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July 14, 2022



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Schiff anticipates investigations by GOP-led Congress

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Hunter Biden update to bring you this story about Adam Schiff’s latest move in the endless game of chess between Democrats and Republicans. There’s a limit to how much sleaze and oiliness we care to include in any one edition of the newsletter, and Schiff alone puts us at the upper reaches of that, so Hunter will have to wait till tomorrow. Hunter’s getting riper by the day, but he’ll keep a little longer.

Anyway, California Rep. Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee (shudder), wants an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, which the House plans to take up this week. The language would block Congress from oversight of the military and National Guard in some cases of domestic deployment.

This appears to be Schiff’s latest move in anticipation of a GOP win in November. The idea is to preemptively block Republicans from their constitutional power of congressional oversight. That's a big deal. As Tucker Carlson explained Wednesday night, the amendment would hide information collected by the U.S. military for use in congressional investigations. “That would include information about Afghanistan, vaccine mandates, and January 6,” he said.

Tucker cited Ray Epps, a mysterious participant in events relating to January 6, as an example of someone about whom information might be hidden under the authority of this amendment. (He also noted that, by the way, Epps was profiled Wednesday in THE NEW YORK TIMES as a “victim of a Jan. 6 conspiracy theory.” This is bizarre, considering Epps is on video strongly urging people to storm the Capitol building and yet has never been arrested.)

Julie Kelly of AMERICAN GREATNESS --- who literally wrote the book on January 6, called JANUARY 6 --- told Tucker that this amendment “will enable the Department of Defense under Joe Biden to conceal information collected related to, really, anything that the Defense Department has been involved in, especially related to domestic law enforcement which we know is already unlawful.” She called it “very sketchy.” Military experts she’s talked to aren’t sure of all the implications, but knowing Schiff is behind it, she’s naturally wary. “With Adam Schiff’s name attached to it,” she said, it will no doubt be used “to cover up things that the American public deserve to know.”

She cited a report in NEWSWEEK from earlier this year that said military assets were involved in January 6, “even leading up to the events of January 6.” So, what were they doing? “They can’t collect domestic intelligence,” she said, “they can’t...act as local cops or law enforcement.” We know, she said, that the military, including Gen. Mark Milley, were “fully hostile to Donald Trump.”
According to the stunning NEWSWEEK story, "the role played by the military in this highly classified operation is still unknown."
Of Schiff's amendment, Kelly said, “This looks like a way to obscure materials --- documents, records, communications --- from any congressional inquiry. It also relates to ongoing criminal proceedings, which could relate to January 6.”

It’s easy to see how the amendment might be used to hide information involving the federal government’s illegal use of the U.S. military to deal with domestic issues. It’s also easy to imagine Schiff and his cohorts scrambling to cover their tracks, knowing the GOP can’t wait to thoroughly investigate their scruffy hides.

As the WASHINGTON TIMES reports, “The exemption from congressional oversight is narrowly focused on the domestic deployment of troops, but Mr. Schiff’s free pass for the Pentagon could impact a range of oversight from border security to the January 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol.”

“This is the opposite of a good governance and transparency amendment,” said Charles Stimson, deputy director of the Edwin Meese III Center for Legal Judicial Studies and manager of the National Security Law Program at the Heritage Foundation.

“And it really stinks to high heaven.”

He said the measure would block the courts and Congress from oversight of the military, and information collected by the military, if their deployment is deemed in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

We looked it up. A posse comitatus is a group of people mobilized into service –- as in a western movie, by the sheriff –- to suppress lawlessness. The Posse Comitatus Act prevents the use of the U.S. military in civilian law enforcement, “except where expressly authorized by law.” This restriction on the military is an American tradition that has been codified for 143 years. It states: “Whoever, except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress, willfully uses any part of the Army or the Air Force as a posse comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.”

There’s another, separate statute that applies to the Navy and Marine Corps. The Coast Guard is not under such restriction and is used for maritime law enforcement. Members of the National Guard aren’t typically covered by the Comitatus Act, either, because they usually report to the governor of their state. That means they’re allowed to participate in law enforcement if doing so is consistent with state law. HOWEVER, when the Guard are called into federal service, or “federalized,” they become part of the federal armed forces, which means they are bound by the Posse Comitatus Act until they are returned to state control. For January 6, they were federalized, so this amendment seemingly would apply to them.

The amendment was passed in 2021 by voice vote in Congress, slipping by the Republicans with no opposition at that time, but was later cut from the House-Senate compromise bill that Congress passed in December. Schiff wants to put it back in.

But now, seeing that they’ll likely be in the majority next year and realizing the limitations this amendment would likely impose, congressional Republicans are getting wise to this move by Schiff. The amendment could impact their planned investigations of the surge at the border that’s taken place under Biden, preventing them from interrogating National Guard about unlawful orders they’d been given at the federal level.

