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August 2, 2023



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True story

This morning, I saw an email in my box from “Banana Republic,” and my first thought was that it must be from the federal government.

Although after yesterday’s announcement of four more indictments of former President Trump by Biden attack dog Jack Smith, I think we are beyond bananas. We’re now living in a “Spaghetti Republic,” where partisan prosecutors just throw anything they can think up at Trump, like hurling a bowl of spaghetti against the wall to see if any of it sticks.

Here is some basic info on these outlandish accusations, for which Trump must appear in court at 4pm Thursday to be charged:

Trump faces four counts: conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding, and conspiracy against rights. All of these are based on his challenging of the 2020 election and his statements about it being rigged. The indictments actually say that he created “widespread mistrust” in his attempt to “overturn the legitimate results of the 2020 election.” No wonder one former FBI official said it reads more like a New York Times editorial than an indictment.

Show of hands: how many of you didn’t trust the results of the 2020 election before you even heard Trump say one word about it? Did you really need Trump’s criticism to think there might be something hinky about an election in which unelected judges and bureaucrats used the excuse of COVID to loosen voting laws that could legally only be changed by elected legislators? Or that an old man who barely left his basement to campaign, and who never got beyond the Iowa Caucuses in any of his previous failed runs, somehow racked up a record 81 million votes, including more black votes than even Barack Obama got?

As I’ve said on many occasions, you don’t need to believe any of the things people are being sued over, like hacked voting machines, to suspect this election wasn’t entirely kosher. And this is actually important because all of those charges are based on Smith knowing Trump’s state of mind and assuring us that he was deliberately attempting to overturn an election that he knew for certain he lost fair and square. I don’t believe he thinks that even now. If he did, then why was he continuing to back investigations of voter fraud even as he was making the statements he’s charged over?

Maybe Smith assumes Trump should have taken the word of the “experts” around him that there was no vote fraud. Would those be the type of top government experts who said he and his staff were colluding with Russia while they used lies and fabricated evidence to get bogus warrants to investigate them? Or the experts who assured us that Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation? Or that COVID sprang out of a bowl of bat soup, that you couldn’t catch or spread it if you wore a mask and got the jab, or that we could stop it by shutting down the economy and closing churches but not liquor stores? Why wouldn’t Trump trust the “government experts” when they told him there was no vote fraud?

Many legal experts are commenting not only on the unprecedented and outrageous nature of the charges but on the weakness of Smith’s case and how he had to stretch laws to the breaking point. One indicator of that – and a sure sign that he’s a partisan hack and not a dispassionate prosecutor – is that he held a press conference in which he gave the equivalent of a podium-pounding political speech blaming Trump for inciting the January 6th riot, then didn’t charge him with incitement. Because he knows there is zero evidence to support that.

Law professor Jonathan Turley was struck by how weak the case is, saying that if he went through the indictments with a red pen and crossed out everything protected by the First Amendment, it would reduce much of it to a haiku.

(By the way, the indictments also name five alleged “co-conspirators,” who are named here. Rudy Giuliani is included among them.)

Suspicious timing

Many are pointing out the suspicious timing of the indictments (this is the third time indictments of Trump have been announced within one day of major negative revelations about Biden that needed to be pushed out of the headlines – as if they would have ever made it there anyway.) The politicization of the legal system has become glaringly obvious, which may be why each new indictment just boosts Trump’s poll numbers. After what we just learned about Biden’s daughter Ashley’s diary (see elsewhere in today’s newsletter), I expect Trump to be indicted for kidnapping the Lindbergh baby or sinking the Titanic.

But make no mistake: as absurd as these charges might be, in the incredibly biased atmosphere of the Biden DOJ and DC and New York City courtrooms, Trump is in real danger. If convicted of all the charges Smith has thrown at him, he could be sentenced to 500 years in prison! If you think a DC court wouldn’t sentence people who did nothing wrong to prison over January 6th, then I have some oceanfront property in Arkansas to sell you. There’s even an opening for a death penalty charge, although let’s hope that’s a bridge too far even for these jackals.

Trump also had exceptionally “bad luck” in drawing a judge for these latest charges who has been the harshest in DC on January 6th defendants. In only about 10% of these cases did judges level more punishment than the prosecutors asked for. She did it in about 30% of her cases. And she’s both unpredictable and capricious: in one case involving two ladies facing nearly identical charges, the DOJ requested no jail time for either. She gave one probation and sent the other to prison for 14 days. This is what Trump and his attorneys will be dealing with.

I hope his attorneys can expedite the process of appeal and get these charges thrown out, but that would require the Supreme Court to step in and not follow its usual glacial pace, which is unlikely. Otherwise, if Smith gets his wish, this will all be taking place during the presidential primary campaigns. That will create maximum election interference, which I suspect is the entire point. It certainly isn’t the fair and impartial application of federal law.

Related: I’m not a lawyer and this seems like a stretch, but it is an interesting argument for getting the indictments quashed before trial: the charges were already brought against Trump in an impeachment trial in Congress, and he was acquitted, even though the standards of proof there are lower than in court. So hitting him with the same charges again could be considered double jeopardy, which is unconstitutional.

