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March 28, 2022

Part 2 observed that many of the same people who originated the Russia Hoax also were involved in Trump’s impeachment over his (appropriate) phone call with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy. Paul Manafort, described as “ground zero for all manufactured Trump scandals,” was alleged to have dark dealings as a lobbyist in Ukraine, and we expressed curiosity as to how he, of all people, ended up as Trump’s campaign manager. George Soros, described as probably the most influential man in Ukraine, also ties into the story, through funding for an entity called the Democratic Integrity Project --- that name is so funny --- founded by Dianne Feinstein staffer and (yes) former FBI analyst Dan Jones, who gave Fusion GPS $3.3. million. Dan Jones brought in Hillary campaign chairman John Podesta, and their purported field of endeavor was –- egad –- to study how Russian intel operations were influencing elections.

Recall that during Trump’s impeachment, which would’ve been exposed as a joke if the existence of Hunter’s laptop had been revealed by the FBI, a parade of pro-Soros, pro-”Anti-Corruption” Action Center (AntAC) witnesses was brought in by committee chairman Adam Schiff. That’s about where we left off last week.

One quick update before we get into Part 3: Margot Cleveland has another great piece involving the laptop, this one analyzing the strategy behind the New York Times’ admission –- finally –- that it was real. First, she makes the point that if the laptop is real, that means the scandals are real, not “Russian disinformation” as was falsely maintained by so many, as calculated election interference. Like many, she also sees this admission as an attempt to “get ahead of the story” before it gets much worse. She outlines possible charges, some quite serious. Finally, she dissects the persuasive technique used by the NYT propagandists to downplay the seriousness and gain sympathy for Hunter. This last part, especially, is a must-read.

Back to Ukraine. As we said, when a new Ukrainian prosecutor tried to investigate Soros-funded AntAC, he met resistance from our own U.S. embassy staff. “We ran right into a buzz saw and we got bloodied,” is how one Ukrainian official put it. That buzz saw consisted of the Obama administration, the U.S. State Department, some in the FBI, and, of course, Soros and his Open Society Foundation.

John Solomon uncovered a memo dated around the time Manfort joined Trump’s campaign that contained a chart of people to BE investigated, including “some with ties to Manafort.” It’s thought that this refers to Ukrainian billionaire Dmitry Firtash, who was a business rival of Soros who had already been looked into on a civil charge of money laundering and cleared.

This was also the time when Glenn Simpson was doing oppo research on Trump and Manafort, and the DNC’s Alexandra Chalupa, from Ukraine, was bad-mouthing Manafort in America. She visited the Obama White House 27 times.

AntAC was the perfect vehicle for going after Manafort. But as Dan Bongino points out, if AntAC really had wanted to root out corruption in Ukraine, they might have taken a peek into Burisma’s showering of money on the American Vice President’s son. As Bongino puts it, “...when your benefactor is an enormous investor in the Democratic Party committing to spending millions to try and stop Trump, maybe that investigation isn’t very appealing.”

A Latvian investigative agency, the Office for Prevention of Laundering of Proceeds Derived from Criminal Activity, was actually trying to look into it, and they sent a memo to Ukrainian officials on February 18, 2016, notifying them that a transaction involving Hunter Biden and Burisma had been flagged.

Ukrainian officials failed to respond.

Later, when COVID hit, and hospitals and relief organizations needed all the help they could get, Soros gave $3 million –- not to help with THAT, but to Priorities USA Action, the Democrats’ Super PAC. It was earmarked specifically to fund a series of ads slamming Trump’s response to the virus. Soros had already just given them $2 million in January. Priorities indeed.

Bongino calls the Obama White House “an unofficial club for Ukraine obsessives.” There are other connections between AntAC (thus, Soros), the Obama White House and the FBI. Of these, Daria Kaleniuk, who now heads AntAC, met at the White House on December 9, 2015, with Eric Ciaramella, who would later come to fame as the anonymous “whistleblower” from Trump’s impeachment. At the time, he was a CIA employee working as a Ukraine (yes) specialist on the National Security Council. Later he was replaced in that position by Alexander Vindman, who also ended up testifying at Trump’s impeachment. Ciaramella had also worked with Joe Biden and John Brennan. It’s as I said: the same people just keep turning up again and again!

