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March 1, 2022

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Pray for my brother, Paul (64y) He is in a medical mental facility that he will have peace, comfort and some type of quality of life. Thank you. God Bless you

Job 5:9 NIV

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Actual History vs Made-Up History

As President Biden prepares to spend Tuesday night telling us in his State of the Union Address how he’s healed divisions, brought us together and restored honor and decency to the Presidency, don’t forget that he spent Monday telling an audience at a Black History Month event that Republicans want to ban their votes from even counting. Well, at least he didn’t tell them we want to put them back in chains…this time.

For people who didn’t get taught actual American history, the Republican Party was founded to end slavery, which Democrats fought a Civil War against a Republican President to preserve. And no, the Parties did not magically “switch positions” in the 20th century. Jim Crow laws, George Wallace and Bull Connor (terms Jim has also hurled at Republicans recently) were all 20th century Democrat systems or politicians.

For what it’s worth, Vice President Kamala Harris also didn’t have the best day at that same event.

Biden: Not as Tough as he will pretend, he is tonight

One thing we will surely hear in Biden’s State of the Union Address will be an attempt to take credit for taking the lead in imposing sanctions on Russia and sending weapons to Ukraine. Indeed, a CBS News poll found wide support for those things among Americans.

But as Alex Parker at points out, the same poll also gave Biden only 41% approval of his handling of Russia and Ukraine, maybe because they’re smart enough to know that Republicans were pressing Biden to do those things a month ago, BEFORE Putin invaded.

Say, do you know a way that Biden could have crippled Putin’s ability to wage war on his neighbors while also ensuring a steady supply of affordable energy for ourselves and for Europe that didn’t come from Russia? By NOT setting about destroying America’s fossil fuel industry on his first day in office. And do you know how we could still do those things now? By Biden ENDING his war on America’s fossil fuel industry and letting it reopen fully.

Crazy, I know, but it just might work. However, we may never know because Biden still refuses to do it.

The CDC loosens its mask guidance

With the CDC suddenly loosening its mask guidance and instituting more accurate methods of counting COVID cases and deaths, scientists who were vilified for saying the same things two years ago are taking a victory lap. Although to quote a famous DC fake scandal victim, where do they go to get their reputations back?

The CDC is being blasted for making these changes not because the “science has changed,” as they claim, but because the politics have changed and polls show Americans are fed up with the draconian COVID measures and mandates.

Here’s another way that the science hasn’t changed but has become clearer – and it’s made it clearer that all the pitched battles over vaccine mandates for kids were unnecessary. Not only are young children at virtually no risk of severe COVID, but a New York State Department of Health study found that with the rise of the Omicron variant, the effectiveness of Pfizer’s vaccine in kids age 5 to 11 dropped to a measly 12%.

Untold Damage in Canada

Just a reminder that while Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical response to the truckers’ protest may have receded from the news, the untold damage that he caused will roll on for years.

Thanks to him, truckers who did nothing but peacefully demonstrate to get their freedom back have been arrested, are facing ridiculous jail sentences, have had their trucks confiscated, their licenses revoked, their businesses destroyed, and will likely suffer divorces, families torn asunder and even suicides. And that doesn’t even get into the damage caused to Canada’s supply chain and its international reputation.

This is all a direct result of Trudeau’s autocratic intransigence. That must not be forgotten. His victims shouldn’t be prosecuted, they should be released and made whole again. And he and anyone who supported his outrageous power grab should be banished from office for life.

“If It Weren’t for Double Standards” Dept

Stacey Abrams told Axios that “I will always acknowledge the legal outcome of an election,” but she doesn't want the American people to be in a place "where we cannot legitimately question" and criticize election systems in an effort to make them better.

As for her refusal to acknowledge her clear loss to Gov. Brian Kemp in 2018 and concede, that’s legitimate because she said, “the legal outcome” and he only won by illegally suppressing the people’s right to vote – something she has provided no evidence to support.

There’s a lot more blah blah at the link, but to condense all that verbiage down to its essence: “When we win, it’s insurrection to question the election. When we lose, it’s legitimate to question the election.”

Another reason to be fed up with tech companies

If you’re fed up with tech companies shutting down and demonetizing people for “terms of service” violations that amount to disagreeing with utopian leftist views, then here’s one that will really annoy you: The financial support service Patreon shut down a $250,000 fundraiser by a nonprofit group to supply body armor for Ukrainians because they don’t allow anyone to raise money to fund “military activity.”

Apparently, not getting shot to death by the Russian Army is now unapproved military activity. FYI: the group they suspended is called “Come Back Alive.” Does coming back alive violate their terms of service, too?


Putin’s invasion of Ukraine so dominated the news that the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) didn’t get much coverage. But it wasn’t that nothing newsworthy came of it. For instance, a straw poll of conservatives found that 97% approve of Trump, 99% disapprove of Biden (with 98% “strongly” disapproving), and 61% think Biden’s incompetence is the biggest threat to America’s safety and security. Well, okay, the only real news there is that the last one was only 61% and not 100%.

In fact, that sentiment seems to extend beyond CPAC, since a new Harvard/Harris poll found that 62% of voters believe Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if Trump were still President. For one thing, he wouldn’t have had all that oil money to pay for it.

If a primary were held today, 59% of CPAC attendees would vote for Trump, but if he weren’t running, 61% would choose Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Which is one of the reasons why the media are hilariously trying to blame DeSantis for Russia attacking Ukraine. That would only be plausible if it happened at Epcot Center. (Warning: rough language.)

And a lot of false claims are being made about Trump’s CPAC speech or recent comments he made. For the record, here's a video and a transcript of his entire speech.

No, he didn’t say he was running again in 2024. As for all the media hyperventilating over his alleged “praising of Putin” at another event, he said Putin was “pretty smart” to invade Ukraine when Biden was President and he could take over a whole country for $2 worth of sanctions. But it seems clear that he wasn’t praising Putin so much as slamming Biden for weakness and underestimating his opponent. Also, he was speaking before the high cost of the invasion became apparent.

This is the complete quote with some of that precious “context” that “fact checkers” are always claiming conservatives leave out:

Trump has since given genuine praise to Ukrainian President Zelinskyy, saying, “He's a brave man, he's hanging in." When pressed to renounce his “praise” of Putin as smart, he replied, "The problem is not that Putin is smart, which, of course, he's smart. The problem is that our leaders are dumb...and so far, allowed him to get away with this travesty and assault on humanity."

I guess I don’t have terminal TDS, but it doesn’t strike me as a compliment to say that someone was “smart” enough to know the best time to launch an “assault on humanity.” If Putin ultimately doesn’t get away with it, it won’t be because he isn’t smarter than some people, but because he stupidly underestimated the Ukrainians. Stephen Green at PJ Media expands on that…

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