Another woman comes forward against Roy Moore

November 14, 2017

The situation for Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore got even worse Monday, when another woman came forward to make a serious accusation that he sexually assaulted her in a car decades ago when she was 16. Moore’s attorney denounced the claim as a witch hunt brought forward by notorious feminist activist lawyer Gloria Allred, and Moore is threatening a defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post over the original report.

It’s hard for the public to know what to make of this sudden volley of charges that seem totally out of character. If true, then they are definitely disqualifying and Moore should bow out of the race immediately. But the timing is so convenient for Democratic hopes of retaking the Senate that some supporters who would normally be inclined to believe the accusers are hesitant. Many have known Moore as a staunch defender of conservative Christian values for decades and just don’t buy the charges. Some are suspicious because they’ve seen similar charges leveled at other Republicans, such as Herman Cain, just as they were rising in the polls. One new poll found that the charges have made 37% of Alabama Evangelicals more likely to vote for Moore because they think it’s an unfair smear campaign, with 28% less likely to vote for him, and 34% saying it makes no difference.

Meanwhile, a number of prominent Republicans have called on Moore to drop out, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who says he believes the women. But Moore has called on McConnell to step aside, and McConnell spent a lot of GOP money trying to defeat Moore in the primary, so neither is inclined to take advice from the other.

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One thing that’s fairly certain is that voters will likely not know who is telling the truth by the time the vote comes next month. They should be thinking of who will best represent their state’s interests in Washington. Instead, they’re now being asked, with no hard evidence, to base their vote on whether Roy Moore was, at one time at least, a cradle-robbing sexual predator or if he’s the innocent victim of a dirty political hit job. The latest serious charge has upped the ante, and Moore’s Sean Hannity interview didn’t help his case, even with some who were initially willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Republicans who are considering launching a write-in campaign for incumbent Luther Strange, who was endorsed by Trump and defeated by Moore in the primary, have to consider that if Moore doesn’t drop out, that will split the GOP vote and hand a solidly red state Senate seat to the Democrats. Even if Roy Moore’s denials are true, it's time for him to think hard about which is more important to him: defending himself and risking a loss or insuring that Alabama’s Senate seat doesn’t become one more weapon in the arsenal used by Chuck Schumer to advance a liberal agenda that represents everything he has long fought against.



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Comments 1-5 of 14

  • Crystal Fenton

    11/15/2017 03:10 PM

    I thought when you run for Judgeship they thoroughly vett you, and if so, why didn't they catch all this then? And the timing seriously makes one wonder...

  • Irene Phillips

    11/14/2017 03:41 PM

    If he drops out it will be interpreted as a guilty admission no matter what his political reasoning is. I say don’t drop out if he is innocent!

  • Mary Schryer

    11/14/2017 02:37 PM

    We will vote for Moore because of the smear campaign. Never Luther Strange, because he is a bigger crook than Bentley was.

  • Eric

    11/14/2017 02:32 PM

    How about some legislation which would criminalize false accusations, perhaps like this one, for the accuser and if political operatives are shown to be involved, some hefty fines and jail sentences.

  • James Putney

    11/14/2017 02:20 PM

    Some rely on the principle that a man is innocent until proven guilty. But that won't help here - there won't be a trial. So the voters must decide based on what they know.

    Those voters are "now being asked, with no hard evidence, to base their vote on whether Roy Moore was, at one time at least, a cradle-robbing sexual predator or if he’s the innocent victim of a dirty political hit job." No hard evidence? Did you see his signature in the yearbook?

    Did you see the latest alleged victim? Did you watch and listen? She obviously bears a very real pain to this day. This woman voted for Tump, as did her husband. That's hard evidence.

    But we won't believe here because:
    1. She's sitting next to a "notorious feminist." Reverend Huckabee - would YOU have stood by her side when she came out with her humiliation and paid? Of course not. Would Ted Cruz? Senator Shelby? No - just a lowly Samaritan. Gloria Allred.
    2. Her timing (Trump supporter, Trump supporter) is suspicious. (As to Herman Cain, you notice he dropped out rather than challenge his accusers. Maybe their timing was suspicious. Maybe they came forward because he was in the running for president. Even if their timing was suspicious, the question is his guilt, and it looked pretty obvious by the time he clinked away.)
    3. It took her forty years to come forward, so why believe her? Have YOU ever been raped by the most powerful law officer in the county? Did YOU grow up in a rural community where shame, gossip, and male power are ever-present?
    4. Moore is a staunch defender of Christian values. It's one thing to espouse values, especially if you're a politician. But does that mean that he can't, at the same time, be a predator? ALL predators have great cover stories.
    5. Moore is a family man. He has children and grandchildren. So did Denny Hastert. So have thousands of predators. Does that mean he can't have a secret life that would destroy his family when revealed?

    Five women have come forward. From the proper depths of rural Alabama. THAT is courage - but you won't hear that from Reverend Huckabee. Also - banned from a mall and the YMCA for stalking teenage girls - dating underage girls as an adult, but with Mommy's permission.

    Conclusion: Roy Moore is a very smart, very ambitious man who has used the Ten Commandments and powerful office as cover for his life-long serial sexual predation of young girls.

    But hey, give the guy a break.

    Shame on you, Reverend Huckabee.

    Man up.