Since Ciaramella’s identity was kept secret during the impeachment, nothing was ever said about why he’d been moved out of the White House: he’d been accused of “leaking and working against Trump.” (Remember the huge concern with White House leaks during Trump’s early days in office?) That revelation would've done a lot to “impeach” this whistleblower.

As for the call from Trump to Zelenskyy that supposedly sparked the complaint, there was no wrongdoing in it at all. Certainly, no quid pro quo took place, because Zelenskyy got his military aid package and there was no investigation into Burisma and the Bidens, much as it was needed. Also, there was no cover-up, as Trump countered the false characterization of his call by releasing the full transcript himself. Of course, after that, Democrats continued to mischaracterize it and “mind-read” to cast his motives in the worst light they could, as they've always done with Trump about everything he's ever said or done.

Again, the laptop was central to the whole issue. It was evidence of the legitimate need to investigate the Bidens in Ukraine, and the FBI withheld it. Attorney General Bill Barr didn’t mention it, either, even after Biden lied about it, so the media were still able to present the false narrative that it was a Russian plot. Here’s the significance of Barr’s glaring omission.

Ciaramella filed a complaint about Trump’s phone call with Intel Community IG Michael Atkinson and also summarized it in unclassified letters to Intelligence Committee chairs Adam Schiff and Richard Burr. He claimed he had “received information from multiple government officials that the President of the United States is using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 U.S. election.”

It seems so strange to read those words now, as we know today that Hillary’s campaign is the one that did this very thing, through the solicitation of information for the Steele “dossier.” It was also pro-Hillary people in our State Department --- oh, and Joe Biden ---who tried to intimidate Ukrainian prosecutors who might have looked too closely at Hunter.

Bongino’s Chapter 8 in FOLLOW THE MONEY reveals even more connections and conflicts, some involving Adam Schiff and IG Atkinson, who defied a Justice Department order when he set events in motion to notify Schiff about the false whistleblower complaint. Highly recommended reading!

UPDATE: In very welcome breaking news, California Rep. Darrell Issa has announced that if (when!) Republicans take back the House this year, he will lead an investigation of the 2020 election-related suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

The Epoch Times has a report --- it's "premium," but we'll have the full story coming up.


The deeper significance of Hunter laptop story, Part 2

The deeper significance of Hunter laptop story, Part 1

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  • Robin Rebhan

    04/04/2022 08:54 AM

    RE: "The deeper significance of Hunter Biden laptop story, Part 3". I was once thought that a lot of democrats were just mistaken or misinformed. But this is turning out to be democrats viciously knowingly and willingly manufacturing lies and false narratives. And keep on doing this despite being exposed. Even barn rats know enough to run and hide when the lights are turned on.

  • Dana Vincent

    04/04/2022 04:04 AM

    Well, as I've said over and over again all of our agencies and departments are being operated by The Deep State, Marxists, Socialists, liberals, communists, etc. Teachers Unions can dictate F.B.I. agendas and C.D.C. Rulings and Mandates. Parents can now be classified as Domestic Terrorists.
    The F.B.I. is so crooked it's a joke. So is the C.I.A., N.A.S, D.O.T, I.R.S. and others. This Administration is under the influence and takes direction from the CCP. No doubt at all. The CCP has already bought 100's of thousands of farm land in our country. How many Chinese students in our Universities and colleges are really spies? The CCP wants to be the only leading power in the world. We know this so why do 90% of our pharmaceuticals come from there. Why has our manufacturing base gone to China? Why did they release Covid19 and kill almost 1 million Americans? Why do they keep sending fentanyl to the U.S.? Why is almost 90% of what you buy is made in China? Because of the ignorance and often , the corruption, of our elected representatives. Because of Major Donors. It's too late, I'm sad to say. We've passed the point where we can do anything about this mess we are in at the moment. I've always been optimistic in my life but not any more. They are winning, day by day, little by little. In less than 10 years they will have totally changed this country (just like Schumer said they'd do).