As noted above, the amendment might also limit Republicans from looking into the security failures on January 6, 2021. Republicans want to know the circumstances surrounding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s rejection of help from the National Guard that was offered by Trump two days before the riot.

Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, a Republican on the Armed Services Committee and one of those rejected by Pelosi for her J6 committee, says this is Democrats’ attempt to tie Republicans’ hands in advance of their taking control of the House. “Yes, I’m very concerned about it, and Republicans need to fight back against it in the House and Senate to make sure it doesn’t pass,” he said.

Lauren French, spokesperson for Schiff, says Republican “conspiracy theorists” are misrepresenting this amendment, and that the measure “prevents presidents, of any party, from unlawfully using our nation’s armed forces in a domestic law enforcement capacity against Americans exercising their constitutionally protected rights.” She says it would not deter congressional oversight but would prevent the government from using unlawfully obtained evidence in court.
Personally, I'd say that questioning the motives of Adam Schiff does not make me a conspiracy theorist.  It makes me a realist.



Speaking of investigations, in case you were wondering what John Durham’s been up to lately, he’s been busy preparing for Igor Danchenko’s October trial, the one that focuses on activities surrounding the Steele “dossier,” for which Danchenko was the main source. In breaking news, Durham has asked the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia to issue 30 subpoenas.

Here’s the full story at AMERICAN GREATNESS. We’ll have more details soon. Interestingly, Danchenko’s attorneys are from the firm of Schertler & Oronato, another firm that worked for the Clinton campaign; Durham is asking the court to consider potential conflicts of interest, which look to us to be as huge and fishy-smelling as anything else involving Hillary Clinton.

EV Report

With gas prices at record highs, a new Consumer Reports survey found that 36% of Americans say they are planning to buy or lease an EV, or considering it. I suspect this is the real reason why gas prices are at record highs.

But they might want to try renting one first, to make sure they know what they’re getting into. We’re seeing a growing number of stories lately about people who’ve put the electric vehicles that President Biden is trying to force us to drive to practical testing, with shockingly bad results. I told you about the trailer towing test, where the estimated range immediately started dropping until the driver had to turn around and come back before the electric pickup died.

Here’s someone else who tried that, with similar dire results.

We’ve also seen several stories of nightmare long distance trips in rented EVs that turned into days of panicked searches for charging stations. But there are too many stories to keep up with them all, so here’s just a quick round-up of a few of the more recent:

In the new JD Powers Initial Quality Study, the EV brand Polestar ranked last among 36 brands, with Tesla tied at #30.

It's reported that GM’s new HummerEV produces more CO2 per mile driven than some gas-powered sedans.

Not long after the president of Toyota said that EVs are over-hyped, Toyota issued a recall of its new electric bZ4X SUVs because the wheels are coming off. No, that’s not a metaphorical comment on the EV movement. The wheels are literally falling off.

And if your intent in buying an EV is to help the environment, Issues & Insights has some “everything you know is wrong” info you should see. For instance, when you factor in the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process and the need to dispose of spent batteries, electric cars can be worse for the environment than classic cars or even a new gas-powered car.

And none of this even addresses the mastodon in the room: how are we going to charge tens of millions of electric vehicles when power companies even in Texas are warning people to turn off their lights, raise their thermostats and don't use their appliances during daylight hours to avoid widespread blackouts and brownouts due to "green energy" sources being unable to meet current power demands? 

W.H.O blowtorches whatever credibility it has left

As if the World Health Organization hadn’t completely squandered its credibility already by shilling for the Chinese communist government’s COVID narratives, they must’ve decided to take a blowtorch to whatever shards of credibility they had left. Hence, their latest statement, from the self-proclaimed worldwide experts on human health: “Sex is not limited to male or female.”

As noted at that link, the WHO’s justification for this sudden discovery features a lot of gender politics but precious little actual science. Because that’s what you want from an organization that’s supposed to be focused on medical science.

If the WHO is going to move from hard science into the realm of personal beliefs, then I’d like them to explain how Noah managed to fit all the animals onto the ark when he had to include one of all 56 genders.

Yet another case

Here's yet another case of a California DA letting the person who committed an offense go free while charging the victim with a crime. New twist: this one involves a teacher forcing a mask onto a child's face and his dad facing charges for daring to object to his son being touched inappropriately.

Surprise, surprise

To quote Gomer Pyle, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!” Turns out the Democrat office holders pushing the hardest for student loan forgiveness are also those who have the most student loan debt themselves, like AOC and Rashida Tlaib. Personally, if I were them, I’d demand that the schools that taught me give me a refund. Especially if they actually paid for the history and economics classes.


Losing their grip

You know the Democrats are really feeling the heat when even the deeply-entrenched donks of the People’s Republic of Massachusetts are losing their grip on themselves (I would’ve said “reality,” but they’ve never had a grip on that.) Howie Carr of the Boston Herald has a report on their various public meltdowns, and it’s pretty hilarious reading. 

