January 29, 2020

Marijuana advocates are angry at President Trump for saying that being a pothead “does cause an I.Q. problem.” I think their exact response was, “We are…what’s that word, dude?...Uhhh…outraged! Yeah, outraged!”

For the record, there are studies that suggest smoking pot doesn’t cause lasting brain damage, but anecdotal evidence that it does can be found in the election results of blue states that have legalized it.

Speaking of I.Q. problems, watch leading Senate Democrat Richard Blumenthal try to make the case that the Senate must call witnesses and subpoena evidence because the House's impeachment case is "bereft of evidence."

FYI: In the real world, if prosecutors are stupid enough to mount a case that is "bereft of evidence," what the jury must do is acquit the defendant. What has he been smoking? Incidentally, note how ABC News helped him and the Dems out by carefully omitting that part of his quote from their story. They could be House Democratic impeachment managers!


In San Francisco, the (of course) Democratic city official responsible for keeping the streets and sidewalks clean has been arrested by the FBI on suspicion of public corruption. Gee, what was their first clue? I hope the agents didn’t step in it while wearing their good shoes…


The late Democratic Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan coined the phrase “boob bait for Bubbas” to refer to Republican politicians using tough, right-wing rhetoric to appeal to conservative voters when they had no intention of doing anything about it. For instance, talking about cracking down on illegal immigration when they really intended to reduce the number of illegal immigrants by granting them amnesty. You might recognize this as the kind of disingenuous double-talk that voters got so sick of, they elected Donald Trump because they wanted someone who speaks bluntly and actually does what he says.

But I think it’s time to adapt that phrase for the Democrats because they’re currently dealing with the fallout from a similar problem I’d call “boob bait for Bolsheviks.” Thanks to the growing number of younger, activist primary voters who have been indoctrinated (i.e., “miseducated”) by schools into thinking that socialism is a fine and workable system, Democrats who are old enough to know better have been forced to pander to them by mouthing support for crazy, far-left ideas that have destroyed every nation where they’ve been tried.

I can’t believe that most of them are dumb enough not to know that a nation with a trillion-dollar annual deficit despite record tax revenues, plus a $23 trillion+ national debt, cannot afford to provide free college tuition to everyone, pay off everyone’s student loans, and provide free health care to everyone within its borders. Yet recall that infamous debate moment when all the Democratic candidates raised their hands when asked who backs free health care for illegal immigrants. The question might as well have been, “Who here will say anything to win the nomination?” It was clearly “boob bait for Bolsheviks.”

Unfortunately for the Democrats, they’re now having their own Trumpian moment. Those young voters are tired of hearing that sweet utopian socialist rhetoric only to have the candidates act even halfway responsible once they’re elected. They want someone who’s just crazy enough to actually believe in an unworkable, disastrous system like socialism – someone who’d actually take his wife to Soviet-era Moscow for their honeymoon. And so, Bernie Sanders is rising in the polls, and establishment Democrats are panicking over what to do about it, just like establishment Republicans did over Trump.

Fortunately, their party does have a much stronger apparatus for stopping candidates who get out of line, including a compliant media…

But will that be enough to stop Bernie from winning the nomination this time, setting up 2020 as an epic choice between capitalism and American greatness (Trump) and a true believer in the socialist system that’s brought nothing but oppression, poverty, death and corruption everywhere it’s been tried (Bernie)?

Do you see now why they’re so desperate to kneecap Trump? That’s their only hope if they’re unable to kneecap their own leftwing version of Trump.


CNN’s Don Lemon has responded to the intense angry backlash over a panel discussion Sunday in which he and two guests made themselves crack up laughing over what dumb, illiterate “boomer rubes” Trump voters are. Lemon’s alibi is that he was laughing so hard at the first joke at Trump’s expense that he just didn’t hear all the ensuing jokes aimed at 63 million American voters. If he expects us to believe that excuse, then he must truly believe we are as dumb as his guests said we are.

