July 28, 2020


Monday, Senate Republicans unveiled their proposal for a new round of coronavirus relief. It’s called the “HEALS Act” (Health, Economic Assistance, Liability protection, and Schools.) The $1 trillion package would include a second round of $1200 stimulus checks and more Paycheck Protection Program funds to keep businesses afloat. Federal unemployment benefits would be extended, but at an extra $200 per week. Democrats want to continue the extra $600 a week, but critics say that’s paying low-income workers more to stay unemployed than they’d make if they went back to work. There’s also $105 billion for schools to reopen safely, which is more than House Democrats voted, but then, I wonder if they want schools to reopen at all, at least before the election. There are more details at the link.

The bill is being touted as a negotiating starting point with House Democrats, who voted to spend $3 trillion, or three times more than the Senate bill. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell provided us all with some much-needed laughter by saying, “I hope this strong proposal will occasion a real response. Not partisan cheap shots. Not the predictable, tired, old rhetoric as though these were ordinary times and the nation could afford ordinary politics.”

Naturally, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer immediately responded with cheap shots and predictable, tired old partisan rhetoric. He blasted the HEALS Act as “totally inadequate” and accused Republicans of wanting to “take $1600 out of your pocket every month” (actually, they just don’t want to keep placing $1600 of someone else’s money into your pocket every month indefinitely, which isn’t the same thing.) He declared that America has been standing on the precipices of several cliffs for months, and the Republicans have done nothing.

If I were him, I wouldn’t use the metaphor of standing on the precipice of a cliff and insisting the Republicans do something. They might stop listening and just start fantasizing about what they’d like to do in that situation.


By the time you read this, Attorney General William Barr will have appeared voluntarily before the House Judiciary Committee, to offer real statistics on crime, race and police killings and to set the record straight on the “Russian collusion” hoax. He’s already released the transcript of his opening statement, which you can read here:

And here’s more background on what this is all about:

Rep. Jerrold Nadler is the chair of that committee, and he and his Democratic colleagues have been slinging a lot of slander and innuendo at Barr, engaging in the time-dishonored leftist tradition of accusing the right of doing precisely what they’ve been doing all along: the Attorney General acting as the President’s “wing man” and politicizing the Justice Department to target the President’s political opponents (which could have been the motto of the Obama Administration.)

Nadler should have borne in mind the old saying, “Be careful what you ask for; you might get it.” Barr will now have a chance to confront his accusers face-to-face on national TV and offer a fact-based rebuttal to their claims, and as we saw during the impeachment hearings, that doesn’t work out well for them. Barr is expected to outline the real treasonous activity from the other side that created the ginned-up “Russian collusion” coup attempt that they’ve been flogging without evidence for three years, and perhaps outline some of the federal crimes committed in the process, and, let us hope, the federal charges that should be forthcoming.

Barr also plans to acknowledge that there is a long history of racism in law enforcement but that there has been great progress in recent years. He will note that police forces are more diverse than ever, police shootings are down, more unarmed white than black suspects are shot by officers, and those were mostly while the suspects were attacking the officers. He also will argue that the greatest threat to black lives is not police but crime: every year, 7500 blacks are murdered, 90% of them by other blacks, mostly by gunfire, and every one of those lives mattered. Removing police will only create a snowball effect, increasing gang violence, bringing in drugs, snuffing out job opportunities and making those neighborhoods unsafe for children.

This is called a “hearing,” but as with most House hearings these days, I imagine there will be a lot more talking than there is listening. Barr surely has little hope that those who’ve been attacking him care to hear what he has to say; they’ll just be chomping at the bit to get their air time and launch into another partisan diatribe. Let’s just hope that despite what I’m sure will be a thick media filter and selective editing to misrepresent his words that enough Americans will watch the whole thing live for the truth to leak out.

NOTE:  This hearing has already occurred.  More from me to follow on what was said!


I already told you about how bars in New York cleverly got around the re-shutdown over COVID-19. Gov. Andrew Cuomo required bars to serve alcohol only if it came with the purchase of a food item, the idea being that people wouldn’t crowd into bars and socialize if they had to buy food. So bars started offering $1 “menu items” like chips, wings, a single slice of cheese or fries (dubbed, hilariously, “Cuomo fries.”)