Bonus video

Bonus Video: Since the Democrats are trying to railroad Trump into prison for 500 years for challenging an election, let’s help out the federal prosecutors by providing them with 10 minutes of video of Democrat politicians who need to be indicted for denying the results of fair elections, creating widespread public mistrust in the process and attempting to overturn free and fair elections:

And here’s former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta urging Trump electors in 2016 to betray their states’ voters and vote for Hillary, overturning the results of a free and fair election.

And lest we forget, prepare the indictments for all these “celebrities” who also urged Trump electors to betray their voters and vote for Hillary, overturning the results of the 2016 election. Good thing actors are on strike; they won’t miss any work while they’re in federal prison.

Hey, Baltimore voters:

Are you sorry yet that you didn’t elect Kimberly Klacik when you had the chance to break free of generations of Democrat decline? Now it’s so bad that even the Democrats responsible for it are finally starting to admit it.

The Country’s in the Very Best of Hands:

On Tuesday, the Fitch Ratings service cut the US’s credit rating one step, from AAA to AA+.

In a statement explaining the move, Fitch wrote, “The rating downgrade of the United States reflects the expected fiscal deterioration over the next three years, a high and growing general government debt burden, and the erosion of governance relative to ‘AA’ and ‘AAA’ rated peers over the last two decades that has manifested in repeated debt limit standoffs and last-minute resolutions” that have “eroded confidence in fiscal management.” Fitch expects “tighter credit conditions, weakening business investment, and a slowdown in consumption will push the U.S. economy into a mild recession” in the final quarter of this year and the first quarter of next year, plus another Fed interest rate hike by September.

In response, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen accused Fitch of relying on “arbitrary” and “outdated” data, and Biden spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said that Biden has delivered the strongest recovery from a recession in history. I’m sure that will convince the professional analysts at Fitch that the massive amount of data they study is wrong and they shouldn’t believe their lying eyes.

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Another crack in the wall:

Washington Post “fact-checker” Glenn Kessler actually gave President Biden a lie rating of “Four Pinocchios” for saying during his first presidential debate with Trump in September 2020: :My son has not made money in terms of this thing about, what are you talking about, China.”

If WaPo is finally going to start fact-checking what Biden said during the 2020 debates, they might have to bring out a special edition to hold it all.

Looking at Devon Archer interview in light of Trump’s indictment

There are two parallel stories dominating the news today:  1) the Devon Archer testimony that implicates then-VP Joe Biden in a scheme by the Biden family to buy influence (though it’s not being reported that way), and 2) the indictment of President Trump by Special Counsel/political hitman Jack Smith on four new charges relating to January 6, a disgusting abuse of power.

The timing of the second story has everything to do with that of the first.

Smith’s indictment of Trump on Tuesday, something you’d normally never see outside a true banana republic, is addressed in detail elsewhere in the newsletter.  You are seeing history in the making.  But don’t think the two stories aren’t connected.  Here’s how investigative reporter Sean Davis at THE FEDERALIST summed it up...

Equal justice under the law in our country is now a joke.  As LIBERTY DAILY commentator J. D. Rucker said, “America is under attack from within.  One does not have to be a Trump supporter to recognize that this goes far beyond injustice or weaponization of law enforcement.  We have descended to the embarrassing depths of being a failed nation no better than the banana republics that preceded us.”

For the moment, let’s stay on the Biden bribery story, as it’s the one the out-of-control DOJ is trying to bury with the Trump story.  Did you know that IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler have each testified to the House Ways and Means Committee that they were kept out of meetings between DOJ prosecutors and Hunter Biden’s attorneys?  The fix was obviously in.   

And the DOJ knew it needed to be fixed.  A new poll from ISSUES & INSIGHTS shows that if the bribery allegations against Joe Biden prove true, 63 percent said he should either be impeached or resign immediately.  Among independents, that figure is 64 percent.

Thanks to J. D. Rucker for calling attention to a tweet (or is it an “X”?) from conservative commentator Benny Johnson, who laid out the Biden/Ukraine bribery scandal very concisely for those who are just now starting to get a clue.  Of course, there’s much more, but one has to start somewhere.  This is basic information that was confirmed by Devon Archer’s testimony Monday.  Anyone who says there’s “no evidence whatsoever” tying President Biden to this scandal needs to know about Viktor Slokin.  Getting Ukrainian prosecutor Slokin fired was the reason the founder of Burisma put Hunter on his board, even though Hunter was, as he put it, dumber than his dog.

As whistleblower attorney Tristan Leavitt tweeted, “...Shapley testified in his interview not only were the investigators never once allowed to be part of the meetings with Hunter Biden’s defense counsel, it was something the IRS whistleblowers had never seen happen before in any other case.”

“...I would say that I think it’s not typical for the investigative team and the agents to never be in on proffers or reverse proffers with defense counsel,” Shapley said.  “We never once were allowed to do so.  And even though some communications occur with defense counsel without agents, I’ve never seen it when we’ve never been involved.”

