January 5, 2022

As social media sites become more and more blatant about their censorship of conservatives, they’re hastening the rise of free speech alternative platforms and their own march toward be becoming what Seth Meyers once called MySpace: “The abandoned amusement park of the Internet.”

After Twitter banned Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for her unapproved comments about COVID and vaccines (Facebook also blocked her for 24 hours), influential podcaster Joe Rogan announced that he was joining the new conservative Twitter alternative GETTR. In just two days, he surpassed eight million followers (and unlike many on Twitter, I’ll bet his followers are real.)

Also, Sen. Rand Paul announced that he’s moving away from YouTube and to the free speech platform Rumble.

Meanwhile, perhaps sensing trouble, Facebook lifted the “permanent” block it put on Heroes of Liberty, a publisher of children’s books about American icons including Ronald Reagan, Thomas Sowell and John Wayne. Facebook claims the ban was “an error.” Funny how such “errors” always go in only one direction, and you never hear of any leftist outlets being banned “by mistake.”

FYI, coming up next weekend on “Huckabee” on TBN, I’ll be talking about this issue with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Does that mean that I agree with or endorse everything she says and believes? Of course not. But I will defend to the death her right to say it.

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