The best part of this story: Lemon’s average audience is a paltry 713,000 viewers, but as of last night, the video clip has garnered 11 million views on Twitter alone. As one Twitter user pointed out, it took two days for anyone to notice it, and then it got over 15 times more views when posted to a Twitter account with 20,000 followers than it did when it aired on CNN. Well, of course: people actually look at Twitter.

PS – At least one former CNN pundit didn’t buy Lemon’s excuses and blasted him for destroying trust in the media and his claims to be nonpartisan. If it’s any consolation, nobody had trust in CNN or believed Don Lemon was impartial.


“Huckabee” writer Laura Ainsworth was understandably smug to hear this news, which bolsters her theory that desperate Democrats will find some way to get Michelle Obama onto their November ballot. I could imagine Biden being the nominee with Michelle in the Vice Presidential slot, then at the last minute, he’d have to step aside for health reasons after he sticks his foot in his mouth and nearly chokes, leaving Michelle to top the ticket.

If that doesn’t happen, Mrs. Obama will have to ask herself whether it would be worth trading in the luxurious life of Beyonce-level adoration she currently enjoys for a job once described as being “not worth a bucket of warm spit.” In that job, she’d get to go to funerals. In her current gig, she gets invited to things like the Grammy Awards, which she won on Sunday for Best Spoken Word Recording, just for reading her own book. She was such a shoo-in that fellow nominee John Waters joked last month that he was very honored to be chosen to lose to Michelle Obama. Pundit Matt Margolis offered to bet anyone $1,000 that she would win and got no takers.


While the Grammy Awards had a lot of controversies this year, with scandals erupting over internal charges of sexism, sexual assault, racism and vote rigging (and these people lecture us about our morality!), it’s hardly news to hear that some categories, at least, are not exactly a level playing field. For instance, if you have no musical talent and want to win a Grammy, just be a big name Democratic politician and put out an audio version of your book about yourself.

As the Washington Post reports, since 1997, 17 politicians have been nominated for the Best Spoken Word Grammy for reading their books of, let us say, "varying quality." All have been Democrats (surprise: they’ve never nominated me. Not even for “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy!”) Barack Obama won twice. His 2008 win was against especially tough competition: Bill Clinton, Maya Angelou, Jimmy Carter and Alan Alda (it’s the first time Alan Alda has been the most conservative person in the group.)

In a completely unrelated story, the TV ratings for this year’s Grammy Awards fell to another all-time low, reflecting a massive 53% drop since 2012.

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  • William Thomson

    02/01/2020 06:53 AM

    Everything you do and say is fabulour

  • Amelia Little

    01/31/2020 05:56 AM

    I saw that michelle obama had gotten an award from one of the awards groups, but didn't read what she won for. I had no idea there was a category for people reading their books out loud. Who thought this up? And, wouldn't it more aptly be called for the WRITTEN word, since they are reading something. But, I don't know that I have ever watched any awards show except back in the day when country music awards were for country music--probably 20 years at least since I quit watching that. So, I have no idea what ludicrous awards are given in any of them. But, as you have pointed out--barack obama got a Nobel peace prize--I guess for something he said at some point--before he had done much of any thing.


    01/30/2020 07:02 PM

    I Sir, would have preferred to hear your line of questions,  hands down!
    But I must confess,  when Jay jumped out of his chair, I was on the sideline cheering him on!
    I am still waiting for Schiff to cry again, begging to have Bolton read a line from his book. ??
    Now that's laughable ??
    I'd like to be a fly on the wall to see how Pelosi is responding, ??
    On a very serious note, I love your show, your integrity, 
    Thank you so much.
    (PS, if you have any pull at the top) TERM LIMITS 

