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March 13, 2023



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The Oscars

I doubt that many of my readers really care much about the Oscars. Tom Cruise must’ve been so sure they’d never give an Oscar to “Top Gun: Maverick,” the patriotic movie that saved the studio, that he didn’t even attend. Indeed, a writer for Hollywood’s preferred “news” source, MSNBC, wrote an article slamming the movie as “insidious” and “literal propaganda” for portraying the US military in a positive light.

The only way he could have any kind of point is if he admitted that their heroism protects the freedom of idiots like him to write garbage like that. And the show, by all reports, had the usual doses of leftwing politics, virtue-signaling and slams at conservatives because Heaven forbid you shouldn’t insult half your potential ticket-buying public on national TV.

Also, the Academy is so steeped in woke jargon that it described Best Actress winner Michelle Yeoh as “a self-identified Asian actress.” Pretty sure she’s an actual Asian actress.

As always, the same celebrities who condemn a border wall and think you don’t deserve the Second Amendment right to own a gun to protect your family from all the criminals that the politicians they back keep letting out into the streets were themselves protected by barricades and walls and a contingent of police and private security larger and better armed than the Ukrainian military.

However, there was one moment of the Oscars that’s worth seeing, and that was the Best Supporting Actor acceptance speech by Ke Huy Quan. He recounted how his life’s journey began on a boat, fleeing the communists in Vietnam. His family was separated for a year and lived in a refugee camp. But he finally made it to America and after many years of work, he achieved the American dream.

It’s not only a moving and inspiring speech, but I love the idea of all those celebrities who kowtow to communist China, and who constantly tell us America is racist and evil, that minorities can't succeed here and the American dream is a myth, being forced to sit there, listen and applaud.

Comical: David French claiming he is a conservative

In lieu of having a comics section, the New York Times gives us David French and claims he’s a conservative. In his latest “think” piece, French makes the “conservative” case for mutilating and sterilizing children with transgender chemicals and surgery. Spoiler alert: There is NO “conservative case” for doing that.

There are, however, a growing number of liberal, former champions of “gender-affirming treatments” who are waking up to the horrific damage being caused to children and turning against it. Like Dr. Susan Bradley, a pioneer in the field of puberty blockers, who now says, “We were wrong” and the trans medical industry is harming children.

Where did “climate mental health issues” come from?

Vice President Kamala Harris is taking some flak for claiming that young people are struggling with “climate mental health issues.” They’re under so much stress because of the “climate crisis,” including worrying how they’ll be able to hold down a job without it cutting into all the time they put into being “climate activists.”

Well, a couple of points: Getting out of college and realizing you actually have to make a living instead of constantly protesting over goofy radical ideas you were spoon-fed in college is a necessary part of growing up and becoming an adult. Only a handful of people, like college professors and Democratic Vice Presidents, are lucky enough to avoid growing up by making a fat paycheck in a useless job while continuing to push radical nonsense.

But to be fair, VP Harris is correct about too many young people suffering from “climate mental health issues.” Fox News put together a collection of social media videos of them fretting about the end of the world and how they’ve decided they can never have children because of the coming climate apocalypse. I honestly feel bad for these kids because this isn’t their fault. This is the result of them being unconscionably exploited, abused and misled by politicians, activists and politicized schools who promote their political views by terrifying naïve children with doomsday scenarios, knowing they have no rational thinking skills to defend themselves (not that they’ve learned any since.)

I’m sure they won’t listen to me, but I could assure them that these “the world will end in 10 years!” proclamations have been going on since I was their age. Yet here we still are, all the fish in the ocean aren’t dead, ocean levels have barely changed, the seas aren’t boiling, New York and Florida still aren’t under water, snow still exists, the past few years have shown a slight cooling trend according to NOAA, and I’m very glad I didn’t decide that I just couldn’t bring children into the world because the Earth was going to come to an end in 1985.

If you want to know why Democrats have opened the floodgates of illegal immigration and are pushing so hard to let them vote, it’s because between abortion, transgender activism and scaring kids with climate nightmares, their native voting constituency will soon be unable or unwilling to reproduce and they’ll need somebody dependent on government to keep them in power. If you point this out, you’re accused of believing something called the “replacement theory.” Which may be classified as a wacko, rightwing conspiracy theory, but it would be a lot easier to dismiss if they’d stop doing it right in front of our eyes.

FYI: Having over a thousand foreign citizens storm your border and overpower your security to violate your national sovereignty used to be called an “invasion,” but that’s also a word you’re not supposed to use.

Hill Republicans prepare a possible criminal case against Dr. Anthony Fauci

Rep. Jim Jordan, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said Saturday that while he would prefer that Dr. Anthony Fauci come back and answer another round of questions about the origins of COVID-19, Republicans are building the foundations of a criminal case against him. He admitted the problem is that even if they referred him for prosecution, the Biden "Justice" Department would have to pursue it, which they probably wouldn’t, seeing as they’re much too busy prosecuting MAGA grannies, concerned parents and elderly pro-life activists.

Fauci responded by mocking the idea of prosecuting him, telling Newsweek, “There’s no response to that craziness. Prosecute me for what? What are they talking about? I wish I could figure out what the heck they’re talking about.”

Since he seems confused, as a public service, I offer him this link, where Jordan and Sen. Ted Cruz give him what-for.

The potential charges start with lying under oath to Congress. And if that’s not a prosecutable offense, then why were former Trump aids hounded into prison just for refusing to testify at all?

Some truth is coming

As is the case with Trump, I’m always skeptical of “The walls are closing in/he’ll be indicted any day now” stories about Hunter and/or Joe Biden. It seems that with the "Justice" and Treasury Departments and the Democrat Senate running defense, it’s not likely justice will ever be served, no matter how much it’s obviously deserved.

But Rep. James Comer told Maria Bartiromo of Fox News that House Republican investigators have had a good couple of weeks. They’ve finally obtained bank records that the Administration was stonewalling, and some key people are cooperating. I wouldn’t start measuring Hunter for an orange jumpsuit or anything, but maybe the American people will finally start to get some truth.

Steven Kruiser at PJ Media has more…


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