February 19, 2021

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Mike Huckabee



Good News

By Mike Huckabee

We’ve found a Hollywood celebrity who believes in God! Unfortunately, it’s a warped, twisted conception of God based on political animosity, mindless revenge fantasies and a complete lack of knowledge of both religion and the facts of the news.

For the record: Sen. Cornyn didn’t challenge the 2020 election results, and both Sens. Cruz and Cornyn voted for the final Hurricane Sandy relief bill, they just opposed the first version that was stuffed full of pork that had no relation to the emergency (deja vu.) Also, I doubt that God sends ice storms to kill people because their Senators don’t vote the way Bette Midler wants them to. Sounds like someone has a rather inflated opinion of her own importance in the universe.

The Most 2021 Headline of 2021, So Far

By Laura Ainsworth

YouTube Censors All Videos From an Academic Conference on the Dangers of Censorship."

And in a related story, here’s some advice from the CEO of the free speech social media site Gab on how to circumvent the left’s stranglehold on speech and build a new free and open economy. Bottom line: your ballot does count, but so does voting with your dollars and your feet.


Color Me Shocked

By Mike Huckabee

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget reports that the latest COVID-19 relief bill contains $300 billion (about 15% of its total cost) in spending on long-standing Democrat policies like Obamacare and a minimum wage hike that are unrelated to the coronavirus.

They add that much of what is related to the pandemic is wasteful, directed to people who haven’t been harmed, or not really related to the pandemic, like money for school "reopenings" in the 2023 and 2024 budgets, long after schools will be reopened (although I'm not so sure about that.) About 5% of the spending is focused on actual public health needs caused by COVID, and 1% goes to vaccines.

We now have multiple vaccines for COVID-19, but Washington’s addiction to pork remains incurable.

Related: As true today as the day it was first aired in 1993.

Rush Limbaugh Haters 0 - Rush Limbaugh 2

By Mike Huckabee

If you’re unfortunate enough to see any of the hateful social media comments about Rush Limbaugh’s death, just take them as a reminder that social media gives a platform to literally anyone, just like a soapbox in the park is open both to great orators and ranting drug addicts. The spewers of hatred and bile actually think they’re morally superior, which somehow gives them license to be nasty, rude, inhumane jerks. Read these stories and consider if any of the Rush haters ever has or ever will do as much for others as Rush did. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

STOP LYING about what happened at the Capitol

By Mike Huckabee

I've repeatedly made it clear that I condemn the Capitol Hill riot on January 6 and want to see accountability, including jail time where appropriate, for all crimes committed that day. But the media narrative of what happened at the Capitol during Trump’s otherwise-peaceful rally for an honest election is far from what actually occurred.

Just as President Biden has clung tightly to the fiction that President Trump referred to white supremacists as “good people,” he also maintained after Trump’s acquittal that Officer Brian Sicknick had lost “his life while protecting the Capitol from a violent, riotous mob on January 6, 2021.” As the story went, Sicknick had been bashed in the head by a violent pro-Trumper and had died of his injury. THE NEW YORK TIMES had said that the mob “overpowered Sicknick” and “struck him in the head with a fire extinguisher,” after which, “with a bloody gash in his head, Mr. Sicknick was rushed to the hospital and placed on life support.” But, as journalist and free-speech advocate Glenn Greenwald points out, “the problem with this story is that is it is false in almost all respects.”

"...This horrifying story about a pro-Trump mob beating a police officer to death with a fire extinguisher was repeated over and over,” Greenwald writes, “by multiple journalists on television, in print, and on social media. It became arguably the single most-emphasized and known story of this event, and understandably so --- it was a savage and barbaric act that resulted in the harrowing killing by a pro-Trump mob of a young Capitol police officer.”

I wonder how many people who have repeated this false story even know where it originated. Not surprisingly, it started with that report from the TIMES, which cited as sources only anonymous law enforcement officials. That's all there was. As Greenwald writes, “Despite this alleged brutal murder taking place in one of the most surveilled buildings on the planet, filled that day with hundreds of cellphones taping the events, nobody saw video of it. No photographs depicted it. To this day, no autopsy report has been released. No details from any official source have been provided.” He died later, and we don’t know the cause.

The unsourced NYT story seems to be good enough for President Biden, though; he is either far too credulous or a calculated liar. Perhaps he didn’t see another story that ran the same day as the TIMES story –-- an interview in ProPublica with Sicknick’s brother that said nothing at all about a head injury or a fire extinguisher, only about a possible reaction to pepper spray. It said Sicknick had texted from the hospital that he was “in good spirits.”

And perhaps Biden didn’t read the entire CNN story that, deep within (not in the headline, of course), said "...medical examiners did not find signs that the officer sustained blunt force trauma, so investigators believe that early reports that he was fatally struck by a fire extinguisher are not true.”

