February 13, 2019

Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez, who has had his own tangles with the law, is assailing President Trump for having the effrontery to refer to certain people as “criminals” simply because they are in the US illegally and have committed crimes such as drunk driving.  I assume he thinks illegal entry and DUI are merely “foibles” or “boo-boo’s” and don’t rise to the level of being actual crimes.  And judging by his moral code, maybe they don’t.

I’m sure you see the flaws in his argument, but “Huckabee” writer Pat Reeder asked to respond personally to this one.  Here are his comments:


I’ll set aside the argument over whether being an “illegal immigrant” is illegal, since that’s both idiotic and self-evident (BTW, you’re not a legitimate “asylum seeker” if you cry “Asylum!” only after you’re apprehended trying to sneak in illegally.)  But when Sen. Menendez brushes off drunk driving as a nothingburger charge, he’s leaning hard on my sore spot.

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My late father was the most intelligent, accomplished person I’ve ever known.  He could do anything from replacing a car engine to fixing electronics to building a house from the ground up.  But one thing he never accomplished was to attend college.  That’s because when he was in high school, a drunk driver killed his father, leaving him as the family breadwinner.  He had to go into the Army, then work to support his mother and little brother.  With his talents, who knows how successful he could have been with a degree.  I was always told that my grandfather, whom I am named after, was a similarly remarkable man.  Of course, I’ll never know, since I never got to know my grandfather because he was KILLED BY A DRUNK DRIVER!

Perhaps, Senator, you’ve heard of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving.)  They had to form an organization and lobby for years to get legislators such as yourself to take drunk driving seriously.  I thought they’d accomplished that goal, but here you are, setting the cause back half a century.

The one good thing to come of that drunk who shattered my family from behind the wheel of a 4,000-pound bullet was that he made me into a lifelong teetotaler.  I would never take the chance of allowing myself to be impaired and bring the kind of grief and devastation to anyone else’s family that a drunk driver brought to mine.

I would write more about how disgusting and reprehensible I find your comments, Senator, but it’s hard when I’m typing this solely with my two middle fingers.


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  • Emily Olson

    02/14/2019 06:12 PM

    I would like the Senator to look the families of the victims of drunk drivers and tell them that. 30 years ago, my friend lost her older sister to a drunk driver. We were in college and it was awful watching Leslie go through the pain of losing her sister in that way. Every time someone gets behind the wheel impaired they run the risk of seriously injuring or killing themselves or innocent victims who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Senator, I can give you my friend's phone number so you can tell her yourself that drunk driving is no big deal. Senator, you can't talk to Leslie's parents because they have both passed on, but no parent should have to bury their child because someone decided to get behind the wheel drunk. No child should have to grow up without a parent, or a spouse without his/her beloved. It is a big deal, and I hope to God you never have to face burying a loved one or friend to an impaired driver.

  • Kim D Freeman

    02/14/2019 02:31 PM

    Amen. Drunk drivers belong in jail.
    To many innocent US Citizens and non- citizens have been murdered by a drunk driver. Senator Yo Yo is about 25 years behind the times. How do you get these idiot Senators out of office? Vote..

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    02/14/2019 01:58 PM

    Pat needs more fan mail! As well as Laura! That last comment...we fell off our chairs!

  • tom jeffs

    02/14/2019 01:18 PM

    Sen Bob Menendez is my failed us senator from New Jersey who in the Obama administration was unable to get Joanne Chesimard returned to New Jersey from Cuba in spite of his own cuban ancestry and his relations with the former president - - - - - - -

