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May 17, 2023

If this story is accurate (and it’s hard to be sure, thanks to all the propagandists with motives to spin it), what was meant to be an overwhelming missile attack on the Ukrainian capital of Kiev might have just proven the effectiveness of US anti-missile defenses against a weapon Putin claimed it was impossible to intercept, the KH-47 hypersonic missile.

Putin claimed the KH-47 would give Russia the edge in any confrontation with NATO. But when Russia launched a multi-missile strike designed to overwhelm and destroy Ukraine’s US-supplied Patriot missile defense system, the Patriot system intercepted and blew up every one of them. That reportedly included six KH-47s and three Iskander-M semi-ballistic missiles that supposedly can maneuver and evade interception.

 Russia is trying to claim that they didn’t fire any KH-47s, but that sounds like CYA-47 to me, especially considering that at first they claimed they’d destroyed the Patriot defense system, but backed off that claim when it appeared to be fine. If launching this war was Putin’s biggest blunder, then letting it expose that his fearsome KH-47 hypersonic missiles can be blown out of the sky by the US Patriot defense system even during a full-on, multi-pronged attack would also rank right up there on the strategic blunder scale.

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