Ziegler testified that “with a case like this, of this caliber --- we asked to be at those meetings.  They said that we couldn’t be here.”

“...There was a lot of information turned over at those meetings that we didn’t hear about or we heard about late,” Ziegler said.  “So there was definitely a breakdown in communication of what we heard.”

As political hacks such as freshman New York Rep. Dan Goldman try to deny, Hunter’s laptop is filled with evidence of Biden family corruption.  The NEW YORK POST reported Tuesday that the laptop “is filled with contracts and agreements between him and foreign business partners that could shine new light on his business dealings, and potentially implicate his father.”  Goldman’s ridiculous remark that Joe only talked about “the weather” in phone conversations and dinners with Hunter’s business contacts is reminiscent of Hillary saying her thousands of deleted emails were about yoga classes and Chelsea’s wedding.  We were supposed to take Hillary’s word, and now we’re told to accept this.

In a detailed story from the DAILY CALLER, Devon Archer’s testimony is combined with emails from Hunter’s laptop to paint a consistent picture of how Hunter was aware of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) and worked to skirt it.  (If they weren’t acting as foreign agents, then nobody is.)  House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer said Archer’s testimony “opened the door” to a FARA case against President Biden for allegedly participating in Hunter’s business meetings.  According to Comer --- we still don’t have the interview transcript --- Archer told the committee about how Hunter Biden added to “the brand” of Burisma and “called DC” in December 2015 to get prosecutor Viktor Slokin fired.  He also said Joe Biden spoke to Hunter “more than 20 times about their business deals.”

It was Hunter’s vulnerability regarding FARA that apparently caused the DOJ to collude with Hunter’s attorneys to try slipping that “unusual” plea agreement past Judge Maryellen Noreika last week.  If Hunter was acting as an unregistered foreign agent, and this involved his father, then the President of the United States was also acting as a foreign agent --- with some of our most notorious adversaries around the world.  And how would President Obama have made Biden “point man” for Ukraine and China without knowing about his family’s little game?  Someone as shrewd as Obama would have known all about it.  So it’s not just that Biden was involved, but that Obama was at the very least complicit.

Sean Hannity reported some interesting tidbits of information Tuesday night.  Archer testified that Hunter Biden had written him that the Chinese chairman “Super Chair” loved him for no other reason than his last name.  (“And I bring along very handsome Aryan godlike men wherever I go,” Hunter added.)

Needless to say, if it were Donald Trump, Jr., who had written that, the media would have jumped all over the “Aryan” remark.  Hunter gets a pass.

As the DAILY CALLER reports, “Super Chair” refers to Che Feng, a Chinese businessman and son-in-law of the former governor of the People’s Bank of China, the country’s central bank, with whom he created the investment firm Bohai Harvest Rosemont Seneca Thornton, later to be called BHR Partners.  One of Hunter’s partners in the deal was a Chinese private equity firm owned by the Bank of China, which is owned by the CCP.

“I don’t believe in lottery tickets any more, but I do believe in the super chairman,” Hunter wrote.

That remark inspired a new column from Jonathan Turley.  The Bidens don’t like to gamble, he says.  They like sure things.  And their winning ticket had the ten digits of Joe Biden’s phone number.

Turley did a good job of consolidating the news of Trump’s latest indictment with what we confirmed with Archer’s testimony. As for the indictment’s attack on Trump’s free speech, he said he’s “rarely seen a more chilling filing by the Department of Justice.”  The indictment “is a really sad moment for me,” he said.  Jack Smith has criminalized political speech.  And we say THAT is criminal.

As for Goldman’s idiotic statement that they just talked about “the weather” at dinner, Turley said, “Obviously you’re not going to sit at Cafe Milano and ask the Vice President to ice pick the prosecutor in Ukraine as you order breadsticks.  The whole point of the call was to establish the deliverables for Hunter Biden. He could deliver.  He was a phone call away from his father.”  Goldman apparently thinks we’re all chuckleheads, but if he wants to see one of those, he really needs to watch THE VIEW or look in the closest mirror.


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  • David McKinley Paine

    08/10/2023 10:19 PM

    It is hard to feel optimistic for our Republic when the government and so many institutions in control are fundamentally corrupt, When elections are undermined just to make them susceptible to fraud, and when most of the media are Marxists cheering on the thieves, liars and freeloaders in Washington. Is it time to go back to the drawing board?

  • Mark Strachota

    08/04/2023 07:10 PM

    GOD is watching.........

  • ken moore

    08/02/2023 02:38 PM

    jail hunter and joe for incom tax evasion to begin with

  • Stephen Russell

    08/02/2023 01:42 PM

    Trump legal outcomes:
    Win Primary & General
    Lose Both
    Win primary
    GOP kingmaker?
    Cases dropped
    Poor prosecution charges
    Or execution??
    Then these Outcomes:
    Divide Nation
    Seed for Revolt & Civil War 2