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February 1, 2024

We’d thought Dan Bongino might have had FBI agent-turned-whistleblower Kyle Seraphin on his Wednesday show to talk about the latest revelations about the J6 pipe bomber “investigation,” but it was not to be.  (His guest instead was Peter Navarro, still great.)  Perhaps Seraphin will be on today, but in the meantime, Bongino did have much more to say about it himself on his podcast.

He said he’d been 99 percent sure that the pipe bombs were a set-up designed to stop any congressional discussion of mail-in ballot security prior to certification of the election, but that now he has no doubt whatsoever, not even that 1 percent.  Now he says there is no other possible explanation, and he’s absolutely sure it was an “op.”  If they’d needed it, he explained, they would’ve had an attempted assassination of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to blame on Trump and “MAGA Republicans.”

Recall that Seraphin has said the FBI had identified the person who appeared to have placed the bombs late on January 5 (though we’ve never seen video of him placing them) by using security-cam video to trace his walk to the Metro and also the card he used to take the train.  Video also caught him getting into a car at his destination, and both the license number of the car and the Metro card were linked to the same name.  The FBI found out where this “person of interest” lived and had Seraphin and his team stake it out for a period of days, but blocked them when they asked to conduct an interview.  The entire team was taken off this lead and put on low-level J6 cases.

The man they wanted to talk to happens to be a former Air Force chief master sergeant who retains his security clearance and is now working as a contractor.  Whoa.

Bongino isn’t sure, but he also speculates that the plainclothes Capitol Police officer who walked by and apparently found the bomb by the bench in front of the DNC wasn’t supposed to find it, and that this messed up their plan.  Or else he was unknowingly sent there to find it and wasn’t in on the full operation --- until later, when he would’ve realized this and is now having to keep his mouth shut.

That might explain why we also haven’t been told this person’s identity.  Really, it’s so odd that we haven’t, because, gosh, he found the pipe bomb that could have blown up the Vice President-elect!  He foiled a domestic terrorist plot!  He’s a hero!  Why don’t we even know his name?

I know this story sounds increasingly like something out of a spy thriller, but Bongino worked in the Secret Service himself for a decade and is quite familiar with the way these ops work.  What sounds like wild conspiracy theory to someone else might sound to Bongino like “Thursday.”

Bongino starts talking about the pipe bomber case at 14 minutes in.  He expresses frustration that so few are talking about it; I wonder if he’s aware we’re among the “handful” (his word) who are.

“We’re getting to the point now of no return,” he concludes, “when the government and the FBI has become so accustomed to lying to us and setting up fake narratives to benefit themselves...that government insiders in the National Security Council and the FBI and elsewhere have been so used to giving you all the middle finger that even the idea of doing the right thing right now is like a foreign concept.  And once that psychology sets in that they can (bleep) us over, it’s all gone, folks.”

If you’d like a thorough recap of what we know so far about the pipe bomber case, REVOLVER NEWS has a detailed one, here.  They’ve been doing some amazing reporting on this --- with help from Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, who is on it --- and they share Bongino’s opinion that, in their words, “the January 6 pipe bombs are 100 percent a hoax and 100 percent a cover-up.”

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  • Gary Willard

    02/02/2024 09:33 PM

    Thank you for helping find the whole truth about J6!!
    Please do more.
    Please reach out to Mike Pence, and reveal the facts to him.
    We were not asking him to overturn the election, as he constantly says. We were asking him to do what he said he was going to do; our voices would be heard and our concerns would be addressed. He lied.
    Thank you!!