Of course, if there’s one thing liberal micro-managers hate, it’s people figuring out ways around their arbitrary regulations. In a press release that reads like something out of a “M*A*S*H: rerun, the State Liquor Authority declared that bars must offer sandwiches, soup, or “other foods,” defined as “foods which are similar in quality and substance to sandwiches and soups; for example, salads, wings, or hotdogs would be of that quality and substance; however, a bag of chips[,] bowl of nuts, or candy alone are not.” As Cuomo himself railed at a news conference, “More than just hors d’oeuvres, chicken wings. You had to have some substantive food — the lowest level of substantive food were sandwiches.”

Okay, let’s step back for a moment and take in the big picture. Gov. Cuomo is dealing with a contagious and potentially deadly disease. His state and his own actions, such as putting patients in nursing homes and threatening to sue any states that barred New Yorkers from coming in and spreading it elsewhere, have been largely responsible for the lion’s share of US fatalities. He did nothing to stop all the protesters crowding into the streets, events that were followed within two weeks with a surge of cases.

But now, he’s devoting his time and energy to dictating bar menus and arguing that somehow the pandemic will be stopped in its tracks if bars are forced to offer sandwiches or some foods he deems more “substantive” than a bowl of nuts. I will helpfully add that a sandwich is a sandwich, but a Manwich is a meal. Also, the entire leadership of New York City and State are a bowl of nuts.


Yesterday, doctors from across America held a summit on COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus on the steps of the Supreme Court, and what they had to say upended a lot of media and political narratives. For instance, that it’s time to reopen society and get kids back into school.

Here’s the entire summit, which I warn you is three hours, but at least it’s not misleadingly edited…

And here’s the transcript

Videos of the doctors’ comments were removed from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube because they allegedly made “false” and “misleading” claims about the treatment for COVID-19, such as arguing that in their own experience, Hydroxychloroquine is effective when given very early on with zinc and the antibiotic zithromax. Texas Minister and Doctor Stella Immanuel said she has treated 350 patients and counting with it, and none died. She called the studies showing it’s ineffective and has deadly side effects “fake science” in which the drug was given to late-stage patients and in far greater doses.

President Trump retweeted a video of Dr. Immanuel, which was like kicking a beehive for the media. They went into overdrive attacking him, the drug and the doctors, and writing stories emphasizing the “spreading false claims” phrase – none of which explained why the tech geeks who police social media would know more about this subject than doctors who’ve actually treated thousands of patients. Dr. Immanuel says she’s received threats, including from other Houston physicians against her job and medical board positions. A friend even set up a GoFundMe page to help with her legal fees:

I’ve said from the beginning that I’m not a doctor and I take no position on whether Hydroxychloroquine works. I’ve heard that clinical trials say no, but there are also many doctors who’ve used it and claim it’s effective, and that the trials were flawed. The problem is that politics (“Trump endorsed it so we must destroy it to prove that ORANGE MAN BAAAD!!”) has completely poisoned the well.

I’ll just leave you with this: USA Today ran an article claiming that a Michigan study that found it was effective was flawed and shouldn’t be believed (the article conveniently failed to mention that the study that got it barred by the FDA was retracted and the Lancet apologized for running it.) But here is their story attacking that study.

And here’s a Yale epidemiology professor who believes it could save up to 100,000 lives, but unfortunately, there’s a “propaganda war” over it, based on politics, not medical facts.

Finally, nobody is going to force you to try the hydroxychloroquine combo if you believe the media. I’ll even offer you an alternative. The biotech giant Moderna is beginning a trial of a potential COVID-19 vaccine. They’re looking for 30,000 volunteers. Have at it.


And today’s excuse for Joe Biden not debating President Trump is…(spin “Big Wheel of Excuses” and it comes to rest on…) “The coronavirus!”


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  • Jim Wilmoth

    08/03/2020 07:50 AM

    Liked the "kicking a beehive" to the press comment. For those in the South we might have more contact with "kicking a fire ant hill". The press merely follows one another around in concentric circles biting anyone and anything in there way. Then vanish back down in a hole in ground

  • Robert and Denise Annika Wright

    08/01/2020 01:08 AM

    In regards to the brave doctors that are standing up in the face of the far left rhetoric against PLAQUENIL (hydroxychloroquine, my husband and I wanted to help Dr. Immanuel with her legal fees.
    We went to the website: and it "has been taken down" according to google....UGH
    Thank you Mike Huckabee for faithfully and always giving us the real news behind all the fake stuff.
    God bless you and your hard working staff.

