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March 30, 2022

If there was any doubt about the veracity of that anonymous letter from Disney employees claiming that a small cabal of leftists were terrorizing any conservative or Christian employees who didn’t embrace their radical LGBTQ+++ agenda, this should settle it:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law. Falsely dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by leftwing activists, the law actually doesn’t say “gay” anywhere in it, nor does it bar parents of LGBTQ children from discussing it. It just bars schools from exposing children in kindergarten through third grade to graphic sexual content and gender politics without parental consent.

And the Disney Corporate leadership, which has been critical of the bill up until now, doubled down with a statement declaring that the bill should never have been passed or signed into law, and “Our goal as a company is for this law to be repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts, and we remain committed to supporting the state and national organizations working to achieve that.”

So they’ve made it clear that when you spend money on Disney products, that’s how they’ll use it. Overturning this bill to protect children is their "goal as a company." Funny, I thought their goal as a company was to create wholesome entertainment for children and families, not to support indoctrinating small children with inappropriate sexual content without their parents’ consent. That buzzing sound you hear is Walt Disney spinning in his grave.

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised at these misplaced priorities, since Disney doesn’t exactly have a sterling track record on protecting children from sexual exploitation, as this story from 2018 reminds us:

More recently, a Florida crackdown on human traffickers and child predators resulted in the arrest of 108 people, including several Disney employees. Maybe it should be their goal to vet their work force a bit more carefully.

In addition, a Daily Wire poll found that 67% of Americans think Disney is wrong to oppose this law. Among Disney customers, 61% disagree with Disney’s stance.

And a survey last year found that 66% of Americans, including more than half of Democrats, think that corporations should not take political positions. In short, if Disney’s CEO thinks he’s on the right side of this issue, then he’s truly living in Fantasyland.

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  • Charles Saferstein

    04/04/2022 12:02 AM

    Every week, in hospital, we see result of these Gender Dysphoria insanity, demented, abomination against humanity, who STEAL, RAPE, scare to Death our Babies...our Children! All children are We, the People obligation to defend and protect them from these mental illness pedos, delusional abnormal phycosis, which true professionals in medical field agree: anyone who harms a person, but especially an innocent child, needs forever institutionalized in asylum for criminals. It's Gender Dysphoria, a severe mental illness, requires strong Rx, in mental hospital, against their will. If they kill children, death penalty for twisted, depravity, Inhumanity, Indecency, pedophilia minds. What sacreligious Disney, corporations, Hollywood, BigTech BigPharma BigMedia Deep State aka evil Cabal have been abusing our children for years...creeping in thru animation, deranged leftist Pedophile programs incl PBS, Disney cartoons, Arthur, etc-grade school "libraries" with RAPING little girls as normal to "boys giving other boys anal intercourse" as normal to insanity pedo Teacher's Unions (all getting paid millions$$$ via money laundering skemes of ClintonFoundation, Soros organizations, Bottom Boy groups, it's entire PLAN by evil Cabal aka WorldEconomicForum WEF at Davos-Rothschilds, Rockefeller center, Soros, Obama's, Cheney, Bushes, Microsoft-Gates, ObamasClintonBidensDemsRinos,etal to CONTINUE to DESTROY Nuclear Family, AmericaFirst AmericansFirst Constitutional Republic, Constitution, Declaration of Independence which North America, & other European nations JudeoChristian foundation, values, ethics, morality, and Principles of putting Individual Rights PARAMOUNT...with Decency, Honoring The Bible, Torah, 10 Commandments, Jewish and Christian laws and teachings, Western Civilization truths and knowledge that MAGA!

    Every people thru time have been VICTORS & LOSERS. Every people's have been SLAVES thru time.

    That's what's so UNIQUE about our Constitutional Republic! That's WHY so many peoples from around the world ESCAPED to America! Our brilliant Founding Fathers were ESCAPING SLAVERY themselves...from Old World of one so-called Elites...and rest of us! We, the People are America!! Declaration of Independence announced to King of Britain... Our NEW NATION is Of, By, and Of The People...NOT kings, queens, so-called Elites!

    We are self-made men, who will have SAME Constitutional Rights, putting Individual Rights INSTEAD of fascist tyrrants, armies of mob mentality/rule who don't care about fellow Mankind! We, the People WILL NOT have Church of America, as Britain forced Church of England on all! No! Each Man will worship as they wish: Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, Catholic, Jewish, or other JudeoChristian theology. (as originally in Federalist Papers.)

    Our Biblical foundation was & is to build great society with Strength of the Nuclear family: Father, Mother and Children praying together, around the kitchen table, studying, working, being the BEST we can be, blessed by God, our Father. THIS is united states of America. THIS IS strength Of, By, and Of The People.

    Since Act of 1871, when Congress and Pres Grant betrayed, committed treason Against our Constitutional Republic, Constitution, The Citizens of America....they did two acts of sedition:
    1) Illegally & unConstitutionally CHANGED our Republic to UNITED STATES INCORPORATED, a company corporation, which Pres,VP, others are "OFFICERS" of corporation WITHOUT legality!!
    2) They SOLD District of Columbia back to Great Britain and The BE SEPARATE Country inside our united states of America! Look it up. DC has NO LEGAL Rights, No CONTROL of our monies, our Land, our Property, etc!!

    Until President Trump changed our nation BACK to united states of America, 2020 at My.Rushmore, We, the People were considered "COMPANY ASSETS!".

    On the back of our original birth certificate (not certified copies), shows every place we've lived, like PROPERTY!

    We, the People are NOT eachother's enemies! THEY ARE! Every Democrat & many RINOs are true Enemies, foreign and domestic. TO THE PEOPLE!

    Deep State incl DisneyABC, BigMedia BigTech BigPharma Microsoft-Gates Fauci NIH CDC WHO CCP many dirty politicans, bureaucrats on both sides...incl Obama's, Bushes, Clinton's, Cheney McConnell Lindsey Romney Burr Cassidy PELOSI Schumer Nadler Schiff, PENCE.. blackmailed as sexual deviants, molestors as Newsom, Cuomo, DeBlasio, Whittier, Walz, Ellison WalzOmarPhillips of MN brot in evil planned Antifa, paid by ex-Nazi Soros, etal. CIA trained NeoNazis mercenaries to kill Ukrainians, protect the CIA-built BIOWEAPON LABS THRU UKRAINE!***
    Russians working with Ukrainian civilians to SAVE Ukrainian people! It's Bidenharris Dems RINOs evil WorldEconomicForum WEF Davos who ARE EVIL CABAL, full satanic, depravity Inhumanity Indecency uncivilized demented!
    CrimesAgainstHumanity PLANdemic Agenda 21 & 2030. Read their plan...they almost got away w it... THEY'RE CAUGHT!

    SHUT DOWN SATANIC pedos, Slave traders at DISNEYABC! Tunnels underneath Parks, hold in cages CHILDREN STOLEN from Parks, frantic parents looking everywhere..DisneyABC w drug cartels, infesting our children bodies, raping, then Murder to make Adrenachrome w their get so-called Elites, Hollywood, BigTech BigPharma BigMedia.. Bidenharris PelosiSchumer etal guilty.

    BOYCOTT DisneyABC!
    Make them Bankrupt!
    Cancel Disney+, Video, all films, studios, all Conventions, meetings, XCEL SHIPS!
    My family had millions$$ stock.

    Make Disney, incl ESPN, ALL aspects DROP them from Civilization.

    Make them gone.