  • Michael Garrett

    01/30/2020 05:32 PM

    As God revealed to me back in 1980, the best way to beat the devil is to let the devil beat himself silly, or to put it another way, always let the devil destroy his own kingdom because it has no firm foundation on this earth, just above it. Let youth and criminal gangs destroy each other fighting over turf control as they did in the 1920s-30s and as we're seeing in today's Democratic power struggle of who has the best chance of beating Trump in 2020. The choice for American voters is now SO obvious that only a complete idiot would vote for the Democratic nominee. Unfortunately, our country is now full of fools who have been so brain-washed and dumbed-down by our liberal education system. Bernie or another socialist idiot has a slight chance of actually beating Trump if their supporters actually believe all the mainstream media's lies and distortions. For the rest of us who can still think clearly and who have never tried pot or other mind-altering drugs, we see clearly with 2020 vision that God will keep Trump in office another four years. Thank you, God!!!!
    Michael Garrett
    Trinidad, Colo. 81082

  • Gregory Weinman

    01/30/2020 05:16 PM

    Actually Governor,
    No defense attorney would bother going to the jury first after realizing the prosecution has no case. Instead defense would motion for summary judgement to dismiss.

  • Jerry [email protected]

    01/30/2020 12:19 PM

    The Blooming Idiot is a prime example of my quote lets keep these idiots talking once you lie it becomes a problem to remember the lies they have already told the truth is easier to remember the idiot forgot they have no evidence although stool sample for brains Shiff said he has all the evidence he needs to convict the President also didn't the idiot say he was a Viet Nam veteran that was in combat true or false The idiot lies and Shittf swears by it.

  • Becky Aheren

    01/30/2020 10:49 AM

    About 5 years ago my husband went to the doctor with high blood pressure. The doctor showed us a research on what hurts the brain most. Guess what was no.1 by 90%. Smoking Marijuana. It showed pictures of brains taken in the research. The one smoking marijuana showed huge damage. So to say there have not been research is not correct. We saw it documented. It showed holes in the brain caused by it, very scary to think most people think it is safe. I know people on it for years, believe me, it does not help their thinking ability. Its like taking novacaine.

  • Karen Odom

    01/30/2020 10:30 AM

    Do you believe Trump will be impeached? Would like an update from your point of view.

  • Gordon McFarland

    01/30/2020 10:27 AM

    Hi Gov. Huckabee,
    Just 2 short comments. One, Blumenthal'S comment should be the centerpiece of the President's defense. By their own admission the House farce has NO evidence.
    My second comes from one of my Scripture readings this morning that seems rather fitting. If I may quote Psalm 62:4 - " Their only plan is to bring down a person of prominence. They take pleasure in falsehood; They bless with their mouths, but inwardly they curse."
    God Bless America.

  • Jerry Korba

    01/30/2020 09:08 AM

    In the past I have ripped the Obama Biden Crime Family today the Family has a 12 million dollar mansion and another mansion in DC a life style that needs plenty of money in order to take place. This is a bunch of people who couldn't fill a suit case with 12$ shirts and slacks when they entered the white house look at them today. DC is a place where the Devil is the ruler every day Trump takes a bit of its territory and the devils followers hate it. My ? is while the devil plays how much has the people in the country lives have gotten better as Trump takes the devils play ground? Obama Biden Family gave you food stamps and other small handouts during their reign Trump is giving the landscape a do over building new homes, new energy to get around this country without the middle East telling you how much it will cost you, trade deals that that enhance the country not cripple it Look at how Obama leftovers are treating you Pelosi Schumer Schiff Nadler Biden look at the districts that are corroding as I type this these people are taking care of and representing them ask them how are you feeling about the work they don't do. Obama left this country in decay Trump is bringing life back into this country a good life for all keep that in mind this November. Drain the Swamp MAGA deport a Socialist.

  • John R Courter

    01/30/2020 08:17 AM

    I have a hard time understanding some of the decisions being made during the impeachment proceedings and several other times. I have been able to find only one plausible explanation.
    Mitch McConnell and the likes of Romney are avid supporters of the swamp that many of us would like to see drained.

  • Fredrick R Smith

    01/30/2020 07:11 AM

    With the democrat field of Presidential "want a be's" as it is, I think that at the last minute of the democratic convention, Hillary will jump into the race, (because so many people has asked her, so she can save the Nation), and name Kamala Harris as her running mate. That's my prediction.

