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October 24, 2022



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And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment, 28 so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many. To those who eagerly wait for Him He will appear a second time, apart from sin, for salvation.

Hebrews 9:27-28

Alarming signs of Biden’s mental decline

A growing number of Republican lawmakers are beginning to echo the warnings of Rep. Ronny Jackson, the former White House doctor, that President Biden is exhibiting alarming signs of mental decline. The past few weeks have brought a number of brain glitches and senior moments during interviews and press conferences, and the latest is the most disturbing yet. It came in a forum Sunday with the obscure media outlet Now This News, featuring questioners as young as 15.

(By the way, note that this interview with the President of the United States has, at this writing, been on YouTube for over 13 hours and has fewer than 14,000 views.)

When asked about the lawsuits opposing his $500 billion student loan bailout, Biden dismissed objections, claiming that it’s the law now and saying, “It’s passed. I got it passed by a vote or two.”

No...that never happened. He never sent it to Congress, where it belonged but likely wouldn’t have passed. He signed an executive order, not a law. It’s long been rumored that Biden doesn’t understand what he's signing, but this seems to be proof that not only is someone else making the decisions, but Biden doesn’t even know what those decisions are.

In the same forum, Biden also endorsed unrestricted abortion at taxpayer expense, and the chemical castration and surgical mutilation of children in an interview with a biological male in a dress who makes TikTok videos in which he pretends to be a teenage girl. How presidential. 

As Bonchie at points out, “gender-affirming care” is an oxymoron. He also isn’t as disturbed by the senility as by the pandering to degeneracy.

I urge you to read the whole article, but I want to quote this part, because I think it deserves a wider audience. He writes that the worst part is that “Biden doesn’t believe a word of it. If he did, you could at least chalk his rantings up to mental illness. But he’s doing all of this for political gain, as foolish as that may be. He’s literally willing to endorse the abuse of children if he believes it will gain him and his party a few more loyal followers. That is deprivation on par with some of the worst people in history…

The elites in society, specifically those in the media sphere, are going to tell you that you’ve got to be ‘tolerant’ of this nonsense. That you must sit idly by while kids are abused and everything that makes sense is turned upside down. They’ll even threaten to call you names like ‘transphobe’ and ‘bigot.’ But you know what? Who cares? This stuff is not okay. It’s not normal. It’s dangerous, and it must be stopped.”

Personally, I don’t know what Biden is thinking. He may sincerely believe that the biggest threat to America is that scary Republicans will come out of the woods with torches and force your children not to cut their genitals off. The problem is that some unelected people around him believe in dangerous nonsense like that, and as long as they can exercise Presidential power over the people through him, not only is America not safe, but it’s certainly not a “democracy.”

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Democrats talk about the economy…finally

Midterm elections are just two weeks and a day away, and with most polls breaking toward Republicans, the Democrats are trying a last-ditch Hail Mary tactic: actually talking about something that voters care about. It’s a crazy idea, but it just might work!

Unfortunately for them, it probably won’t. They’re finally resorting to talking about the economy, but most voters quite correctly believe that our economic problems are entirely due to their policies. Even if they try to blame it on COVID, who was it who insisted on shutting down entire state economies for months on end? It sure wasn’t the Governors of Florida or Texas. Even blaming it on Putin doesn't work because (A.) the inflation started long before Putin invaded Ukraine, and (B.) many people believe that if Trump were still President, Putin never would've invaded Ukraine. 

And what the Dems are saying about the economy will make any thinking person’s eyes pop. They’re claiming that if we elect Republicans, they’ll deliberately crash the economy because…I don’t know, to make the Democrats look bad or something? As I already pointed out, even someone who wanted to harm the economy couldn’t possibly do more damage than the Democrats have already done.

So why make such a crazy-on-the-face-of-it claim? Some analysts believe it’s because the Dems know the worst is yet to come. Some economists are predicting a 100% chance of recession next year. Because of Biden’s war on oil, heating oil rationing is already starting in the Northeast, and it’s not even winter yet.

Also, despite the highest seasonal demand since 2007, the US has only a 25-day supply of diesel fuel, the lowest since 2008. That could lead to even higher prices for everything that’s transported using diesel fuel, which is pretty much everything.

So knowing that there’s no oil pipeline, but plenty of bad economic news in the pipeline, the theory is that the Dems are trying to get ahead of the coming calamity they caused by claiming the Republicans want to crash the economy so when it happens, they can say, “See? THEY did it! We told you they would!”

Today’s Americans aren’t famous for having long attention spans, so Republicans will have to keep reminding them through the 2024 elections that if they give Congress back to the GOP, they’re not putting the steering wheel back into the hands of someone sane who can steer away from the cliff. They’re just putting someone in the front seat who can step on the brakes.

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Pelosi's election statements worry some Republicans

Some Republicans are concerned that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi keeps saying that the Democrats are “in great shape” to keep their Congressional majorities. She told one interviewer that they’re going to win and you can “take it to the bank.”

