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April 23, 2023

I know I must be getting old because I can remember when Democrats actually cared about women’s rights. Once upon a time, they even promoted the idea of girls’ sports in schools and thought they deserved equal funding with boys’ sports. They even thought women deserved "safe spaces" from predatory males. Now, the only thing they seem to care about is forcing women to allow males into their sports and locker rooms. What else can one deduce from the fact that NOT ONE single House Democrat voted this week for the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act that limits school sports for girls to people who were actually born female?

It still passed 219-203, but it’s unlikely to pass the Democrat Senate. And even if a few Senate Democrats still believe in biological science, President Biden has vowed to veto it

College swimming champion (and woman) Riley Gaines blasted Biden for that threat, saying, "The President has declared that science, truth and common sense no longer matter. In opposing this bill, President Biden is catering to a radical minority at the expense of women, who are 51% of the population. Equal opportunity, privacy and safety in our sports shouldn’t be controversial. The women who once advocated for Title IX should be outraged as this goes against everything they fought for. Female athletes of all ages, levels and sports deserve better."

She’s right, and previous generations of Democrats would have been sane enough to agree. But today’s Dems are all-in on the “trans” propaganda, and those in the House not only voted unanimously against protecting women’s sports, they spewed some of the most hysterical, nonsensical rhetoric ever heard in justifying it.  

Ohio Rep. Greg Landsman declared, “This bill is about bullying children. Stop bullying children." Rep. Robert Garcia of California echoed, “House Republicans are choosing to bully and belittle trans children. This is about attacking a small group of children, and it is shameful." (You can dismember children in the womb, just don't bully them.) Faaaaaar-left Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal spewed, "We should rename it the 'cancel kids trans hate' bill. This bill fuels a virulent hate campaign against kids who just want to play with their friends." Rep. Mark Takano of California said the bill would make school sports "less safe for women and girls" (less safe than forcing them to compete against males twice their size?) and claimed that even “this debate itself has been traumatizing."

Republicans responded that they don’t “hate” anyone, and this bill is about protecting both female students and girls sports. North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx said, "It is ridiculous that we have had to stand here today to defend the rights of women and girls to participate in sports against other women and girls, and (them) not being taken advantage of by biological males."  Here are some more salient comments from Republican women about the betrayal of women by Democrats on behalf of the trans lobby.

But once again, leave it to Rep. Eric Swalwell to take the trophy for the most cluelessly stupid hyperbole. He unironically declared, “These creeps want to invade our kids’ locker rooms.” Imagine letting creeps invade girls’ locker rooms! If you can’t imagine the response to that on social media, click this link:


Related: For Democrats who can’t even tell us what a “woman” is but insist that they are at no disadvantage in sports to biological males, Terry Jeffrey at has a big cooler of cold, truth-flavored Gatorade to dump over their heads. He compares the relative stats of even the best female athletes in the world compared to their male counterparts. This is why males who can't cut it competing against other men suddenly start breaking all records when they begin "identifying" as female.

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