  • Mary Austin

    01/30/2020 03:02 AM

    I'm too old to be a boomer, but happy to be a deplorable, dumb, illiterate rube. Oh , I should have misspelled a few words, shouldn't I? Sorry. I'm not quite into character yet.

  • Nancy A. North-Gates

    01/30/2020 12:50 AM

    Once upon a time - and recently also. We honored scientists, doctors, grandmothers (mine was both) and real heroes. Fire fighters, soldiers, police officers. I remember when performers were not particularly involved in politics. Now they are and think that their opinions are valuable. I wish Bob Hope was here to roll his eyes.

  • Jim Brookins

    01/30/2020 12:26 AM

    Huckabee and Staff, your hours of hard work always shine in your presentations online and on-screen.

  • Stanley Spencer

    01/29/2020 11:52 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee, your first article this evening concerning marijuana and IQ was timely, as I received a call from a childhood friend whom I’ve seldom had contact in years. We smoked pot together back then (70’s). I grew up and haven’t smoked since. I maintain smokers, tobacco included, possess lower IQ’s and marijuana does affect cognitive abilities. Our conversation became political and a debate ensued about healthcare. He espoused the virtue of nations providing “free” healthcare to all, and damned the USA for not doing the same. I asked “are you still stoned?” His reply was “ Trump wants to take away Medicare!” I got my answer and ended the conversation. Unfortunately, I suspect his political views are steered by his desire to stay stoned. I’m afraid millions of voters share his self indulgent “me first” attitude. Yes, marijuana does inhibit cognitive ability and Is a factor in how users vote. Sadly, candidates today who speak against marijuana usage will lose millions of votes. We must stand for what is right, no matter the consequences. God demands this.

  • Edward M Barber

    01/29/2020 11:40 PM

    Ainsworth is correct. Great writer , singer and truth teller. People will be saying "See, Ainsworth told us so on Huckabee's site !" Michelle Obama is the last card in the Dems bad hand.

  • rodney d burke

    01/29/2020 10:58 PM

    blumenthal, apparently isn't intelligent enough to realize what he said. No evidence presented so the senate needs to GET evidence. NO, moron, that is NOT the way it works. Does HE smoke pot? Don Lemon cannot be taken seriously. Since he is a nut case for CNN he deserves to be blasted for being stupid. for all of us who are obviously more educated than him, I am insulted that he thinks so little of 90% of people he has no clue

  • Kay DeWitt

    01/29/2020 09:54 PM

    Never, ever would I have guessed that Bernie Sanders could influence American voters to even consider socialism as being anything but a direct contradiction to everything that DEFINES America....or I should say USED TO define America!

    Part of my cry for our kids is that this modern-day technology is dehumanizing them and that is probably also true of many adults....therefore, there may be some connection here as to WHY Americans are blind to the contradiction socialism is to American values because these values are of NO value to our world of "robots"! I'm too tired to go any deeper with this analogy....assuming there IS one....

  • Robbie Mize

    01/29/2020 09:51 PM

    Just reading that a possibility might exist of another Obama somehow making their back into the WH nauseates me. Please tell my you think those odds are slim to none.

  • Richard Edler

    01/29/2020 08:45 PM

    I was thinking that the impeachment hoax is a lot like a fairy tale that the Dems want us to believe. Let’’s take Snow White for example and Nancy Pelosi is the evil queen and the impeachment managers are her 6 dwarfs. They are trying so hard to make us believe in their fairy tale that they have wasted $45 to $50 million of taxpayer monies to try to convince us that the fairy tale is true! It has been a sadly concocted fairy tale since 2016. We will never take a bite out of their poisonious apple and refuse to give any credibility to the drama that Adam Schiff has designed as executive producer of his own fantasy show. And these are the people who run our gov.? A bunch of actors and fairy tale story tellers? And they call us dumb and deplorable? They should look into their own mirrors on the wall that don’t tell them the lies that their handlers do. We do not like the Dems’ reflections what so ever. And the jig is up.