  • A Schmidt

    07/31/2020 06:23 PM

    Speaking of stimulus cheques, we never did receive our first one. When I finally got through to the IRS Stimulus Program people and expressed my frustration, after looking at our file it was determined that we never received the cheques because when we received our green cards we had never updated our Social Insurance Cards from reading "Not Valid for Work". We have only been paying large sums of income taxes to their coffers for the past 24 years, so I wonder where they thought those funds were coming from? Presently we are living off of savings and we are living at a poverty level since we don't yet qualify for Social Security, but my elderly friend and her DEAD husband were among the first to receive their cheques during the first week of April. Can anyone say injustice for all? Apparently we should be able to request the stimulus money when we file our 2020 income taxes, as there is no mechanism in place to correct the error before that. Apparently we can starve until then. Thank you very much! bahahaha

  • Lynn Barr

    07/30/2020 04:20 PM

    I’m so SICK of all the BS add-ons that UGLY dumb bitch Pelosi inserts in the COVID-19 bill. My grandchild lost her internship for 8 weeks this summer and CANNOT apply for PUA because she doesn't have a drivers license. OUTRAGEOUS. I tried to call Schumer’s office - no answer bc of COVID. Wrote letter - NO RESPONSE but now Pelosi wants to give checks to illegal spouses of people that lost jobs. I want PUA for my grandchild. Any ideas. She has a passport, school ID, Global Entry - why won’t these count. AND ALL OTHER EXTREMELY WEALTHY PEOPLE GETTING PUA. I HATE OUR GOVERNMENT and I cannot imagine how fucked up it will be if the Dems get elected.

  • Catherine Marie Boutz

    07/30/2020 12:35 PM

    I trust using HCQ to treat COVID much more than I trust any vaccine developed by Bill Gates!

  • Michael

    07/30/2020 11:32 AM

    I think many Patriots and conservative Republicans are greatly concerned about the Drmocrat-Socialist anti-American political party CHEATING in the election this November. They tried it in 2016 with no consequences or laws enforced against them that I am aware of. Don't think for one minute that the evil dispicable Democrat party hasn't been scheming and plotting ever since 2016 how to make sure this time they pull it off to win the presidency, House and Senate. Look at just the effort to push for mail in ballots so they can commit the fraudulent scheme and cheating of elections all throughout the country! Governor, what's the answer. I know the first response is for Americans to go vote because our country depends on it, so our way of life and our freedoms won't be destroyed by the Democrats. But is their anyone actively investigating the possibilities of the cheating, fake ballots or destroyed ballots and any other way the Dems are planning to cheat to win? I hope and pray so. There was a time we as true Americans sat back and watched the corruption and cheating in foreign elections and now we are seeing in our country. This will be no time for true America loving citizens and Patriots to sit back and not go in person to vote Republican. This election cannot be about Trump's personality flaws, this has to be about saving the America from Democrats, Antifa, BLM and all other America hating groups that the Democrats seem to support. VOTE REPUBLICAN in November 2020!

  • Sheldon Larsen

    07/30/2020 06:23 AM

    Is spreading the virus bad? It burned out in Sweden.
    Has anyone noticed that the most infected areas are airline hubs? And they just keep offering lower fares.
    Just thoughts.
    Keep going!

  • Daryl Sapergia

    07/29/2020 06:25 PM

    Thank you Mike Huckabee.
    You and your podcast are a wonderful addition to my day.
    Respect to you

  • Vickie Fiorentino Baggett

    07/29/2020 02:00 PM

    We have stated all along that $600.00 a WEEK...that's $15.00 per hour for doing absolutely NOTHING! Get back to the what the original amounts would be on NORMAL unemployment....Then, they could find work at a grocery store, Walmart or drug store, Dominoe's, etc...for up to 10+ an hour...MAKE THEM WORK INSTEAD OF BEING LAZY!
    And then...When this happens again...CONGRESS SHOULD NOT GET PAID EITHER!

  • Gail Denham

    07/29/2020 12:56 PM

    What the congress did yesterday to AG Barr was so childish, so evil-intended, so blatantly obstructionist It's hard to see why people aren't actually laughing at them for their idiocy. I pray that AG BArr will have the courage to kep on keeping on - and pray also for President Trump and VP Pence that they have fortitude under the deluge of hatred. God help this nation.

  • Michelle LeTexier

    07/29/2020 12:41 PM

    There is no money for any of this , open up the country.

  • Glen Martin

    07/29/2020 11:11 AM

    Corona (Chinese) virus = 1984 (the book) and Atlas shrugged (the book) all rolled into one big FARCE even worse than the "impeachment" was. Dr Doom and all the wannabe dictator Mayors and Governor's can put their mask where the sun don't shine!

