September 27, 2018

How easy is it to accuse someone of sexual misconduct and be taken seriously from the get-go, even though the charge is completely bogus and isn’t even made by the alleged victim?

Turns out, very easy.  On Wednesday evening (the night before Thursday’s scheduled hearing for Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford), FOX News reporter Ed Henry offered the latest example, a fifth accuser whose story fizzled.  This was supposed to be a 1985 sexual assault on a boat in Rhode Island.

According to Henry, the vehemently anti-Trump Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island got a call from a constituent who claimed a close friend was assaulted on an early Sunday morning in August of 1985 by two drunk men on a boat in Newport.  The names of the men:  “Brett” and “Mark.”  (Mark Judge was Kavanaugh’s school friend and also part of Ford’s story, which he says never happened.)  The caller claimed that “Brett” was Brett Kavanaugh and said he had called Whitehouse after recognizing Kavanaugh’s yearbook picture in news reports.

Whitehouse, a Democrat, had already shown himself to be completely credulous of Kavanaugh’s original accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, accusing Republicans of failing to treat Ford with the proper respect and acting in “bad faith.”  This after Republicans had bent over backwards to hear from Ford on the record.  He said Republicans should allow “the investigative process” to play out before holding the vote to confirm or reject Kavanaugh.  (No doubt that process would be expected to take at least long enough for the midterms to be over, and, if the Democrats failed to take the Senate, would have to take at least another two years.)

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Kavanaugh was questioned privately about this new accusation by Senate Judiciary Committee members, and the transcript was made available Thursday evening.  “This is just completely made up,” he told the committee, “or at least not me...I don’t know what they’re referring to.”

The caller has gone on Twitter to say, “Recanted.  Because I have made a mistake and apologized.”  Okay, fine.  But it should also be noted that in earlier tweets, this man called for a military coup against  President Trump and made another accusation, this time against the President.

He accused Trump of manslaughter.

Normally, an accusation like this “boat” story, with no evidence or even word from the alleged victim, would warrant exactly no attention, at least from me, but in this case it’s a good lesson in just how easy bogus accusations can take flight.  The false story, snapped up by a Democratic senator out to get Trump, actually got some play in the media before being recanted.  The “gang-rape” accusation made by a woman through Stormy Daniels’ attorney –- a woman who is being represented by the firm run by Debra Katz, Ford’s lawyer and a member of the Trump “resistance” –- is even more preposterous but has been taken seriously in the media and by those who say all women “have a right to be believed.”

Of course, it should be noted that the person who called Whitehouse was a man.  Ha, that explains the lie.  The other allegations were made by women, who do not lie, ever, for any reason.

As the claims against Kavanaugh grow wilder and more ridiculous, many women have had enough.  They see through this and are furious at the sight of women being used as political pawns, even though some are apparently more than willing to be used that way.  Perhaps the women who are being given center stage in this coup to keep Kavanaugh off the Court haven’t thought through the implications, or maybe they don’t care.  Are they not concerned about what this kind of accusation –- no witnesses, no details, no corroboration –- does to hurt women who actually have been assaulted and want to be taken seriously in a court of law?  By saying unbelievable things while insisting that “all” women have a “right” to believed –- a ludicrous assertion –- they are actually making it harder for women to be believed.  That includes the ones who deserve to be believed.

Brian Fallon in the New York Times said this:  “Saving the Supreme Court from Trump’s clutches has always involved a very complicated two-step:  first, block Kavanaugh, then fight like hell to win back the Senate.  If Kavanaugh drops out, we’re halfway there...If Democrats are able to win back the Senate, we’d have a path to blocking Trump from picking any of the archconservatives on his shortlist.”  Tell us something we don’t know.

The memo that obviously went out to all the Democrats gave a couple of default positions for them to take when questioned:  1) This is not a trial, so the usual constitutional principles such as “innocent until proven guilty” do not apply, and 2) There needs to be “a full investigation” before the vote, no matter how long that takes.