Of course, after a couple of years with them in charge, nobody has anything to take to the bank anymore. But there are worries that Pelosi was telegraphing that “the fix is in.” Maybe with early voting falling on Halloween, they’ve arranged for all the dead people to rise from the graveyards and vote Democrat. While I wouldn’t discount that possibility, it’s worth noting that Republicans have passed more voter integrity laws and there are many more volunteers ready to watch polling places this year. After 2020, they know what to look out for, what to record, and to refuse to leave when they have the right to witness what’s being done.

Also, Pelosi has a history of predicting Democrat victories before every election, even ones where they’ve been wiped out. Let’s hope she’s just whistling past the graveyard, in hopes that dead people will take it as a sign to rise up and vote.

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A reminder for our Veep

Remember when Kamala Harris tweeted her support for a Minnesota fund that bails people out of jail, and that includes not just rioters but people charged with murder, violent felonies and sex crimes, including child rape? Well, Kamala claims that’s not what they did back then. So Matt Margolis at PJ Media dug up an irrefutable reminder for her.

Liz Cheney laff riot: Trump testifying on TV would be "circus"

Liz Cheney’s infamous congressional career will mercifully be put out of its misery in a few months, and it won’t be a moment too soon. Perhaps the temporary representative from Wyoming, after being overwhelmingly rejected by her Republican constituents in favor of a primary opponent, is maneuvering for a slot on CNN or MSNBC, where she would fit in well, along with a line-up of lucrative speaking engagements, and will be working diligently behind the scenes to try to sabotage Trump and any another potential candidate she rejects, in the name of “saving our democracy,” but she really should consider a different line of work entirely.

Stand-up comedy.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking: Liz Cheney has no sense of humor whatsoever, which one might think would be an impediment to working in comedy. But don’t let the fact that she personally has no sense of humor keep you from imagining how wildly successful she could be at this. I can think of more than one dull-witted person with absolutely no sense of humor who still manage to make good livings as alleged comediennes on THE VIEW. (One such contract I heard about was for $7 million a year –- not too shabby.) The same could be said for the so-called “comedians” who have taken over late-night; they’ve long since lost any sense of humor they once had.

She could get hired easily, as she has up her sleeve the “anti-Trump card.”

Besides, Liz really has got a flair for deadpan wit –-- in fact, out of everything that’s been said by anyone associated with the January 6 Kangaroo Kommittee, Liz has offered up, however unintentionally, the most hilarious remark of all. This unwitting joke is over-the-top hilarious because it reveals how transparently pathetic she and the January 6 “Kommittee” are.

You see, after making a big splash by issuing a last-ditch subpoena to President Trump to appear next month before the Kommittee, and Trump responding by saying he’d LOVE to testify before the Kommittee and might actually consider doing so on live TV, Cheney must’ve thought “uh-oh” and for that reason said on NBC’s Sunday “Meet The Press” that, oh, no, THIS witness wouldn’t be ALLOWED to testify on TV. “He’s not going to turn this into a circus,” she said.

And that’s when I fell to the floor, laughing helplessly. If anyone has turned the halls of Congress into a circus, it’s those pathetic, prize anti-Trump buffoons Liz Cheney and Bennie Thompson in their handling of Nancy Pelosi’s Inquisition. Thompson has been the ringmaster and Cheney, I suppose, imagines herself the lion tamer, whipping Trump into submission. Serving Trump with a subpoena is a way to keep their show going, but they have to control every moment of it with a whip and a chair on their star witness, just as they have done in the hearings leading up to it, managing them with scripts, teleprompters and strategically edited videos.  Needless to say, they would release only similarly edited snippets of Trump.

“It may take multiple days,” Cheney said of Trump’s deposition, “and it will be done with a level of rigor and discipline and seriousness that it deserves.” Liz, you never chose to deal with January 6 with an acceptable level of those things. Rigor? You lied from the opening statements, made claims you've been unable to substantiate, and failed to address serious security concerns that would have implicated your own party (and I mean the party you're really working for, not the GOP.) Discipline? You don’t even follow the rules for organizing the kommittee you co-chair. It has been a joke from its inception, just like the “R” after your name.


What a zany idea, that someone might actually think, “Gee, I WAS going to vote for Donald Trump for President, but now that Liz Cheney is running...well, I guess I’ll just have to vote for HER!” That Liz Cheney, what a screwball. She cracks me up.

She told NBC’s Chuck Todd that she’s not focused on whether or not she’ll be a candidate again, but on saving the country “from this very dangerous moment we’re in.” And, you know, Liz is right about one thing: we ARE in a dangerous moment, because we have people in positions of power who are unapologetically abusing that power. People like Liz Cheney. They’ve so demonized Trump as a threat to “our democracy” that they’ve turned themselves into the real threat we need to worry about.

When asked to get specific about what she and her party might do, she simply said, “Well, we’ll do whatever it takes, as I said. He will not be President again.”

“We” will, Liz? Is that the “royal” we? And what if the American people really do elect Trump President again. If it’s true that you’ll do “whatever it takes” to stop him from becoming President, isn’t it YOU who are the real threat to democracy? Why, yes, I believe you are.

