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January 12, 2024

Remember all those inconvenient questions we had about Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC during the pandemic, the ones that kept getting us blocked and ad-banned for promoting “misinformation?” Well, once again, we were right.

Like when we reported that there was no scientific basis for “social distancing,” i.e., thinking that standing six feet apart would stop the spread of an airborne virus. Well, in testimony given this week by Fauci during a closed-door House hearing, he reportedly admitted that the six-foot distancing was likely not based on any data and the guidance promoting it “sort of just appeared.’”

Fauci also testified that the “lab-leak” theory of COVID’s origin that he reportedly tried hard to quash was, in fact, not a conspiracy theory (that’s another thing that got people banned for “misinformation.”) In addition to claiming not to recall various things over 100 times, Fauci also “repeatedly played semantics with the definition of gain-of-function” in an effort to continue denying that the government funded research that made viruses more contagious.

Republican Rep. Michael Cloud of Texas remarked on Fauci’s “amazing ability” to either forget what happened or dodge responsibility – for instance, blaming vaccine mandates on school districts which were threatened with lawsuits if they didn’t impose them.

House panel chairman Rep.  Brad Wenstrup of Ohio said “the policies and mandates he promoted may unfortunately increase vaccine hesitancy for years to come.” Indeed, we’re already seeing wide resistance to vaccines, even non-mRNA flu vaccines, because Fauci and his associates have so destroyed public trust in government health agencies. 

He may “not recall” what he did to cause this – the widespread censorship and totalitarian dictates that crushed Constitutional rights, destroyed people’s lives and businesses, and set back students by years, most of it based on false assurances of expertise -- but the rest of us should ever forget it.

Not surprisingly, Robert Kennedy Jr. had some choice words to say about Fauci’s conveniently erratic memory and admissions that his policies were unsupported by data. RFJ Jr. tweeted, “More made-up science. If you doubted it back then, you were ridiculed as anti-science, censored, silenced. Now it becomes clear: ‘Trust the science’ really means “Obey authority.’”

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  • Mark Hay

    01/15/2024 10:37 AM

    Took the words out of my mouth. I've always gotten a flu shot. Never an adverse reaction of any kind, at least in terms of feeling poorly, but after being lied to so badly about everything covid including the vaccines, I'm less trusting now that there's benefit outweighing possible adverse effects to my immune system. I had covid bad enough to be hospitalized for a week before the vax were out, but was bullied into vaxing in spite of my natural immunity by a spousal public health worker who makes Liz Warren look like William F. Buckley. She would still never question anything from the public health government monolith, despite all the proofs of their wrongness on these issues. The flu vax may indeed be just fine, but they've lost their ability to get those of us paying attention to believe anything they say any more. A real shame, because at some point there will be people in those positions who are competent and fair, but there will be a big lag before they restore our trust enough to get us to follow their dictates. Hopefully that creation of distrust does not cause us great trouble in the NEXT public health crisis.