Of course, we know the reason for 2).  The idea is for there to never, ever be a vote.  As Andrew C. McCarthy has pointed out, these people have abused the process and, “the minute that you start to give delay to people who are seeking delay, you get more delay and more problems and that’s why we’re where we are now.”  As for 1), beware that argument.  We absolutely cannot abandon our principles of justice in the way we treat each other.  It’s a slippery slope in which violations of our rights will start taking over in more and more settings.  The thought that we would entertain that kind of thinking is a national disgrace –- exactly what the left wants.

Pursuant to this, Alan Dershowitz has a new column for NATIONAL REVIEW entitled “A Judicial Confirmation Hearing Is Not A Trial.”  Judging from that title, one might think he was going to agree with the Democrats that constitutional protections do not hold in a confirmation hearing.  One would be wrong.

It’s true that these proceedings are not a trial.  (If they were, Dershowitz says, that trial would be thrown out of court.)  The Senate is not tasked with solving alleged crimes or psychoanalyzing witnesses.  They are supposed to be exercising their authority under the constitution to advise the President on a nomination and, if they see fit, to consent to that nomination.  That’s it.  “The proceeding is not about guilt or innocence; it is about qualification,” he says.  But Dershowitz sees the Democrats as “hell-bent on turning the ongoing Kangaroo Court into a pseudo-trial.”

And even though this is not a trial, it is, according to Dershowitz, still unfair by constitutional standards.  (I assume he means that tired old principles such as “innocent until proven guilty” are still supposed to hold.)  The hearings have “descended into farce.”  He’d be fine if they didn’t happen and the Senate just went on to take the vote.


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Comments 1-25 of 57

  • Jeanne Weller

    10/04/2018 06:12 AM

    I have to wonder WHY after 36 years this even comes up?? course in reality, we all know why.. it is to stop this confirmation vote.. shame on the democrats.. we all know who is behind this.. I wonder.. in the FBI's investigation, did they check the bank accounts of Dr. Ford and the other accusers to see what kind of money has been paid to them? and ... WHY didn't the Republicans bring up the fact that we had a president in the white house who did worse than this ??? why is he still running around free as a bird? Obviously money talks... Would anyone want to run their name for Supreme Court justice after seeing what has been done to Brett Kavanaugh? and IF he is not confirmed, who out there doesn't have some skeleton in their closet from the past that they don't want out in the open??? I have kept Brett and his family in prayer for justice to be served against his accusers.. and the truth to be brought out in the open. But then, look at the way the FBI handled President Trump's election... hmmm, can they be trusted?

  • Gayle Johnson

    09/30/2018 02:11 PM

    I've read through all the comments and it wasn't until the second (or third) from the last comment that someone asked the question that was in my mind; "WHAT WAS A 15 YEAR OLD GIRL DOING AT A PARTY WHERE ALCOHOL WAS BEING CONSUMED?"! Another question came to mind; "WHY WERE 17 YEAR OLD BOYS DRINKING? THEY WERE ALSO UNDER AGE!" I know I was probably a stick-in-the-mud teenage girl because I NEVER attended the keggers that were held out in the woods, or even house parties where there could be alcohol served, even though my religious upbringing did not prohibit drinking alcoholic beverages and even though when I was a senior in high school the drinking age was 18; those type of "parties" just didn't interest me. I can say that when I was growing up there wasn't any alcohol in the house (that I was aware of). As a 64 year old woman, I am not a teetotaler and have an occasional beer or wine spritzer from time to time, but only if I'm at home, or someone else is driving; it just isn't worth the risk!

  • Mary Thompson

    09/29/2018 02:26 PM

    Two short comments:

    (1) for the 17-year-old boy: you may like beer, but beer obviously is not your friend.
    (2) for the 15-year-old girl: you and your girlfriend were unwise to enter a home with four older boys the only others.

  • Mary Russell

    09/28/2018 07:43 PM

    I think Diane Feinstein should be censured by the senate for her delay with the Ford information. Because of it, she caused much more harm to the individuals involved and distress to the caring citizens across the country.

