in receiving your newsletter if I see more negative stuff.. ty

  • LD Brown

    10/30/2023 04:17 PM

    Thew her in jail in NY

  • Amelia Hamrick Loomis

    10/29/2023 09:46 AM

    They are only after his money so he can not run for the Presidentance. This is a joke and the Dems are so desperate they will stop at nothing to destroy anyone in their way including the US. They think that the public is stupid and can not understand what they are doing. Trump is the only chance we have of staying a nation that is free. The common people they are stepping on can see right through their plans.