August 2, 2019

Spiritual guru Marianne Williamson was treated as a joke Presidential candidate. But after her popularity surged following Tuesday’s debate, it appears that some Democrat elites are starting to remember 2016, when they laughed about what a joke Donald Trump was. There are now signs that some are getting just a little panicky at the threat Williamson might pose to the status quo (especially after the debates exposed just how weak their field is) and looking for ways to sabotage her. (Tulsi Gabbard has similar suspicions; she’s suing Google for $50 million for suspending her ads when people were searching for her name after the first debate. And she’s even getting a taste of the “Russian collusion hoax herself.)

So Williamson shouldn’t have been surprised that an interview on CNN immediately turned accusatory, with Anderson Cooper pulling up her old tweets in which she criticized the over-prescribing of antidepressants to suggest that she condemns all depression drugs. He even tied her to Scientology. Williamson called that a “complete mischaracterization” of what she said, and claimed she was condemning the medicalizing of deep sadness, which is a normal part of life, and not clinical depression. She said, “There is value sometimes in feeling the sadness, feeling that dark night of the soul.” (Sorry, I can’t do a Marianne Williamson story without slipping in at least one quote that sounds as if it came from the liner notes of a Pink Floyd album.)

I don’t know exactly what she originally tweeted, so I’m not going to defend her. Maybe it’s a legitimate issue. But I assume if CNN had anything worse, they would’ve used it. She obviously thinks her words are being twisted, and with everything else to talk about, it does seem odd that CNN would dig so deep into her past tweets and make the interview about this.

Williamson told Cooper that she felt she was getting “very little respect here.” Welcome to the club, Marianne! I suggest you look at it the same way I do: as a badge of honor. Getting very little respect from CNN is a great sign of just how much the Democratic Party establishment is afraid of you.

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  • Philip Morgan

    08/03/2019 12:33 PM

    I liked MW’s tone and how she showed the lack of consideration for currently beneficial Institutions shown by other Dems and candidates. No, she is not a suitable candidate for President but her remarks are useful in showing how hypocritical and extreme are the positions advocated by the other candidates!

  • Michael McKay

    08/02/2019 01:36 PM

    Your comment linking "a dark night of the soul" may very well have come from a rock band, but the original quote came from a Carmelite mystic, St. John of the Cross in the 16th century! Give credit where credit is due!