  • Aaron Woien

    09/28/2018 02:16 PM

    Methinks the evil George Soros' fingerprints are all over this! I suspect he is sending thousands of dollars to every slut who would falsely accuse every straight-laced male conservative candidate for the Court. The confirmation hearings were a total disgrace, and Mr. Grassley failed to keep things under control. The latest hearing was Lindsey Graham's finest hour, though. I was not a fan of his before, but give him credit for patching up his differences with President Trump and standing up to the Democrat bad actors.

  • Tracy Eldridge

    09/28/2018 09:44 AM

    While I believe it is a victim's right to come forth when crimes are committed, this "Me too" movement has completely lost its purpose. Decades old allegations (whether true or not) should not define a person's character of 30 years. Weinstein was a predator by character. This was his way of life. There is a difference. I completely believe this is politically driven. And the sad thing is it takes away from those who faced sexual assault. If this event actually happened the manner in which it is brought to light is as wrong as the assault. We are living in a society that now any flirting behavior can be called sexual assault and we no longer know where the line is. No still means no!! And if we are in compromised situations it is our responsibility to voice those in a timely manner. What if that was done in the Weinstein case, he could not have continued his behaviour for decades. And if Kavanough was the predator he is accused of being, this would not be an isolated incident. Drunken teen party.....this seems to be a learning experience. There is responsibility on where we choose to go and what we do and who we're with. That is for both sides of the spectrum!!!

  • Leonard

    09/28/2018 09:27 AM

    Confirm him! Get a backbone!


    09/27/2018 10:19 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    While watching Shumers circus, a person can actually sense the evilness as the Dems. worm there way through their plan to shame Brett K. and ruin his chance for the Supreme Court. It seems they (Dems.) are not studying the Bible or they may be fearful what God feels as they tear apart Judge Kavanaugh's reputation, and worse, hurts his family.
    This truly makes me sick
    Patrick Neumiller

  • Evelyn Ilene Eell

    09/27/2018 09:08 PM

    It not only saddens me, but sickens me the way the Democrats have gone to the pit of hell to solicit the minons of evil to do their dastardly work. What is really sad in all of this is that one day they will have to stand before our Lord and give account for what they have done. I hope they come to their senses before that great and terrible day and seek forgiveness and HIS saving grace — I wish that no one would perish. My heart is so saddened for what the Kavanah’s have had to endure. So thankful that our God is bigger than all of this and He can deliver them from this evil attack and bring them to a place of peace and prosperity and hope once again.

  • Angela Marie Walls-Windhauser

    09/27/2018 08:53 PM

    Pray to confirm Brett!!! Dr. Ford may be a good actress, we dont know.
    Thank God Brett is Human,
    ALL of us would get angry when our family, our life is attacked with A LIE!

    Leave Brett alone; confirm Kavanaugh!

    & Leave Colin alone, let him PRAY where he wants!

  • Sharon Litzenberger

    09/27/2018 07:45 PM

    I watched all day today and my heart breaks for Judge Cavanaugh and his family. I am appalled at what the democrats are doing. This is soooooooo evil. I see so much of what they are doing as evil. I hope the voting democrats see this too.

  • April Allison-Garlow

    09/27/2018 06:20 PM

    So sad to see the Democratic Party using an obviously mentally ill woman to advance their own twisted agenda. No one seems to wonder why Ford was in therapy with her husband--six years ago--when she ( a psychology professor) had this epiphany, that all her lives problems were because of this one vaguely recalled incident. I worked in a mental institute and the mentally ill can be just as manipulating, attention seeking, and deceitful as anyone else.I don't believe her story at all, none of it.

  • Elaine Kuebler

    09/27/2018 06:14 PM

    I am so outraged by this entire sham and lies that I cannot even see straight! Mike, if you have ANY way to reach Brett Kavanaugh, PLEASE tell him to stay strong and keep fighting because HE has become our symbol of righteousness!!! This has absolutely turned into a situation of MOB rule vs sanity (as you were saying in your article about Orwell's 1984) and if Brett goes down, it feels like we ALL lose. I'm terrified for this country and all of us at this point and just keep praying to God that He vindicates this poor man.

  • Dianne R Goshorn

    09/27/2018 05:47 PM

    God is in control....even of the deep state(who will get it in the end when judged by God)....we need to pray for our country and those in charge....and we all need to VOTE in the elections!!! Thank you governor for all you do...we watch your show every Saturday night!!!!