  • Yvonne C Lee

    04/03/2022 10:58 PM

    In a world of falsehoods and deception, your information is always so refreshing because I know I can trust it due to your almost invariably accurate analysis of the facts and careful fact-checking. After reading this info in today's Sunday report, I finally understand the names and issues I was having trouble putting together in my head. My gut feeling years ago about how this was all going down proved to be accurate, but I have been unable to defend it well to those in the family who believe the CNN and other lies. Thanks so much for shining a light in the darkness and for your good humor as you do so. Keep up the good work, brother. You and this country are in our prayers.

  • Marilyn Kirkwold

    04/03/2022 10:40 PM

    I couldn't open the link that would make it possible to read this on your browser, whichhas never happened before. Reading it as it is, is hard to see. Hope you can fix that.
    I enjoy your newsletter and it's nice to know you can be trusted to report truth. It does seem, though, the the wheels of justice turn very slowly!

  • Lorraine Edwards

    04/03/2022 10:31 PM

    This comment in the "wrong" place but I was looking for a place to "comment." I love your monolog on the TV program Apr 2,3, 2022. I searched TBN and your TV programs hoping I could find the current program. I would like to post that message--about Disney crazy--on my blog. I agree with you--and your message. I'd like to share it on my dull, boring blog titled ThreeQuartersAndCounting(dot)com. ~~~ God bless you!! I love you and I love Sarah; keep up the work. I'm a Trump supporter. ~~ Lorraine Edwards in Waco, Texas.

  • Richard j Swiger

    04/03/2022 08:18 PM

    Mike I was just wondering how much you know about all the corruption and the sick immoral crap that goes on with all the disgusting Immoral politicians that are in Washington I’m glad that young man recently elected Cawthorn I believe was man enough to come forward and be honest with the people And before you think I’m attacking you Mike I’m not I actually like you and wanted you as president but I wish you would have been more brave I guess because that is what is needed to save our country I believe about every democrat and probably 75% of our Republican Party are corrupt and immoral treasonous swine I think they would sell their own mother And I know they are owned by many foreign governments many communist gov I think and believe God will be the one who deals with them though I think it’s to late after witnessing the current set of affairs like the bills they are trying to pass in Maryland and California to murder innocent babies weeks after they are born and I believe this country should pay for their evil doings You see we the people have sat back and done nothing we should have already taken our country back and defended the unborn and all the other evil things done by calling it the law Just wanted to ask you sorry for going on and on just disgusted with what I see every day People have about had it though after we watched them steal the election in the middle of the night and install a crook and traitor into the White House .

  • Pam Floyd

    04/03/2022 07:07 PM

    God's timing is perfect! It has been interesting watching the investigations into the Russia Hoax and the Hunter Biden laptop scandal!

  • Anne Mason

    04/03/2022 03:11 PM

    Mike, it is so amazing to me as to how the Dems are getting away with so much crime and we as Americans are expected to look the other way! There is so much going on that sometimes it makes me dizzy! I firmly feel that had the election been called with Trump being the questionable elected President, the Demoncrats would have fought to the death to put everything on hold to get the Biden administration into office. I have finally surmised the Republicans didn’t fight hard enough for Trump because the Dems are willing to fight nastier and more crooked than the Republicans.


    03/28/2022 01:42 PM

    Mike, after reading your 3-part Hunter Biden Laptop series - my head is totally spinning, and I am so confused I cannot begin to understand the overall gist/meaning of all this. Maybe it is because I am a "Senior Citizen" whose mind ain't what it used to be, BUT could you please give us a synopsis of the entire conspiratorial mess?? Maybe a couple of paragraphs that sums it all up and makes it easier for folks like me to remember?? Thanks in advance.

  • Doyle Pruitt

    03/28/2022 09:12 AM

    Hunter Biden and Joe Biden should be brought before the courts and stripped of all momentary funds and property and the money put into the IRS for use of the American people. and the family as a whole tried for treason against the American people. My personal feelings on the matter is that if convicted they should be put to death, or permanently expelled from the United States and stripped of all citizenship, as did Lieutenant Philip Nolan in past history, as a man without a country.