September 23, 2021

The tragic mess on the Texas border and the huge influx of Haitians (FYI: who aren’t fleeing Haiti; they left Haiti quite a while ago for Latin America) has created a dangerous and unhygienic situation that has been compared to the Third World. Events are moving so fast, it’s impossible for us to track them all in a daily newsletter, but here are some of the most recent reports from Fox News’ Bill Melugin.

Melugin is doing a great job of covering this story that the White House is outright lying about while much of the mainstream media studiously ignores it.

One of the more striking revelations is that despite the White House’s toothless claims that the border is closed and every illegal crosser will be sent home, Melugin reports that they’re actually being given “requests” (not orders) to appear at an ICE office within the next 60 days. I’m sure they’ll all comply with those requests.

When called out in the Senate for his disastrous handling of the border, DHS Director Alejandro Majorkas got snippy and instead of answering the question, snapped that he works 18 hours a day (imagine how bad it would be if he worked 24/7 at it!) His latest move that suggests a sleep-deprived mind is to take the mounted Border Patrol agents off their already impossible duty and put them on desk jobs, despite the woeful lack of personnel we’re already suffering and the fact that the wild accusation against them is both bogus and idiotic.

The left needs a constant stream of fake news to make their opponents look racist because otherwise, Americans might focus on real news and realize these people should never be trusted with any public office above the rank of assistant dog catcher. The latest example is the continuing brouhaha over photos that they claim showed the Border Patrol whipping Haitian illegal immigrants, when those were actually their leather reins flying. They don’t carry whips and they didn’t strike anyone with their reins, which they spin to keep people back for their own safety, and to prevent anyone from grabbing the reins and taking control of their horses. This is standard procedure for cops on horseback.

But never mind that: leftists who know even less about cowboy skills than they do about math skills are continuing their outrage fest even after the “whipping migrants” narrative was debunked all the way to the bunkhouse.

Leave it to Rep. Maxine Waters to have the craziest take on the story, not only accusing the agents of using (nonexistent) whips on migrants, but “What we witnessed was worse than what we witnessed in slavery.”

That’s as offensive as downplaying the Holocaust by claiming your political opponent is “literally Hitler,” which is also something the left does regularly. But supposedly more responsible officials were almost as bad. Even the President and Vice President, desperate for any distraction from their cascade of tragic disasters, pointed fingers at the Border Patrol cavalry, with Biden calling the (false) accusation disturbing, Jen Psaki declaring it “obviously horrific,” and Kamala Harris saying it’s “horrible” and demanding a “thorough investigation.”

Uh, Vice President Harris? If you really want a thorough investigation of what’s happening on the border, might I suggest that you start by actually going there?

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  • Charlotte Hearn Kelly

    09/25/2021 09:16 AM

    Thank you and God bless the Border Patrol on my beloved state's borders. You have a terrible, horrid mess to clean up. To be publicly called out by the President, is unspeakable. It is disgusting. Please accept my appreciation for your hard work and efforts, trying to keep our country safe, in spite of fake news, and extreme left politics!

  • David Forbach

    09/24/2021 03:07 PM

    But we were told the boarder is closed. Lol