December 21, 2019

I’ve been referring for a while now to the House Democrats’ “impeachment” of President Trump as theater, but maybe a more accurate comparison would be to a bad movie. A lot of money and trouble went into making it, but once it was done, the producer (Nancy Pelosi) got a good look at it, realized it was a dog that would never play, and is trying to quietly dispose of it by dumping it on the straight-to-video market.

How else to explain the dizzying logic of claiming that Trump is such an existential danger to America that he must be impeached RIGHT NOW, even before Christmas...and then refusing to send the case to the Senate and adjourning until January, after inviting Trump to come to the House and give his State of the Union Address on February 4th?

She claims the invitation is in “the spirit of respecting our Constitution,” but why would she start doing that now? More likely, it’s because she knows Trump will still be President, so it’s in the spirit of finally respecting reality.  By the way, if she expects both the nation and the Constitution to still be around in February, then obviously, she doesn’t really believe Trump is an immediate existential danger.

Rep. Devin Nunes, who has a demonstrated history of being able to sniff out fraudulent partisan fish stories, said that Pelosi’s refusal to send the articles to the Senate unless she gets to dictate the terms of a “fair trial” (which she knows she has no power to do) proves this was always a “fake impeachment,” presumably just to mollify the rabid anti-Trumpers in her party who’ve been demanding he be impeached since he was elected.

(On a side note, some conspiracy-minded folks are suggesting that Pelosi will hold off until after the 2020 elections, in hopes the Democrats win back the Senate, then rubber-stamp it for an equally unfair, partisan, evidence-free conviction.  Two problems with that: it’s highly questionable that articles of impeachment passed by a House that no longer exists would legally still be in effect for a future Senate.  Also, it requires a two-thirds vote to impeach, and just by doing this, the Democrats are making it more likely that they will lose seats in the next election.  With Trump on the top of the ticket, there won’t be an off-year “blue wave.”)  

Naturally, Trump doesn’t want to let Pelosi get away with this unprecedented dirty trick of using a fake impeachment to hang over his head, so he tweeted this:

“So after the Democrats gave me no Due Process in the House, no lawyers, no witnesses, no nothing, they now want to tell the Senate how to run their trial. Actually, they have zero proof of anything, they will never even show up. They want out. I want an immediate trial!”

Certainly understandable.  But if I were a betting man, I’d say the smart money will be on Pelosi never sending her garbage document over, Mitch McConnell declaring it a dead issue for lack of action by the House (which as even one of the Democrats' anti-Trump law professors told them, would mean he was never officially impeached at all), and then the Senate can start subpoenaing people to untangle the genesis of this whole dark chapter in US political history and maybe uncover the real corruption it was intended to hide.  

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  • Kevin Campbell

    12/22/2019 09:16 AM

    Dems have positioned themselves to argue an impeached president can’t nominate a supreme court justice to fill a vacant seat, which could happen soon, which dems might already know, so now they are positioned to really cause some havoc. They are diabolical geniuses.

  • Geraldine Zumwalt

    12/22/2019 09:03 AM

    I love your news reporting. You are spot on, and I appreciate your views. ????????????

  • David Hurley

    12/21/2019 06:46 PM

    What Pelosi has done with the Impeachment is a travesty, now shes thumbing her nose at the Republicans holding onto the Articles of impeachment until her demands are meant. Are the Republicans going to let Nancy Pelosi hold Everyone hostage till she gets her way! The American people have about had enough with this coup to take over the government. I'm asking as a citizen of the United States to move forward with a vote and declare the Articles null and void. I'm also asking that whatever charges can be brought against her be given to her.