To be sure, many if not most Americans pay attention only to the first few paragraphs of a story or even just the headlines, and one of the NYT articles carried this one: “He Dreamed of Being a Police Officer, Then Was Killed By a Pro-Trump Mob.”

Greenwald makes the case that as it became clearer that no other deaths could be attributed to the pro-Trump mob --- that the other fatalities all had other causes --- it became even more important to spread the fake fire extinguisher story, which was the ONE WAY to depict the riot “in the most violent and menacing light possible.”

It should be possible to condemn the riot –- as I and most other Trump supporters did –- without spreading outrageous lies about what happened that day, but the left doesn’t know how to do that. Creating huge fake whoppers is their stock and trade. And now that they’ve had seven weeks to repeat this one over and over, at least half the country wrongly believes Office Sicknick was beaten to death by a pro-Trump mob. Greenwald says, “There is no circumstance or motive that justifies the dissemination of false claims by journalists. The more consequential the event, the less justified, and more harmful, serial journalistic falsehoods are.”

This particular lie was extremely consequential. It even made it into the impeachment hearing and subsequent trial, with the one article of impeachment against President Trump falsely claiming that Trump supporters “injured and killed law enforcement personnel.” As noted by legal analyst Andrew McCarthy, the House impeachment managers explicitly said on page 28 of their pretrial memorandum that “the insurrectionists killed a Capitol police officer by striking him in the head with a fire extinguisher.”

Finally, on February 9, REVOLVER NEWS ran a compilation and analysis of what we know, and don’t know, regarding Sicknick’s death –- I believe we commented and linked to that story –- and Tucker Carlson reported on it the following day. But so much damage had already been done. And most of the media outlets that had spread the lie in the first place simply ignored the real story. THE NYT still has not written a retraction or correction, just a vague “update” on their original reporting that says, “New information has emerged regarding the death of Capitol officer Brian Sicknick that questions the initial cause of his death provided by officials close to the Capitol Police.”

Another false narrative about a man carrying zip-ties was also spread, presumably to make the security breach seem like a premeditated attempt to forcibly detain people. But this was shown to be wrong as well; Greenwald’s article gives details.

Yet another particularly damaging lie is the insistence that this was an “armed insurrection.” That suggests there were guns, when there’s no evidence of any protester having a gun inside the Capitol. And if there were no guns, what kind of an “insurrection” (or “coup”) is that? On January 15, REUTERS published an article with the headline, ‘U.S. says Capitol rioters meant to ‘capture and assassinate’ officials.” Mainstream reporters and TDS-infected tweeters such as Harvard Law’s Laurence Tribe picked that up and ran with it.

And now Nancy Pelosi, with her insistence on militarizing the Capitol and blaming pro-Trump “domestic terrorists” for armed soldiers and fences topped with razor wire, inflates the narrative even more. THIS IS ALL BASED ON A LIE that they just keep telling, to further marginalize Trump supporters.

One last point: Officer Brian Sicknick lay in honor in the Capitol Rotunda, one of only four in our country’s history to do so, and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Yes, all who lose their lives as law enforcement officers are heroes, but in this case is it too cynical to think of this honor as also being used as a stunt by Democrats to help perpetuate their false narrative? I don’t think so, especially since Pelosi and Schumer took the opportunity to release a joint statement again calling it a “violent insurrection.” Tell me, when have they shown such deep concern for officers who died in leftist mob violence?

Biden And The Democrats Turn Their Attention To The 1860s

By Mike Huckabee 

Having taken care of this whole COVID thing and all the other urgent problems Americans are facing, the Democratic Congress is shifting its priorities from trying to impeach a President who already left office to dealing with “systemic racism” and slavery reparations.

So-called “progressives” used to be obsessed with the 1960s; now they’re obsessed with the 1860s and 1619. They’re “progressing” further backward with each passing day. Still, it’s understandable that they feel such guilt over slavery. It was their institution, and a fellow Democrat did murder the Republican President who ended it.

Be sure to read the entire story because it has some invaluable history lessons and commentary on the reparations movement. For instance, it sets straight the popular misconception that the “three-fifths” compromise was because the Founders thought blacks were less than human (it was actually to prevent Southern states from counting slaves who had no vote as citizens in apportioning legislative seats, and was meant to limit the power of slave states.)

Herschel Walker and others also discuss the impossible logistics of reparations, like who pays for it (does it only come out of white people’s taxes?), who gets it (how much black blood must you have?), what about both white and black people whose families came here after slavery ended, and do the families of the half-million white soldiers who didn’t own slaves but died fighting to end slavery deserve reparations, too? And if the Constitution bars racial discrimination, how can the government force people who never owned slaves to give their money to people who never were slaves, just because they were born white?

