King David's capital

December 6, 2017

President Trump is expected to make it official today that the US will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move our embassy there from Tel Aviv.  Even though it will likely take years, Arab factions are already protesting, burning Trump’s photo, threatening violence and warning that this will derail Middle East peace efforts. 

Pardon me, but if the US simply recognizing a fact that’s been true since King David declared Jerusalem to be the capital of his kingdom over 3,000 years ago is going to derail the Mideast peace process, then it must be an awfully rickety train.  I haven’t noticed that pretending it’s not true has done much to advance the peace process, nor has the US capitulating to threats.  Maybe it’s time to try a whole new direction in dealing with the Middle East: realism.     

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  • Tawanna Sinclair

    12/12/2017 12:24 PM

    I cried many tears of joy, over Jerusalem being officially named as the Capital of Israel. And how i thank God for the courage of our President, and how he is able to let all the insults, etc. roll off his back, like that of a duck letting water roll off it's back. We are surely living in exciting Prophetic times.
    I love what our Father is doing in our world, and around the world.

  • Susie Johnson

    12/12/2017 12:35 AM

    Dear Gov. Mike,
    Could you please do an old lady a favor?
    Capital means money. Capitol means the venue for the site of the head of the nation ,or state.
    Jerusalem is a capitol. Washington D.C. is a capitol.
    Yes, lots of capital passes through there, but they are entirely different things. When I was a kid, a long time ago, (80 years) I would have gotten an F on my paper had I not realized the difference.
    It may be PC/right to not notice any more, but it BUGS me!
    Thank you for listening,
    Susie Johnson :-)

  • Marcia Standifer

    12/07/2017 05:33 PM

    Really, "Chaplain Tim"? "If Jerusalem is destroyed all these Christian Zionist will be so embarrassed so for God's sake and for someone to have a bit of credibility with the world educate yourselves before it is too late. "?

    Are we going to ignore the historical past and support of our staunch allies to try to prevent the fulfillment of God's prophecies? Can God's spiritual kingdom really be effected by our feeble efforts? And HOW can it be "too late" for God's kingdom to come, when God has appointed the day and time from the beginning of human history?

    Jesus Himself taught us to pray " thy kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven...." So Christians who believe in the inevitability of God's spiritual kingdom coming should be praising God and praying for Jesus to return quickly! No matter what governments or individuals can do, it cannot change God's timetable or His will being done.

  • Jeff W Neighbors

    12/07/2017 06:07 AM

    Amen...there have been few "Peaceful" responses with the policies in place for the past 30-40 years.

  • Chaplain Tim

    12/06/2017 06:23 PM

    I really hope you Mr. Huckabee and all misguided Christian Zionist realize that this historical event confirms the time has cme for Jerusalem to be destroyed so that the New Jerusalem which comes down from heaven can be sent. All this talk of Jewish rights is so misleading since they will not bear fruit unto the Kingdom of God they disrespect both Yahweh and his Son, Although the their own scriptures say Yahweh has become Yeshua, our salvation. So please educate yourself from a Bible scholar that has been predicting accurate all the events of our time by observing God time table. Dr. Steven Jones understands the difference between natural Israel and spiritual Israel and the heavenly Jerusalem over the soon to be destroyed natural Jerusalem and he knows which one God honors. If Jerusalem is destroyed all these Christian Zionist will be so embarrassed so for God's sake and for someone to have a bit of credibility with the world educate yourselves before it is too late. see: