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January 11, 2024

I’ve long reported on the many drawbacks of electric vehicles that Biden is trying to hide as his Administration tries to force us all into them. Fortunately, consumers are catching on fast, and EV sales are tanking. Car makers are panicking over their losses while surveys show many people who bought an EV say they’ll never do that again and plan to go back to ICE cars.

But in case you need more reason to doubt Biden’s dictate that “EVs are the future,” here’s a new wrinkle: EVs are much heavier than gas-powered cars because the batteries account for anywhere from 1,000 to nearly 3,000 pounds, depending on the vehicle. That’s caused a 2011 study by UC economics professor Michael Anderson to resurface. It found that heavier cars make collisions far more dangerous. Being hit by a car that weighs 1,000 pounds more than your own increases your odds of being killed by 47 percent!

When Obama said to never underestimate Biden’s ability to BLEEP things up, I didn’t know that it would someday also mean that he’d become the worst car designer since Homer Simpson.


The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals just knocked down the Biden Department of Energy’s efforts to force us to replace our washing machines and dishwashers with more expensive “green” appliances.

Eleven states sued over the regulations, and the court agreed with them that it was "unclear how or why DOE thinks it has any statutory authority to regulate 'water use' in dishwashers and washing machines," and even if they had the authority, their rule was "arbitrary and capricious" since their standards are causing Americans to use more energy and water as they have to wash things multiple times to get them clean.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, who led the lawsuit, said, "There is no fourth branch of government sanctioned in the United States Constitution. Federal bureaucrats can't just tell you what kind of appliances you have to use." Let’s hope this encourages more legal pushback on the other unconstitutional micro-management efforts by unelected bureaucrats, from taking away our gas stoves and heaters to trying to outlaw gas-powered cars.

Andrew Bailey is one of the true champions fighting against federal assaults on individual rights, including the case that exposed Deep State collusion with social media to silence conservative speech. My interview with him on last weekend’s episode of “Huckabee” on TBN is a must-see:

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  • chris manfre

    01/12/2024 01:41 PM

    b/c the hoax has been exposed - no one is buying this BS so they resort to lying ans gas lighting us

  • steve

    01/12/2024 10:35 AM

    Gonna take a hundred years to get EVs to work. Meanwhile, the internal combustion engine is still under development. Imagine powering your car from an engine you can hold in your hand. Can you say Jetsons?

  • Daniel Staggers

    01/12/2024 12:46 AM

    I keep hearing about killing everyone to save the Earth. Might I suggest we start with all Federal employees? As a group, they produce absolutely nothing and do nothing but use the Earth's resources. Next might I suggest all lawyers. Without any Federal employees, there will be no need for lawyers. Who again, produce absolutely NOTHING and only use resources. And until they're dead, force them all to drive EV's and let them garage the worst of them that just start on fire. Then we can blame it on them instead of the car.