“Progressives” adopted that name because their policies were so toxic and unpopular that they'd made “liberal” a dirty word. Now, with their bitter, angry obsession with reopening old wounds, reigniting racial divisions and refighting battles from two centuries ago, they’re ruining the word “progress” as well.

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Crater Lake National Park, visit it's website here.


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  • Thomas R Wenndt

    02/19/2021 12:10 PM

    Sir - like so many, I was sickened by the attitude of so many when Rush died. One thing you and I have learned is to express condolence, regret, sorrow and if necessary, deference when someone dies, even if our views had almost nothing in common. How that lesson has never been learned by so many, especially on the left, I do not know.

    But when I had had enough, I finally wrote to one of these clowns. My brother, while liking this, ultimately called it "putting lipstick on a pig". But this came from my heart, and I feel inclined to share it: "If divisiveness means not agreeing with your positions or biases, then I suppose Mr. Limbaugh was divisive.

    And I could talk a lot about things Rush did that no one else could do - like saving the very essence of an audio-only means of communication called radio (especially the AM band), which had less than 200 stations left when he came on the air, but more than 4,000 today.

    But I have a question for you. When a person dies, no matter who that person is, unless your soul is so blackened that there is nothing left inside of you but hatred and vitriol, no one - I repeat NO ONE - celebrates the death of someone - even if it is someone with whom they disagree. So why would you ask such an inappropriate question?

    The death of someone, especially on the day he dies, is a time for deference, respect and condolence. If you are incapable of that, then you should just go about your business doing other things today and say nothing.

    Rush had an ability to communicate using only the spoken word that few if any others possessed. He was as generously charitable as anyone who had the means to do what he did. And while he would never agree with you, he took the time to know exactly who you are and why you think the way you do, something I'm not sure you have devoted more than 5 minutes of your life trying to do the same.

    Rush used his work ethic and his love for his country and what he did to advance many causes, even if you don't agree with them. And today is a day to at least reflect on that, even if it goes against your biases.

    Death is always a tragedy - and in the case of someone who influenced the lives of a lot of decent people, some of whom live in your neighborhood and live honorable, upstanding lives, it is even more so. But even more tragic is to see the death of an empty heart and soul, which seems to live inside you and too many others like you that would dishonor someone when they die."

  • Michael Copp

    02/19/2021 11:32 AM

    Thankyou for sharing a little about what really happend at the protest in Washington I personally have not listened to any of the news because I could tell how excited news reporters were to tell the fake stories that most of it had to be lies

  • Stephen Russell

    02/19/2021 11:22 AM

    1-6 Comm pre rigged:
    Is said Army Gen for probe TOO political?
    Rigged Comm vs 9/11?

  • Darron Tarr

    02/19/2021 11:10 AM

    Bette Midler's misguided conception of God is nothing new. In 1990, she confidently informed us that "God is watching us from a distance." She was wrong then and she is still wrong today!

  • Bill Higgins

    02/19/2021 11:08 AM

    Please let your audience know about
    It’s detestable!!
    Thank you

  • Stephen Russell

    02/19/2021 10:45 AM

    New Normal: seen, heard No plans for post pandemic issues to address:
    NO Long Range plans, ideas anything for Future.
    Eternal move goal posts?
    Rerig numbers?
    Very confusing, & hurts Economy

  • Dee Hay

    02/19/2021 10:33 AM

    When the liberals quit lying there will be a deafening silence in the land!!

  • Stephen Russell

    02/19/2021 10:31 AM

    More for TX Energy:
    Tesla Powerwalls: discount nationwide for Install.
    Ford F150 PUs.
    & other aux power sources.

  • Dee

    02/19/2021 10:15 AM

    Re: Reparation
    Not only would it NOT change racial animosity (Democrats wouldn't let it), but there would never be enough "reparation". (Democrats wouldn't let it)!!!!!!

  • Stephen Russell

    02/19/2021 09:27 AM

    Cap Hill Fortress:
    Fear Peoples wrath for lies made over 4 years & esp on 1-6
    Or theyd remove & make DC normal pre riot
    Show of Power
    Show for Force
    Or scared to face the Music

  • Stephen Russell

    02/19/2021 09:26 AM

    1-6 Cap Hill:
    Only violence done that day was by Antifa disguised as MAGA.
    NO Trump supporters did violence
    Yes Im angry too.
    ALL sides punished if warranted
    Or rogue veterans Im told also did violence?

  • Sharon Faulkner

    02/19/2021 08:54 AM

    Most people do NOT believe this Capitol " insurrection " crap. Why do they need voter fraud and barbed wire if people support them? There is a reason the stooge media have tanked.