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August 31, 2023

The Biden Administration keeps claiming that the border is closed, even though it has literally welded the gates open to let illegal migrants pour in and is selling the border wall materials as scrap metal.

Biden’s Department of “Homeland Security” under Alejandro Mayorkas issued NTA’s (Notices to Appear in court) to more than 820,000 border crossers just between January 1st and July 31st of this year alone. As RFK Jr. pointed out in our interview, those court dates are now seven years in the future, even if they bother to show up (which most won't.)

And on the eve of September 11th, the FBI is scrambling to find more than a dozen Uzbek nationals who entered seeking asylum earlier this year, after the feds discovered that they traveled to our border with the help of a smuggler tied to ISIS. At least there’s no evidence yet that they are terrorists themselves, but that’s the type of thing we used to find out BEFORE we let them into the US.

When border state Governors began busing some of the flood of illegal entrants to northern blue cities and states who actually voted for this insanity, the leaders there and their media bootlicks dismissed the action as “petty” and “childish.” As the full buses kept coming, they whined that it was “cruel” and “inhumane.” And now that they’ve gotten a taste of the results of the policies they thought they'd only be inflicting on border states, and with their parks and hotels overrun with unvetted illegal immigrants and their social services facing bankruptcy, they’re learning that the term they were looking for all along was “effective.”

The New York Post reports that New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hocul are demanding emergency aid from Biden to deal with the illegal border invasion that he created. What they got in return was a “stunningly arrogant” letter from DHS Secretary Majorkas, giving them advice on how to deal with it and bragging about what the Administration has already done for them, like “allowing” access to a JFK Airport hangar to house 800 migrants.

Antonio Majorkas giving advice to anyone on how to do their job is like Dylan Muvaney giving tips on how to sell beer.

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