February 15, 2019

As I already mentioned, President Trump reportedly plans to sign the compromise budget bill to keep the government from shutting down again, but he’s not happy with the paltry funding for border security and intends to build the wall and fund other measures by declaring a national emergency and shifting military funds that he controls to border security.

Before he signs it, I hope he will read it carefully and have his best legal staffers do so as well.  Word is that the bill has been loaded with poison pills designed to block him from taking independent action to do what Congress refuses to do.  If so, then he should refuse to sign it and force them back to the drawing board, even if there is another partial shutdown.  There’s also the concern that Democrats will use this as precedent for future Presidents to impose their agendas by declaring gun control or other hot button leftist issues to be a national emergency.  But that’s a red herring: do you really think they wouldn’t try to do that anyway, no matter what Trump does?  And if he really thinks something is a national emergency, then he shouldn’t ignore it just because someone might try to abuse that power in the future. 

Between this bill and Andrew McCabe’s revealing 60 MINUTES interview, this week has certainly thrown a spotlight on how desperate various powers are to prevent Donald Trump from being able to exercise the powers granted to every other President by the Constitution.  Even before he took office, we had unelected bureaucrats scheming to remove him, Democrats calling for impeaching him (they’d think up charges later), the media attacking everything he said and did, and leftwing groups cherry-picking activist liberal federal judges who tried to usurp his executive powers.  We’ve also seen Congress try to pass an unconstitutional bill to make Robert Mueller fireproof, in effect turning him into an unaccountable fourth branch of government; and now a budget bill that not only shirks Congress’ responsibility to protect our borders but tries to tie Trump’s hands to keep him from doing it.

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As I noted yesterday, Obama declared 13 national emergencies, some of them having to do with foreign policy issues; and wrote 276 executive orders, many of them designed to do an end-run around Congress and usurp the powers of the legislature.  When he did it, liberals hailed it as “bold leadership” that bravely brushed aside all that pesky partisan obstruction to do what needed to be done.  Yet when Trump seeks to use his executive powers in perfectly legal and legitimate ways, it’s unconstitutional and grounds for federal lawsuits if not impeachment.  

All of this stems not from any understanding of law or the Constitution, and certainly not, as McCabe seems to think, from answering some higher patriotic calling to save America.  It all stems from a psychotic inability to accept the reality that the Democrats lost the 2016 election they thought they had in the bag and that Trump is really President.  More than two years later, they are still trapped in the first two stages of grief (“Denial” and “Anger”) and refuse to move on, keeping the rest of the country stuck there with them.  Nancy Pelosi made it clear she will never graduate to stage three (“Bargaining”), so that Democrats can move on to “Depression” and finally, “Acceptance.” 

As for those of us who support the President, we are moving backward through those same stages.  We immediately Accepted the people’s verdict, got Depressed at our opponents’ childishness, tried Bargaining with them to no avail, finally got Angry at how their mule-headed intransigence is dividing people and harming America, and are now determined to go to the polls and Deny them any more power until they learn how to behave like grownups.


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  • Rick Bonham

    02/24/2019 08:40 PM

    If enough folks collect news stories of the damage illegal drugs from mexico are doing to US citizens it will drown out the false narrative of the Left. Here is Fresno California. Why are the Democrats not working to stop this rather than enable it? We need a Wall and more! Democrats ae destroying California and turning it into one big homeless camp of drug addicts. I know, I was born and raised here. Each year it gets progressively worse but yet the voters continue to elect tax happy society destroying Democrats or the ballots are rigged?

  • Cheryl Crum

    02/16/2019 12:42 PM

    One reason Trump signed the bill was to get the lefts approval to build a wall/fence. Everything they passed, now proves that they approve of what he was asking for and if they now claim they don't want him to improve on it they have no leg to stand on. They approved the wall/fence and housing plus more. He outsmarted them.

  • Jack Burk

    02/15/2019 05:21 PM

    The President likely saved the American Taxpayers from endless lawsuits by declaring a national emergency at rhe borders. In Southern California, Cities and Counties are routinely sued for wrongful death or Negligence. It is foreseeable that many lawsuits would be filed against the Federal Government should anyone be injured or worse by illegal immigrant activities. The rethoric would would be endless and the President would be later accused of not taking action when he declared the border issues dangerous. You can Guess who would lead the chants.

  • Elaine Condon

    02/15/2019 12:58 PM

    He needs to veto it...from what Dan Bongino wrote about it allowing child trafficking and the limit that is put on where the wall can be built, the President is being 'hamstrung' as the one article stated. Please, ask Sara to tell him that many of us think it needs to be vetoed.

  • U.Z. SMALL

    02/15/2019 12:10 PM

    I AM

  • Elliott Schroder

    02/15/2019 10:35 AM

    Hey Mike,
    I'm usually 100% in agreement with you, but not today. As a conservative, I'm for smaller government. Trump declaring a national emergency would undoubtedly be an expansion of government power, so even if he's using it to accomplish goals we agree with, I believe it's more important that he does not expand government. Power will eventually fall back to Democratic hands (God help us when that happens) and I certainly do not want them having any more power vested in government control that it already has.

    The country was formed so that Congress would have the power to fund the government and specific projects. Just because that branch of government has screwed up (and is screwed up), does not mean other branches should overreach their bounds. A true conservative hero would be working to actively reduce the power of all branches of government, or at least the executive branch where we have control. I know Democrats abuse any power they get, but Republicans are the grown ups who need to lead by example here and show the American people a better way--smaller government and more individual freedom.

    Thanks for all you do!