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November 17, 2022

Must-Read: A woman whose mother had her necessary cancer treatments delayed by COVID lockdowns (she is now terminal) makes a personal case for why we should ignore calls for a “pandemic amnesty” to forgive authorities who were wrong about COVID and just forget about it.

I’ve said all along that I don’t blame people for making mistakes before they knew what they were dealing with, if they tried to act with the best intentions. But those who continued acting as if they knew everything long past the time when it became clear that they didn’t, and who went power mad, declared themselves dictators, and tried to force their policies on citizens, strip away their rights, and punish and silence anyone who questioned them? For them, there must be a reckoning.

Before anyone tries to argue for them by bringing up all the people who died of COVID (or maybe just “with” COVID), take a look at what their insistence on prioritizing COVID over all other health issues wrought:

Europe is now facing a potential “cancer epidemic” because COVID lockdowns forced the cancellation of 100 million cancer screenings. And that’s just Europe. And just one disease. We are not going to forget that.

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