Flaunting their privilege

One thing Democrats love to do these days is to accuse other people of flaunting their “privilege.” But here’s a good example of someone with a giant case of privilege and a huge load of entitlement, and she seems to think that’s justified because she’s the Democratic Vice Mayor of Pompano Beach, Florida. Warning: she uses strong profanity to a police officer who stopped her for speeding because of course she does.

More proof

Here’s yet more proof that today’s Democratic Party is built on the idea of making sure that nobody, anywhere, at any time, is having any fun. 




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  • James Johnson

    07/14/2022 05:58 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,

    Regarding your opening story of July 14, 2022, if the Democrats pass something this year and the Republicans take control of Congress after the next election, Why can't the Republicans change what the Democrats did in 2022, in 2023? They will have the House at that point, and probably the Senate (Since Democrats have spoiled their nest with all the "Bull_ _ _ _" they have imposed on the citizenry during their reign of "Terror.") So what is to stop the Republicans from correcting the "System" and resetting everything to where it should be from there. Sometimes, the wisdom of "Government" cannot comprehend the simplicity of logic. God, I hope Republicans can recognize the difference.

  • Chelsea Martin

    07/14/2022 03:03 PM

    1. "How are we going to charge tens of millions of electric vehicles when power companies even in Texas are warning people to turn off their lights, raise their thermostats and don't use their appliances during daylight hours to avoid widespread blackouts and brownouts due to 'green energy' sources being unable to meet current power demands?"

    By design, we're not supposed to. Freedom of travel is for the Elites. Our betters. The Exalted and Privileged Master Race. It's not for we lowly serfs. Under the divine and enlightened rule of the "Green New Globalism" we are expected to own nothing and be happy, eat crickets and be grateful, take our monthly vaccines and upload our digital passports obediently, surrender the very essence of our free will, and live in whatever crime and disease-ridden mega city/concentration camp that we are commanded to inhabit. And just dare let any man...sorry, I forgot there are no genders anymore. I mean just dare let any "terroristic domestic extremist white supremacism bigot -ist, -ism, -phobe" question! Remember "Work will set you free." Now shut up, labor as we say to labot, and pay your taxes!

    2. Schiff and his scheming

    If the "Republicans" sweep office and proceed to do nothing beyond issue a few pro forma statements and settle contentedly into the Swamp like the contented permanent political class hacks that 99.9% of them are there will never be a "Republican" elected to office again. Nor do I imagine there there will be anything approximating "elections" again. As angry, mistrusting and downright hateful as people are today, if there is no accountability for the ongoing litany of lies and abuses of the people by their "government" then my prediction is within 10 years anyone even tangentially connected to political office, of any party, will fervently wish that they were in Sri Lanka. I imagine that the people who have been long abused, and reduced to abject impoverishment by these same "elites," will make the chaos and of present day Sri Lanka - or past-day French Revolutionary Terror - look like a mildly heated tearoom debate. That's not a threat - that's a litany of historical precedence ranging from the fall of the pharaohs to the rise of the likes of Caesar and Napoleon, to the 19th century "Age of Revolution."

  • Paul Kern

    07/14/2022 02:41 PM

    Stop the World I want to get off is a good description of the of us sane people want.
    Insure hope the few with brains strip the NDAA of all but true military needs. Our military recruiting is down 40per cent already.
    I feel like Diogenes
    Holding my lamp up looking for an honest man. Even the ancient Greeks knew the human tendency to lie with a smile. Too many here believe it is all marshmallows and cocoa.
    We are facing another 1776 or the French Revolution.

  • Rick Locke

    07/14/2022 02:37 PM

    One more "issue" concerning electric cars. Our across-the-street neighbors have an electric car that is in need of new batteries to the tune of $5,000.00. They have been waiting in line for the battery for over 3 months now and her father owns the dealership.

  • Wallace Rowan

    07/14/2022 01:48 PM

    Dear Mike,
    Regarding your article on EVs, as we have seen, this whole EV thing is pure pablum to be sucked up by all those virtue-signaling liberals who haven’t examined the many fallacies and deceptions inherent in this technology and mode of transportation.
    And, like most liberal ideas that are cloaked in benevolence, the reality of their unintended consequences is always much worse than their delusionally perceived benefits.
    As for the idiots (including the deliriously disconnected moron-in-chief) running our government decrying the high cost of gasoline (which they caused) and telling us--just drive EVs, this is no different an insult than Marie Antoinette's cry to "Let them eat cake!"
    Wallace Rowan

  • stephen russell

    07/14/2022 11:50 AM

    EV issues:
    Battery fires when charging?
    FSD accidents
    Lack Commercial chargers
    No " Auto Clubs" for EV

    Yes Id Rent one for Experience alone
    Id BUY 1 for Local errands since lack Chargers on route IE say 210 to 605 to 405 to 5 to
    Laguna Beach.