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August 26, 2022



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14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14

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Never Forget

Today marks one year since 13 heroic American Marines and 170 Afghan civilians were killed in a suicide bombing at Kabul Airport during the botched pullout. They never should have been put in that place, the bomber never should have been able to get close enough to strike, and if there had been competent leadership, it never would have happened. Kurt Schlichter, who represented one of the families as an attorney, told me he had been given a briefing on everything that went down that day, and the Marines on the ground acted with courage, competence and heroism. It was their leadership that let them down with tragic results.

They must never be forgotten, no matter how hard the media tries to bury the memory of that inexcusable debacle. Another person working hard to keep their memory alive and to inform the American public of what really happened in Afghanistan is former Army Ranger and co-founder of Save Our Allies Tim Kennedy. He’s part of a new documentary called “Escape From Afghanistan,” coming to Fox Nation on Monday. Here he is talking about this anniversary on Fox News.

With election official Tina Peters, 'justice' system shows more bias

We talked Wednesday about the ‘Justice’ Department treating “January 6” individuals differently because of their political views, showing some egregious examples. Here’s another, this one having to do not with “insurrection” but simply claims that there were problems with the 2020 election.

Recall that Tina Peters, the county clerk and recorder for Mesa County, Colorado, faces criminal charges relating to copying election records from the 2020 election. She’s currently out on bail awaiting trial, and that means she must get permission to travel out of state.

When she asked permission to travel to this past weekend’s Moment Of Truth Summit in Springfield, Missouri, hosted by Mike Lindell, to attend as a paid speaker and be honored as the subject of a newly released documentary film, she was forbidden to go by District Attorney Dan Rubenstein.

Now, as far as we know, Peters is no flight risk. And, as it turns out, that wasn’t the concern. It was the nature of the event that the DA found “offensive,” because it had to do with election fraud.

He wrote that “Ms. Peters is seeking permission to leave the state so that she can be celebrated as a hero for the conduct that a grand jury has indicted her for, and claims this is necessary to further her business interests, at a time where she continues to draw a substantial salary as the elected Clerk and Recorder, while doing no work for the county that is paying her.”

(Editorial aside: That is not her doing.)

Continuing: “On behalf of the county I represent, [I] reject to this request, do not believe it is necessary, and represent to the court that this may be the most offensive travel request the undersigned has seen.”

Keep in mind, Peters has not been found guilty of anything, and there appears to be no concern that she would fail to return to face trial. Her request was denied because the DA does not approve of the view being expressed at Lindell’s event and personally finds it offensive that they would honor her for the very thing he wants her in jail for. It certainly appears that she is being denied the opportunity to meet with and be honored by others who feel the same as she does.

This has nothing to do with whether or not the election was actually compromised. It’s simply presented here as another example of someone being treated differently by the legal system because of personal beliefs.

By the way, a new analysis by THE EPOCH TIMES (subscription-only) concludes that “allegations of voter fraud are not a fringe position held by a small minority.” In an Axios/Momentive poll from back in January, only a small majority (55 percent) accepted Biden as having legitimately won, down slightly from 58 percent a year earlier. Nearly three in four Republicans believe that the 2020 election was fraudulent. I would think that in the months since that poll was taken, those numbers would have continued in the same direction.

Also, one has to wonder if many people who’d like to say they don’t trust the election have been intimidated into not voicing that doubt, even to pollsters.

The analysis also points out that numerous Republican candidates who have voiced doubt about the outcome in 2020 are doing very well in polls themselves. One of them, I’m happy to say: Sarah Huckabee Sanders (yes, that Huckabee), who said in an interview earlier this year, “I don’t think we’ll ever know the depths of how much fraud existed. We know there is fraud in every election. How far and wide it went [in 2020], I don’t think...that will ever be determined.”

Even a report from the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) from this June admitted the voting machines have “nine vulnerabilities” that make them subject to hacking. They say they have no evidence that this has actually occurred --- why, of course not! --- but do express concern for the future.

But if you dare to express doubt about the outcome in 2020 –- a view held by thousands of "J6" Trump supporters who would never have dreamed of committing violence –- you’ll be regarded as a political pariah and will likely be treated as such by our ‘justice’ system. Just in case you didn’t know.