  • Teddy Woodward

    02/14/2019 12:46 PM

    First of all Pat, I am so sorry to hear of your families' loss to alcohol. Personally, I consider alcohol to be Satan's FAVORITE TOOL for turning decent, moral humans into REPULSIVE, IMMORAL DEGENERATES who CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER MOST of their MOST HORRIFIC ACTIONS. A not very well known fact about President Trump. He had an older brother named Fred Trump Jr. Fred DIED when he was 41 from ALCOHOLISM. He repeatedly warned Donald ( GOD BLESS HIM) about ALCOHOL and CIGARETTES, and convinced him to NEVER TOUCH THEM. One reason why at 72 he is as healthy as he is. I had a problem with alcohol and cigarettes in my youth. After wrecking a new BMW that belonged to a woman I had just met, I was sent by the state of Maryland to Alcoholics Anonymous twice e week for two years. IT CHANGED MY LIFE! But it wasn't ALONE. I grew up in the Beatle years, and they spoke about marijuana, and its' POSITIVE INFLUENCE in their music. While AA told me the TRUTH about alcohol, marijuana made it EASY to STOP DRINKING and a year and a half later to STOP SMOKING CIGARETTES. And yet ALCOHOL is SOLD to us as the GOLDEN TICKET to a good time, and marijuana is CONSTANTLY DISPARAGED in our media. All of this CRAP about marijuana and the people who use it is HORSE CRAP. Does ANYONE think John Lennon and Paul McCartney were a couple of DUMBBELL stoners? Or Willie Nelson? Or Carl Sagan, James Garner, and MILLIONS of people around the world are ALL a bunch of MORON STONERS. THIS is THE REAL PROBLEM in America. We DON'T TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT ANYTHING IMPORTANT. Let me give you a little rundown on the states that have STOPPED LYING and legalized marijuana. Alcohol sales are DOWN. GASP!!! Think Satan's whiskey and beer selling buddies LIKE THAT?!? Opioid addiction is DOWN. The Sackler family DOESN'T LIKE THAT, but that's OK because they're working on ANOTHER PILL for opiate addicts. TOUGH LUCK for the ALREADY DEAD. Suicide rates are DOWN. Traffic fatalities are DOWN. Colorado has taken in hundreds of millions in taxes on marijuana, and it goes to SCHOOLS, and other GOOD CAUSES. You would have to be a COMPLETE IDIOT NOT TO SEE ALL OF THE GOOD marijuana is doing. The WHO (World Health Organization, not the GREAT BAND) FINALLY has come out and ADMITTED that there are TREMENDOUS HEALTH BENEFITS in the marijuana and hemp plants. But you NEVER HEAR THAT on the good ol' FAKE NEWS in America. And I've said it before in one of my comments here, but it is WELL WORTH REPEATING. NO ONE HAS EVER DIED from marijuana. NOT ONE PERSON EVER. Contrast THAT with the 30 MILLION people a YEAR around the world that die, in one way or another from ALCOHOL. IT IS BEYOND SHAMEFUL. And if you think "our government, bless their CORRUPTED LITTLE HEARTS" doesn't know about this, watch the film the Department of Agriculture made during WWII, after we had been cut off from our supply of hemp from from the Philippines called "Hemp for Victory". And one last FACT about the hemp plant. The human body NEEDS OIL like ANY MACHINE. One of the reasons so many Americans have such a problem with their weight is that the oils we use, like butter, corn, canola, etc, aren't RIGHT for us. Humans need Omega 3, 6 and 9, in certain proportions to be healthy. The hemp plant, which the Trump administration has FINALLY allowed American Farmers to grow, produces oil in the EXACT PROPORTIONS the human body needs. It is a plant that GOD CREATED FOR US, and THAT is WHY it's against the law. The healthcare system in our country DOESN'T MAKE MONEY off of HEALTHY PEOPLE. A GREAT MOVIE that demonstrates the IMPORTANCE of oil in the human body is "Lorenzo's Oil". It is a TRUE STORY, and one of the oils used to SAVE Lorenzo and thousands of other children with a DEADLY oil malady known as ALD, for adreno leuko dystrophy, was HEMP OIL. I HAVE to warn you: it is a TEAR JERKER, but the GOOD KIND, where the GOOD GUYS WIN. Remember that, America! That USED TO BE what WE were about. Legalize marijuana, QUIT DRINKING ALCOHOL, and we can be the GOOD GUYS AGAIN! TW

  • Amelia Little

    02/14/2019 11:26 AM

    There have been, in the past (haven't heard much lately on this) judges who gave illegals and other non-citizens a pass for crimes committed because, well, darn it, our culture is different from where they come from, and if a person's homeland doesn't see things like child molestation (that was one case) as being a crime, why, these people had NO IDEA it was a crime here!!! Well, guess we could count those as people who didn't come to America for the American dream which would include what kinds of things are against the law here. Driving drunk, driving without a license, rape, child molestation, etc etc etc. I didn't hear any follow up if the people who escaped punishment "learned" what they did was illegal, or if they just continued as before, since they got away with it in the first place. Perhaps Sen. Mendez thinks there should be no problem with driving drunk--how long has he had the little get out of jail card (or not get arrested or ticketed) for DUI's that politicians have in their hot little hands? Maybe he thinks this is one case where the people don't have to follow a law that politicians don't have to follow.

  • Christopher P. Kelley

    02/14/2019 11:02 AM

    Does Menendez even know what 'Shame' IS? I doubt it. NEW JERSEY, take notice! He represents YOU!
    Please bring that to an end next time!