Why we tune out the media...

November 13, 2017

Check out President Trump’s latest series of tweets regarding his string of meetings with world leaders across Asia. Depending on whether you are a Trump hater or a Trump supporter (or even just neutral), you will either be filled with howling, seething rage and indignation or else you’ll fall over laughing, at least at the tweet about Kim Jong Un.

It’s amazing to see the stark difference between the warm welcomes, deals, concessions and good press Trump scored abroad and the petty criticism he received in the US media. The latest concocted controversy is the claim that Trump believes Russia didn’t try to interfere in our election (he actually said he believes our intelligence agencies that Russia did try to meddle, but he was being diplomatic in saying that Putin “believes what he believes” because we need to get past that and work with Russia on important issues.)

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One media figure was so desperate to slam Trump, she cited a story that had already been retracted twice.

Have none of these people ever heard Will Rogers’ definition of diplomacy? It’s “the art of saying ‘Nice doggie’ until you can find a rock.”

I actually kind of feel sorry for the American press. It must be really hard work, when Trump is signing $250 billion worth of deals with China or getting commitments from other nations to help stand up against North Korea, to have to keep constantly coming up with petty attack stories, like accusing him of overfeeding koi fish or being a buffoon because he ordered a hamburger in Japan instead of sushi, like Obama did. The Japanese didn’t seem offended. In fact, the burger restaurant was so swamped with Japanese customers ordering what Trump had, their stock went up 7 percent.

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Trump has a point: when Obama actually bowed to foreign leaders, or Hillary went to Putin with a prop reset button in her hand, did the media attack them as weak? No, they called that “smart diplomacy.” They even kept on calling it “smart diplomacy” no matter how many times it proved to be incredibly stupid. Frankly, I’ll take Overfed Goldfish-gate over the Iran nuclear deal any day.

I think most unbiased observers (if there are any left) have figured out by now that no matter what Trump does, it will be depicted as wrong, horrifying and OUTRAGEOUS by the American media. If he’s non-confrontational with Russia and China, it’s proof that he’s weak and easily manipulated and unfit for office. If he did confront them to their faces, it would be proof that he’s a crude, undiplomatic hothead and unfit for office. This is why so many Americans are tuning out the news media. It’s like having a radio that plays nothing but the Emergency Broadcasting signal 24/7.


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  • norma mctiernan

    11/15/2017 05:42 PM

    Keep believing keep praying God is doing great things he is in control.

  • Kathy Henderson Martin

    11/15/2017 05:27 PM

    Breaking News: I have an opinion. I want news, not opinions.

  • Arthur Bresnan

    11/15/2017 03:17 PM

    My wife and I began a trip visiting past president estates in Virginia in Washington, DC during summer of 1963. On the Capitol steps a camera crew was filming six people holding signs. On the evening news, we saw those six people waving signs in cropped view along with audio sounding as if they were surrounded by a larger group. I have viewed suspiciously news reporting ever since.

  • Lydia Dean

    11/15/2017 09:33 AM

    Remember this date please folks: Nov. 6th, 2018
    33 senate seats
    435 seats in the House of Representatives
    14 Governorships

  • Margaret Hamm

    11/15/2017 09:07 AM

    I just don't listen to any of them anymore. I go to a couple of different truthful links I have. I even get my weather off line. Don't even watch the news to find out what it is going to be doing outside. I am so tired of all the drama they seem to be into, and pushing their own agenda.