A NTU analysis of Biden’s student loan plan

An analysis by the National Taxpayers Union Foundation estimates that covering the $300-$600 billion cost of Biden’s student loan “forgiveness” will cost the average US taxpayer $2,000. The question of whether that’s true can, I believe, be easily divined just from the headline of this story:

“White House silent on whether tax increases are necessary to pay for $300,000,000,000 student loan handout.”

If they weren’t necessary, I doubt they’d be silent about it. Seems to me that if we all have to pay $2,000 to cover someone’s student loan debt, then in return, every taxpayer should get at least an Associate Arts degree in some useless subject that won’t land you a job. Make mine "Gender Studies!" 

Human trafficker story

Warning: This story about what human traffickers are doing with children at our open Southern border is graphic and very disturbing. But it should be read by every adult, and it should be rubbed in the faces of everyone in Washington who is trying to defend the current border policies as somehow being “compassionate” and “humanitarian.” They are the chilling opposite.

Hillary loses again

If I know my readers, then I imagine there are few things you’ll enjoy more than seeing this clip of Hillary Clinton losing a contest of legal knowledge 11-4 to Kim Kardashian.

Hillary blames her loss on her “reaction time.” She should’ve tried the excuse of losing “Jeopardy!” contestants: “There was something wrong with my buzzer!”


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  • Jerry

    08/29/2022 05:58 AM

    To listen to people on media outlets make a point for law makers to come to the border and see the horror that goes on the border has no reason to go for they embrace the fact the border is open. Trump wanted a country with closed and secure borders Trump wanted to protect Americans from people that want to destroy the United States today’s people do not understand how dangerous people crossing today will impack tomorrows security major attacks as 911 are in our future does one think Biden or Obama cares the blueprint has been drawn

  • Jerry

    08/28/2022 10:46 AM

    In congress, the republicans the democrats does it really matter what party they decide to be a part of. The country has 3 departments of government nome of them are constitutional American first the rule of law continues to be ignored or at best kicked down the calendar enforcing the laws 6 to 8 months later while the country is lawless today is doing harm every day the sun rises and sets if democrats want lawlessness they all should move to sanctuary cities and enjoy their lifestyle as one

  • Jerry

    08/28/2022 10:10 AM

    Equal justice goes back to the Obama presidency with the Obama care pass the bill and then explain the contents should have never seen the light of day one of the beginnings of no justice and the beginning of lawlessness

  • Jerry

    08/28/2022 09:34 AM

    I know a lot of seniors that appears to have a great standard of life people that worked most of their life, I visit their homes they are kept up and functioning well they celebrate while feeding themselves the houses are not luxurious they are very efficient with good amounts of space inside and outside all of this requires maintenance and the seniors take pride in its upkeep my point of all of this is not all Americans can have taxpayers pay for an American dream unless you are a federal or state lawmaker look at todays president and its administration none of these people actually work once elected they confined themselves and connive how to extort more taxpayers money today’s president has lived off taxpayers money all of his life does everyone think the presidents wealth and assets will be shared with Americans well stop for a minute and tour your cities projects and federal government subsidize communities I have seen both I choose the beautiful hard worked American dream I believe God has blessed the hard working Americans and hard working Americans have shared the earned assets with others when one has nothing that is what it shares actually having nothing is one reason to steal and another reason to self medicate oneself due to a miserable lifestyle . the government’s lifestyle

  • Joseph Orsini

    08/28/2022 01:28 AM

    Before the Feds took over the student loan business private banks did the lending; those loans remained private. The new STUDENT LOAN GIVEAWAY would not pay anything on those much older private loans 0 why not?

  • Paul Kern

    08/27/2022 09:30 PM

    I see that McConnell working hard to destroy the right. The RNC denying ads in contested states. His recent statement denying any Red wave is very disturbing, along with his financial ties ro Red China. Other RINOs like him also promoting the 3 letter agencies as so perfect! I want to puke at the amoral behavior of those phony Christians.
    I just wonder what Biden's cut is front the human and drug smuggling he promotes. Also how much does he get from the sale of aborted children and baby parts to Communist China?