  • Cyndi Anderson

    07/29/2020 09:46 AM

    I found myself so angry watching the hearing yesterday. They wouldn't let AG Barr respond. I believe the whole purpose of that debacle came out when Barr was asked if he would agree to NOT release the Durham report until after the election. Looks to me like Democrats are once again running scared.

  • Rita Payne

    07/29/2020 09:08 AM

    I am so angry. The demorats get away with every evil thing they do. Where is the law for them. Bill Barr is a great American Man. How he can listen to these demons and not just get up and leave when they disrespect and insult him and do not even let him answer their "questions". Our country is in danger of losing our constitution and way of life. We must all pray and then vote as if our lives depend on this election. I think we are over as a republic if we don't vote every demorat out. I have never seen so much evil and hatred in this country. We are still the best the world has to offer. One world government will be a disaster. Thanks for all you do to help keep us informed. We love your show and you and your family too. May our God protect you and our President as you fight for us.

  • Melinda Long

    07/29/2020 09:01 AM

    this was MY thought exactly when I heard this: how do GEEKS know more??
    They went into overdrive attacking him, the drug and the doctors, and writing stories emphasizing the “spreading false claims” phrase – none of which explained why the tech geeks who police social media would know more about this subject than doctors who’ve actually treated thousands of patients.

  • Dr. Michon Hawkins

    07/29/2020 09:00 AM

    Regarding the stimulus bill, there are rumblings from reliable sources that it will include an obvious gun control measure in with something Pres. Trump cannot refuse to sign. Please research & let us know if that is true?

  • Joyce Birch

    07/29/2020 08:52 AM

    Excellent newsletter! I watched some of the Barr hearing & had to turn it off. I can't really put into words what I think of how the democrats treated the US Attorney Barr. It was so disrespectful & disgraceful! Even as far as to deny him a 5 minute (possibly bathroom break). Would they do that to their children? It's shameful & disgusting. You could see how FAR LEFT the democrats are. Even denying the destructive protesting going on. If there were peaceful protesting & they new the antifa & other destructive groups arrive at a certain, time, then they should leave. Yes, innocent people do get hurt in the crossfires with crowds this size.
    And, of course idiot Nadler, it's a "MYTH"! What planet are these democrats on. And, what's left to say about Pelosi. I'll have to get the dictionary out for new adjectives to describe this insane woman.

  • Linda Baese

    07/29/2020 08:43 AM

    I honestly don’t know if our country can take much more.

  • Becky Aheren

    07/29/2020 08:13 AM

    It amazes me the thinking on the left, you can't go to a beach because you will get the virus, but you can group together with hundreds of people in a protest and the virus will not get you. You can eat food, no virus, but if you have a beer without food all of a sudden you are suseptable to get it.

  • Mona Kramer

    07/29/2020 08:03 AM

    Don't send a stimulus package. It only encourages our elected officials not to open up the country.
    Read Dr. Ricahrd Bartlett's Covid Information.

  • Donna Bussure

    07/29/2020 07:37 AM

    Thank you Mike for always giving us the truth. I look forward to reading your newsletter every day to understand what is REALLY happening. I did see the video about the doctor from Houston giving us the truth about hydroxychloroquine. I so appreciate the bravery showed by these physicians and I applaud them. I wanted to donate to the gofundme page you referenced above, but it is gone!? Any idea what happened to it?

  • Jerry

    07/29/2020 07:15 AM

    People hosting what is called news outlets need to stop calling American Agendas anti trump but they are anti American think if you as an American citizen We’re sitting in bill Barr’s chair and being torched by the leftist judiciary committee that’s anti American

  • Jerry korba

    07/29/2020 06:57 AM

    The bill Barr hanging under the disguised hearing by leftist henchmen is beyond a descriptive response. The leftist party has crumpled what is left is hate dishonesty corruption deception destroyed American values that make America great all the democratic has left is an anti American agenda. The United States under the leftist government will look more like the China communist party after viewing the Barr hearing the Kavanaugh gearing and look at leftist run cities that will be your America

  • David Baker

    07/29/2020 12:29 AM

    People get ready, Jesus is coming soon.
    Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King. Hallelujah Hallelujah...
    Words of two songs that will make you think about the future.

  • Henry Pan

    07/28/2020 11:58 PM

    Is the Big Pharmas behind the bad mouthing of Hydroxychloroquine because it is a generic drug and would result is less profit and money for them ?