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May 5, 2022

As much as the left wants to use the issue of “reproductive rights” to direct the national conversation between now and November, some news outlets, such as the New York Post and the U.K. Daily Mail, are actually continuing to unearth important, jaw-dropping stories that have nothing to do with that.

The same news outlets that screamed from the rooftops the fake story that Trump colluded with Russia will ignore the Daily Mail’s latest report about Biden Family Russian connections. In fact, until this March, when The New York Times and Washington Post finally admitted the laptop was real, one had to go looking to find the reports about it. Google and Facebook certainly weren’t going to bring them to you. As you know, even the newly-appointed head of Biden’s unconstitutional bad joke, the “Disinformation Governance Board,” roundly dismissed it as “a Trump campaign product.”

But in their latest update, the Daily Mail has emails showing that in 2012 and 2013, Hunter Biden courted a Russian oligarch with very close ties to Putin --- Vladimir Yevtushenkov, 73 --- to seal an investment deal, meeting with him in Moscow, at the Ritz-Carlton in New York, and in Washington, DC. Hunter’s now-jailed former business partner Devon Archer wooed him as well, laying the groundwork in 2011 with his own trip to Moscow, staying in luxury hotels and eating bear meat (“yummy”) while talking real estate investment with the oligarch.

Though this man first made his fortune in Russian telecoms and later in oil, he moved into defense, owning a company called Sistema that, according to other reports, supplied Putin’s army with the drones that are now being used to bomb and kill Ukrainians. Until last year, he also owned Russian defense contractor RTI.

Sources close to him say he’s the brother-in-law of Russian billionaire Elena Baturina, whose name will be familiar because a Senate investigation determined she had wired $3.5 million to Rosemont Seneca Thornton, one of the companies connected to Hunter. Yevtushenkov denies he’s related to her, but it does appear that she’s the one who introduced him to Hunter.

The deadly consequences of this man’s business are coming home to roost now, with Ukraine being turned to rubble and countries such as the U.K. and Australia adding Yevtushenkov to their sanctions list. Last week, a leaked audio recording allegedly captured him talking with a Georgian oligarch about how to circumvent international sanctions arising from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. But so far, he has been untroubled by any such sanction from the United States. Somehow, this man remains untouched, one of the handful of oligarchs who haven't been sanctioned by the Biden administration. This could be coincidence, I suppose, but it’s extremely unfortunate that we’re put into the position of having to speculate. That’s why conflicts of interest need to be revealed BEFORE elections, not censored by social media and hidden from voters.

As the Daily Mail reports, “Hunter’s multiple meetings and apparent business deals with him are the latest in a troubling web of his connections to Putin-linked mega-rich individuals which has emerged from his abandoned laptop." Their story sorts out the meetings that took place around the globe and that certainly give the impression of a tight business relationship with the Ruskies.

One of the businessmen in this circle, Kazakhstan banker and “fixer” Marc Holtzman --- also very closely tied with “Vladimir” --- was at the now-infamous secret meeting at Cafe Milano in 2015 that was organized by Hunter and attended by then-Vice President Joe Biden. Recall that the White House first denied that Joe Biden had been there but had to own up after photos emerged. The President has lied repeatedly about not having anything to do with, or even any knowledge, of his son’s business ventures.

This is the murky water the Bidens were swimming in. As we’ve said before, it was common for influential people in Washington to have a dip in it –- and sometimes total immersion –- as dealmakers and lobbyists for shady foreigners. Paul Manafort did business in that world, and Trump’s political enemies tried their hardest to tar Trump and HIS offspring with that, when there turned out to be nothing of concern. But those same adversaries of Trump continue to turn a blind eye to the Biden Family’s blatant influence-peddling and very real business ties to rich, powerful Russians, even as one of them appears to be avoiding sanctions from the United States.

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  • Joan Matthews

    05/10/2022 08:49 AM

    This story deserves more print and airtime. The oligarchs’ drone biz and Hunter and JOE Biden ties are potentially incriminating. Why is this guy avoiding sanctions?? Can someone get more info from Hunters former partner?

  • Karen aubertine

    05/10/2022 07:46 AM

    just more evil and deep state stuff. I as an American am very tired of the double standard and what the elites get away with, doesn't ever seem to be justice for them, they just get richer and richer off the people.

  • Marilyn Hellmuth

    05/09/2022 12:11 PM

    The Bidens have proven the saying. "It's not what you know, it's who you know."

  • Marie Renaud

    05/09/2022 09:30 AM

    Hate to sound like a broken record, but the FINAL JUDGE will handle the corrupt and lying officials we currently have. Hard to be patient though.

  • Fiorella Weaver

    05/08/2022 11:24 PM

    Governor, PLEASE do me a favor and stop referring to our Constitutional Republic as a “democracy”. It isn’t, even though the sold out regime in D.C. would like nothing better than to turn it into one (they are succeeding). Our Founding Fathers hated democracies, as you well know, Thank you.

  • Gurn Blanston

    05/06/2022 08:46 AM

    Hucksterbee, your attempted deflection is pathetic and full of lives. The duplicity of the SCOTUS IS the big issue now, and it will come back to bite fake Christians like you.