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December 23, 2021


"Pray for my Chronic Sisnusites. Been to ENT Naturalpath, Chiropractor ect. I have been anointed and prayed for still God hasn't healed this. Family doctor said I would have to live with this, it is not fatal. I have had this for years but seems to be getting worst. SO Pray for Robert from Sundridge!"

"My friend Denise needs a kidney transplant. She’s O+ and her husband is. Now we find out that something in her body will reject his kidney. She just got a port put in she’s 57 years old. I pray she has a match for a kidney soon. She’s not doing well. Thank you all for your prayers ????????????"

"Please pray for healing for our sister Karen G. We are praying that her metastatic pancreatic cancer that has spread to lymph nodes and her bile duct will be healed. She also has severe liver disease that we are praying for complete healing of her liver. Thank you for your prayers"

"Annie for good health"

"please pray for my daughter and her husband that they will get their hearts desire, a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby by this time next year."

"Pray for healing from cancer for Mark, Toni and Debbie"

"Pray for healing for Vicki...esophagitis and allergies.. also arthritis. Thank you"

"My left eye was damaged by cancer (optic nerve).My retia was also damaged. The retia got repaired by an excellent eye surgeon but nothing short of a miracle will get it back to normal. I would appreciate prayer in this matter. thank you , thank you, H. Latt, USA., Ret."

"Linda Brown cancer, Porter Swords m, 10 yr old with brain tumor."

"Jerry McIntosh, in hospital on vent with Covid, great Christian man, and Terri Evick in hospital for 60 days with pancreatitis, wonderful Christian lady."

"Denise fell from a ladder. Her knee is in a lot pain" 

"Dennis is 71. He has pulmonary fibrosis which leaves scar tissue on his lungs. It creates labored breathing. "

"Our daughter Camille has been having major anxiety / panic attacks even though a doctor ran very exacting tests on her that showed her as absolutely healthy. Pray that she quits listening to Satan's lies, and that she is truly healthy."

"Please pray for my close friend Cindy she has lymphoma and is having a rough go of it. Stage one. "

"I am a Type 1 Diabetic and I am finding it difficult recently to manage my blood sugar levels mostly I am having problems with low blood sugar readings"

"Heart issues. Looks like aortic valve replacement."

"My sister-in-law started chemotherapy for cancer this week. Please pray for her. "

"I ask prayer for myself, I was saved 26 years ago and I doubted it, the joy is gone and I don’t know where I am with God."

"John Cashion for doors to open to be self sufficient as a entrepreneur "

"Please pray for healing for my young adult daughter who has been bedridden 3 years now. She needs an overhaul of her spine and pelvis nerves! This happened while she was graduating college and she is heartbroken. Jesus is the Great Physician! Heal her Dear Lord! We believe!"

"My dear friend of almost 50 years is in the hospital with 4 broken ribs and CoVid. She is the kindest and most understanding person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Plus, she is a devout Christian and I pray for her healing and eventual return to her home. Thank you!"

"Virginia , myself , am in desperate need for healing of my lungs ! I have experienced miracles in my life and need one now if it be Gods Holy Will! Amen"

"Help me, Jesus, not to be fearful that my cancer has come back. May my mammogram on December 27 be clear. I love you, O Lord, my strength, no matter what."

"Recently, a young, 22 yrs old, police officer, Tyler Moldovan, was shot 8 times responding to a call. He is in serious conditions and needs your, everyone’s, prayers."

"Please pray for my Dad and step-Mom as they battle the effects of aging. One has early stages of dementia and the other is battling post-Covid heart/lung ailments and crippling arthritis. In Jesus' name, thank you."

"Back in may my family cought the Covid (China) virus. Unfortunately, I being a medical very high risk individual who is a juvenile diabetic, dealing with high blood pressure, and kidney disease, had my organs temporarily faltering, was bleeding internally, and was on oxygen till July. With the prayers of so many true friends, and God's grace, I fully recovered! I simply wanted to take this opportunity to Thank my Lord and Savior, for staying by my side and answering all the prayers in my behalf! Thank You Jesus!"


"Richard Mulhare. 57 died after a 3 week coma. He leaves 3 children, the youngest a teenager. He was the epitome of a Christian. Such a great guy to know. "

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  • Paul Kern

    12/23/2021 08:07 PM

    Pray for those who are doing extraordinary in rescuing the Americans and our allies abandoned by the government. Also for those rescuing trapped in the sex trade. Many are boys and girls. Here and worldwide


    12/23/2021 06:59 PM


  • Marilyn Calhoun

    12/23/2021 12:22 PM

    Prayers for close friends Wayne and Teresa. Their farm has has been on the market for a year now. Her health is very poor. He recently had a head on accident which totalled his truck and crushed his knees. He's self employed so not able to work much. They're feeling like they are being tested. They keep praying, I keep praying and I am asking everyone to add them to their prayers. God bless us all.

  • R Suttmiller

    12/23/2021 12:02 PM

    Pray for country. And a special prayer for an unborn child who has health issues. I have concerns that it could be related to the Covid shot the mom took.

  • Carleene J Hubbard

    12/23/2021 11:42 AM

    Thank you for this link to prayer, and for your many Godly postings, Mike! I enjoy your newsletter and most weeks, I watch your TV show.
    ~Carleene Hubbard
    St. Johnd, FL