  • Kathy Wingate

    09/27/2018 04:36 PM

    After claiming fear of flying to be her reason for not wanting to go to DC for an interview, Dr. Ford impeached her own testimony when she glowed with pride over her world travels (by air) for pleasure, vacations,work, and visiting family. This totally destroyed any credibility she might have had in my view. Also, I heard a rumour that years ago, he ruled against her parents in a case involving foreclosure on Dr. Ford's parent's house. If it's true, this could give her a reason to seek revenge. Need to fact check that.
    Last night I received on Facebook, a photo of Dr. Ford's attorney walking out of a building with no less than Hillary Clinton. Makes this all the more suspicious, that it is just a Dem. delay tactic. I'm betting that Hillary is paying her legal expenses.

  • Kathy Wingate

    09/27/2018 04:33 PM

    After claiming fear of flying to be her reason for not wanting to go to DC for an interview, Dr. Ford impeached her own testimony when she glowed with pride over her world travels (by air) for pleasure, vacations,work, and visiting family. This totally destroyed any credibility she might have had in my view. Also, I heard a rumour that years ago, he ruled against her parents in a case involving foreclosure on Dr. Ford's parent's house. If it's true, this could give her a reason to seek revenge. Need to fact check that.
    Last night I received on Facebook, a photo of Dr. Ford's attorney walking out of a building with no less than Hillary Clinton. Makes this all the more suspicious, that it is just a Dem. delay tactic. I'm betting that Hillary is paying her legal expenses.

  • Stephen Russell

    09/27/2018 04:31 PM

    All Fake & rigged the whole time, & wasting time for Congress.
    Id prosecute for abuse alone by Dems.
    Confirm Judge K & let Dems eat crow.

  • Ben Jones

    09/27/2018 03:54 PM

    I don't suppose there is anyway to check with any banks in Zurich or in the Cayman islands to see if any of the accusers have suddenly run into a substantial amount of cash that needs to be hidden is there?

  • Anne Turner

    09/27/2018 03:44 PM

    Wow. I am listening to Brett right now. It’s about time someone let them have it. He is doing that right now. Yes, she did come off well and I think she believes herself, but It is amazing how she does not know who paid for anything and her lawyers are acting pro bono. The machine is working. I think something happened to her but she has been convinced that only she can save the country so she has convinced herself it must have been him. She will save women from not being able to abort and keep people from losing their health coverage, and make sure illegal immigrants are supported by tax payer. She will me a heroine. Congratulations to him for letting the Dems have it. What a travesty. In all his years and through many checks has had anything like this come up. He just broke down when he said his daughter wanted to pray for his accuser. I ask why no women have ever come out to any friends. Yes, I understand how it was, in those days, and even now, very difficult for women to come out to parents or other adults, but they will usually tell a friend or two as they have to talk to someone if that traumatized. I am also suspicious about thereapists who convince people things have happened to explain issues. We know there have been a lot of false accusations. Women need to come out but how many times can you call wolf? Good luck to finding anyone to serve in high positions in our governmen, especially if they are appointed by a Republican or Trump. I understand why the Dems want to get back for Garland but to ruin someone to do that is unconscionable. Just you wait ‘entry ‘iggins, just you wait, when the next Dem President appoints anyone to a thing. What goes around comes around. Not that I would not be embarrassed if they did such a thing. I can hardly even speak to my lib friends at this point. What a sad thing. They will do anything, anything, to thrawrt Trump, take any one down. He will never totally live this down. May God forgive those who bear false witness. He is a mess over this. His wife looks like h........

