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March 20, 2024

As you read this, the impeachment hearings are probably going on.  The House Oversight and Accountability Committee and the Judiciary Committee --- who together are conducting the impeachment inquiry into President Biden --- have also released this seven-minute compilation video of earlier testimony and snippets of other interviews with those witnesses scheduled to appear publicly today.

You’ll hear testimony from former Biden business partners in this video as to what Hunter meant by “the Biden lift” and “lean-in.”  It would be great to ask Hunter himself about these terms, if he cares to show up.  But if he ignores another subpoena, it’s time for him to be tracked down, handcuffed and hauled off in leg irons just as Peter Navarro was.  Will it happen?  Nah.

But as of yesterday, Navarro was behind bars in a federal prison, serving the first day of a five-month sentence for contempt of Congress.  His case is on appeal, but in the meantime, he’s been ordered to start serving time anyway! That means that even if he wins on appeal, he’ll have already served a prison sentence. And he even had a valid reason (executive privilege, as he was Trump’s adviser) for not cooperating with the sham J6 “kommittee.”  In contrast, Hunter just doesn’t want to participate, after announcing to the world that a public hearing was the very thing he wanted.  One thing we can say for sure:  if he’s not there, his ears are going to be burning...


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