  • Lisa Ford

    01/29/2020 07:38 PM

    I tried to watch the questions this afternoon. But it was in a way turning my stomach. Things have been already answered many times over. And I think in some cases, school children could've asked better questions. Scarey that these people are our representatives are funded by us, to act so dumb. Oh excuse me, maybe they were sleeping through the section they asked questions about. President Trump's team stuck to the facts. The house managers, they must have majored in drama in college. Their answers were to put it plainly, junky. I have 0 faith in any democrat to speak any truth. They must have been rehearsing while Nancy was trying to find the documents that she misplaced for a month. So it was drama class 101 for the dems. With repetition, maybe they can actually believe their lies. They just show out really dumb. Tired of seeing & hearing them. It's getting sickening. I need my Excedrin, they are giving me a headache.

  • Darlene F. Donston

    01/29/2020 06:50 PM

    WOW! You sure have a good one tonight! lol As for Pot, I do believe it causes problems, lots of problems. Remember the Hippie days of the 60's and Hollywood and San Francisco? All Pot users and they were out of their heads. Moonbeam and most of Hollywood were stoned and they still are, only it is just not the Pot. Every time some one dies, it is usually by drugs! Look how many Politicians are Alcoholic, it is no wonder they are approving Pot!
    Then like you said, where are they going to get the money to pay for the Lies they are telling Voters about FREE education, student loans, medical and OUR debt which Obama ran up. I still think that Admin. embezzled a lot of money before they left that White House!
    San Francisco has been downright dirty for at least 15 years, maybe more. We went to a ice skating competition back then when our grand-daughter was skating, ate at the CheeseCake Factory, could not eat all of my dinner so took it with me, but on the way back to our hotel, I decided I did not want it and set it on top of a trash can, IT WAS GONE IN A MIN because I turned around and looked to see someone grab it off the can. Than walking down the sidewalks the drug addicts were laying all along the sidewalks and you could see the needle marks on their bare legs and so could our grand-daughter's! It was GROSS! We said we would never go back to San Fran again and we didn't.
    The there is Michael Obama.......she lost her Law Degree because of Criminal doings, so did the Kenyan! Why is it they can still run for Office when they have done something that bad. There should be a LAW, FOR THAT! And you are right, she just might take that V.P. position as Bernie LOOKS like he has one foot in the grave already. He can't even hold his head up straight! AND YOU FORGOT TO TELL US THAT KILLARY is going to run again!!! LOL Can you believe this stuff! Amazing she thinks she will win. I have followed her for years and years, ever since Arkansas and even with Nixon's impeachment! She and Dirty Bill should already be locked up in Prison for Life.
    Well, sorry I ran off at the mouth, but this Impeachment is driving me up a Wall! They should have just thrown this whole thing out because it has been going on for 3 years with Congress doing NO WORK for what they were voted in to do. Nothing with Mueller and there is nothing for Impeaching as Trump did nothing wrong! He is the President and he can do THINGS that he needs to do! LOOK WHAT OBAMA DID FOR 8 YEARS AND THERE WAS A LOT WE THE PEOPLE DID NOT KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE complained in Congress about it either!

  • Angela Lopez

    01/29/2020 06:41 PM

    Greetings! I love reading your daily writings on the current new. I have been reading mounting concerns regarding the four senators who are vying for the Democratic presidential nomination voting in the impeachment trial - doesn’t that present a conflict of interest? Hmm. Thanks, Angela

  • Betty Huett

    01/29/2020 06:05 PM

    Hello Mike--Did you ever think that God is in this. Who favors Trump, that Bernie Sanders is so far left by his Socialist & Communism beliefs, he is God's choice to run against Trump in NOV? Trump is going to win, as God still favors him for our president for four more years then the Peace treaty will start falling apart & DEMS Socialism will begin by 2030 with the Great Tribulation & its lawlessness in every nation having begun (Time Span may be later)! Hopefully, with the appearance & revealing of the Anti-Christ, who will take away all Christian's rights, Jesus will have returned & caught up God's faithful saints into the air & WE ARE HOME & no longer on this sinful earth! AMEN!