  • Jan Jost

    09/27/2018 03:40 PM

    1.) Sounds like we're going back to the old Salem Witch Trials. All accusers are believed. Remember "The Scarlet Letter?"
    2.) I watched part of "Life, Liberty, and Levin" this past Sunday. He was talking about how the Dems have done this SCOTUS nominee blockage dance for 30 years. I recorded it, as I could only watch about 10 minutes without getting totally disgusted and I knew if I watched more I'd be up all night praying for forgiveness for my thoughts. It occurs to me that many of the FOX News folks missed it, as I haven't heard any commentary about the history of the destruction of conservative candidates through the years, with the exception of Clarence Thomas. I recommend everyone watch it if they haven't.
    3.) "Do not be deceived. God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. (women, too) Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh shall reap destruction..." Galatians 6:7-8 (NIV) A woman with fleshly appetites sows to her flesh and is reaping the destruction of herself and her family as well as Judge Kavanaugh and his family, and by extension, our political processes and all the people who are taking this to heart or touching it an any way. On a larger scale, however, I believe we are seeing the harvest of the seeds my generation--the Baby Boomers--sowed in the 60's. Free love, no commitment, sex everywhere, God gone from the equation, no more personal morality (who even knows the Ten Commandments anymore?)--and we live in such a sex-soaked culture where everything is ok because nobody is teaching about the consequences. Well, folks, I think the consequences are coming out to bite people in the butt and they have no idea why. The WHY is right in front of us.

    Just for the record, in general, I'll trust a man over a woman any day. Women are sneaky and conniving and always have an agenda. Men tend to be more upfront. That's been my experience.

    Rant over for now. Thanks for listening. I love your commentary.

  • Joseph

    09/27/2018 03:27 PM

    What I get tired of is lying women that can be bought. They only ruin other women's credibility that have been raped and worse. Some of the biggest offenders are the Democrats who actually use the very women they claim to represent. Is that just another Democrat lie too? Politicians have completely forgotten every word of the oath they took when sworn into office and the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights , but they do remember the parts they can manipulate for their own agenda.

  • Susan Smurthwaite

    09/27/2018 02:51 PM

    I watched her testify and found some curious things. I assume these parties were in upscale houses. They all have at least one bathroom on the main floor, usually more. Why would anyone go upstairs to use the bathroom? Also, they would have stereo equipment on the first floor so why was the music playing upstairs? Her lies about fear of flying and ignorance about the Senate's offer to come to her also make me wonder.

  • Michael Walters

    09/27/2018 02:26 PM

    Well, Governor, I haven't thought that Judge Kav was guilty from the beginning of this mess. The entire confirmation process from the start had the stench of the Dems usual means of delay and demoralization, although, at a much more intense and deliberate level. As for the sexual accusations, they are the Dems "oh crap" answer when things aren't going the way they want it too. It's an old and boring story, one which I feel doesn't help the Dems in their evil pursuits, but just the opposite, harming all efforts to distort and spin whatever subject matter at hand. This entire performance by the Dems and Dr. Ford appears rehearsed and contrived like an off-Broadway stage drama. The delay before issuing the accusation was to allow for the formulation and rehearsal of this performance. One question for you, why hasn't there been any mention of how much Dr. Ford is being paid or compensated for her efforts, or any of those coming forth for that matter? It's hard to believe that anyone would put themselves through this without some kind of incentive. As history reveals, the Dems will do ANYTHING to accomplish their goals, short of nothing, up too and including murder(Seth Rich, Vince Foster). This entire electorial nightmare has solidified my total distrust of the Dem Party and the Left! I'm quite sure that I'll never believe one iota of anything coming from the left ever again. God Bless you, Governor!

  • Waylon Bush

    09/27/2018 02:24 PM

    Kavanaugh has been offered up as sacrifice by Repubs, just as I suspected. Anyone on the right may as well buckle up, because when the dems really get power, it is gonna be a mess. May I just ask, are the repubs this hopelessly incompetent or simply devoid of any courage? Both? Is there some grand plan, I don't comprehend? Is there not one dem with ANY integrity? Stick a fork in me, I'm done.
    All of this has caused me to take my eyes off Jesus. No More. I am putting my eyes back on the Savior. I'm through with senseless men. Thanks for letting me comment Governor, you are an honorable man, but this is my last comment. I've made my last phone call, sent my last email. May God bless you all.

  • Jane Johnson

    09/27/2018 02:23 PM

    I noticed that the Democrats, i.e., Cory Booker, remember the Constitution when it is convenient for them.