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March 22, 2024

Of all the catastrophic results of having Joe Biden in the White House, one of the worst is that our enemies abroad can spot the weakness and the vacuum of American leadership and are taking full advantage of it – From Russia invading Ukraine (which didn’t happen when Trump was President) to Hamas attacking Israel to Iran backing various rebel groups that are killing Americans. And of course, China threatening Taiwan. These attacks don’t just endanger locals, they threaten American security and spark calls from armchair warriors to send American troops to deal with the violence in other nations. Troops that are seldom if ever the offspring of the DC elites demanding that they be sent into harm’s way.

Here are the latest developments from our “world crumbling on Biden’s watch” desk:

As China ramps up its claim on Taiwan, Taiwan officials have confirmed the permanent stationing of US Special Forces there. This is supposedly just to help train Taiwanese forces to face China’s military build-up, but how many times have we heard that before at the start of wars that end up sucking us into them? Our troops’ presence is sparking even more tensions between the US and China. Not that we shouldn’t support Taiwan against China (we absolutely should), but that doesn’t mean we should send our troops into that fight – a potential war that wouldn’t even be a possibility if China still feared and respected America.

Meanwhile, another threat is coming from Haiti, and not just the threat of a wave of refugees following the fall of the government. Kurt Schlichter, who had plenty of experience as a military officer before he became a columnist, is worried that the elites will start pushing to send US troops to “fix Haiti,” which he argues cannot be fixed, at least not by anyone except the Haitians themselves. He worries that our troops will be sent to deal with violent madmen, with their hands tied by liberal “rules of engagement,” and they’ll be coming home in body bags.

This is a must-read column. It has touches of Kurl’s savage humor, but it’s mostly a sobering warning about the dangers of electing weak leaders who invite attacks from our enemies while having zero understanding of the use or the role of the US military, and not much concern about casualties because none of their sons or daughters will be sent off to fight the wars they start.

If that doesn’t give you enough to worry about, put this on your plate: Cuba’s government might collapse and create a huge wave of Cuban refugees to the US. Although the Democrats might actually do something to prevent that, since the Cubans have lived under socialism and would vote Republican.

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