And that’s when what you say stops being funny.

Steve Hilton, in his opening to this Sunday's THE NEXT REVOLUTION, offered more well-deserved comments about Liz.

RELATED NEWS: in a 2-1 decision, a panel from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a subpoena from the J6 Kommittee to former Arizona Republican Party chairwoman Kelli Ward, demanding her phone records. She had argued that the subpoena violated her First Amendment rights and infringed on her duties as chairperson of the state party. The battle isn’t over; she might appeal to the full panel or try to involve the Supreme Court.

For more unintentional comedy fun, read what these judges said in their ruling. The two judges who upheld the subpoena actually said this: “That some of the people with whom Ward communicated may be members of a political party does not establish that the subpoena is likely to reveal ‘sensitive information about [the party’s] members and supporters.’” Really? They have got to be kidding.

The dissenting judge, Judge Sandra Ikuta --- the one who is NOT clueless --- said there had been no reason given for why the phone records were relevant to the investigation. “...The only plausible explanation for the Committee’s interest in Ward’s phone records is that they reveal information about other Party members,” she wrote, adding that identifying information could “expose these members to congressional investigation, perhaps criminal investigation, and related public criticism.”

Now, why would she ever think that might happen?

Here are some people who might think it’s likely to happen: the family of Chris Burgard, the former filmmaker for PJ TV who made the documentary film CAPITOL PUNISHMENT, released almost a year ago. Though Burgard never entered the Capitol building himself, the FBI drove down the quarter-mile driveway to his ranch in Texas on August 4 and left a card on the door. No note, no nothing, just a card. To the family, it felt like a warning.

Ironically, CAPITOL PUNISHMENT documents several families who experienced pre-dawn FBI raids over suspected involvement in or near the Capitol on January 6. Now Burgard’s family anticipates possibly being one of those. Burgard hired an attorney and ended up submitting written answers to nine questions to the FBI. He has no idea if he’s still under investigation or if his family should expect a knock in the pre-dawn hours. From watching their dad’s own film, these kids know how frightening that can be.

Moe details here.


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  • Patricia Anne Otwell

    10/26/2022 12:06 PM

    Mike, I'm greatly and sadly disappointed that you mocked and make fun of President Biden on your recent show. I served as a chaplain at 3 nursing facilities in Paris, TX, for 14 years. Dementia is a very sad and difficult situation for all involved. I started the Alzheimer's Support Group in Paris and wrote the book, Guide to Ministering to Alzheimer's Patients and Their Families. Patients and families dealing with this situation need a lot of help. If you ever had Alzheimer's, I don't think you would want people to make fun of you and your situation. A much better use of time for that segment would have been to pray for President Biden and his family...especially since TBN is a Christian Broadcast Channel. It's not too late to do the right thing in this matter. Prayers, Pat

  • Patrick Canan

    10/25/2022 10:04 AM

    Governor Mike -- You doubtless noticed that 30 "Progressives" are calling for a negotiated settlement in Ukraine. I hope that you can come out strongly against anything short of a total withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine territory.
    A terrible winter without infrastructure looms in Ukraine's immediate future, and we should not undercut their resolve by signaling weakness of any kind.
    This is our moment in history. We need to show the world, including Russia and China, that we do not run from a vicious bully.

  • James Johnson

    10/24/2022 05:05 PM

    In regard to your article entitled: Democrats talk about the economy…finally:

    This same scenario has happened so often that it’s a shame someone hasn’t come up with an unstoppable solution. Like, say, placing economic checkpoints in congress’ yearly budget, then creating an economic scoreboard for the President. If those ideas are idiotic, so be it, but come up with something that will force our politicians actually to do the job they were elected to do.

    Isn’t our country’s economy their number one job? If not, we need to fire all of them and elect some replacements we can trust to handle the economy. As a nation we are intelligent enough to relate to them our wishes on other subjects, then they can act accordingly. However, their reactions should only be spurred by our needs and our future needs. As defined in the Constitution, as our representatives. Not our Governing Body.

    We, the People, must become The People in charge, or this Nation will soon cease to exist and become another country hovering in the shadow of dictators.

  • Joan Kugler

    10/24/2022 04:54 PM

    We seem to be living in such a police state now that people are afraid to speak up and say anything. This is not Russia or China - let's go to the polls and throw the communists out of our government.

  • Joseph Orsini

    10/24/2022 04:49 PM

    Active Duty U.S. Military: 1.1 Million in 2022

    Illegal Immigration: 2.7 Million in 2022

    We are being invaded.

  • Peter F. Scanlon

    10/24/2022 04:18 PM

    When I repost to Facebook the headline picture is changed whenever negative stories of democrats is the headline ! Is this Facebooks doings!

  • Jerry

    10/24/2022 01:13 PM

    I have ranted about our terrible children’s education for years and today’s report came out children moving backwards as to achieving reading and science and mathematics this a historic problem the democrats have spewed the Dems want to teach hate divisions lawlessness and to remove our God our foundation of this country Dems who needs them? The communist party!