April 10, 2019

With the pack of Democratic presidential candidates falling over each other to suck up to Al Sharpton on issues such as slavery reparations, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker is rushing to be the first to actually put his announced support into action.  Or at least, he announced that he will introduce legislation that would create a commission to study the issue, which is Washington-speak for “taking action.”


To prove just how far left of the mainstream the Democratic leadership now is, they’re fighting over who will be first to support an issue that is overwhelmingly unpopular with most Americans.  Even Bernie Sanders, who recently argued that there were much better ways to address racial inequality, caved before Shapton and said he would sign a reparations bill if elected.


Polls show 70% or more opposition to reparations among most age groups 35 and older.  Even Millennials oppose it 49-40% with 11% undecided.  And Michael Meyers, a former ACLU executive committee member and current president and executive director of the New York Civil Rights Coalition blasted the idea as “sheer racial rhetoric” and “idiocy.” 

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So why are all these presidential hopefuls rushing to embrace such an unpopular issue (actually, one of many)?  Most likely because a recent poll showed that 64% of blacks and 54% of self-described liberals support it.


They’re trying to win the nomination by adamantly embracing fringe positions supported only by a majority of a minority of voters.  That’s the famous strategy for going out of business from the movie “Other People’s Money” (getting an ever-bigger share of an ever-shrinking market, just like the last remaining buggy whip maker). 


At this rate, whichever Democrat runs far enough to the left to win the nomination is going to need the best darn buggy whip you ever saw to get back to the center before Election Day. 

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  • Lisa Angel

    04/10/2019 10:59 AM

    Reparations from our public coffers for an immoral but INDIVIDUAL choice that was abolished 150 years ago?????? Even IF the U.S. Government owned slaves (to my knowledge they did not) how has any living human now owed? It is beyond my comprehension how any sum of free government money repairs anything.