August 12, 2020


August 12, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


In the Washington Examiner, Hannah Cox writes that she would love to celebrate a woman of color being picked for a veep running mate, but...

“Kamala Harris’s career ascension was built with the bricks of injustice, misfortune, and the corruption of the prison industrial complex...In between advocating for harsher penalties (including some truly bonkers repercussions for truancy), privacy violations like familial DNA searches, and civil asset forfeiture, Harris even found time to block new DNA evidence from being tested for a potentially innocent death-row inmate, Kevin Cooper. It should not go without comment that California’s justice system is one of the biggest hot messes in the country, highlighting the fact that Harris’s policies were both punitive and unsuccessful at producing better public safety outcomes. They also greatly harmed communities of color.”

On the other hand, one of the liberal news sites hailed Harris as the “most progressive” Attorney General California ever had.

If you’re wondering how someone can be that “progressive” and yet turn her state into a “hot mess” of injustice with policies that punished innocent people, violated civil rights, reduced safety and “greatly harmed communities of color,” then you haven’t been paying much attention to what “progressivism” really means these days.

THE UNCLE SCROOGE OF NEWS is to news websites what Disney’s “Uncle Scrooge” comic books are to financial news, so I normally ignore it completely. But this week, they posted a lengthy article by William Saletan on how Trump made every wrong decision about the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus and is personally responsible for it spreading (contagious viruses never spread until Trump was elected) and every American death from it (deadly viruses never killed anyone until Trump, etc.) In other words, the usual Slate horse flop.

But this one is getting shared and “liked” a lot in the Twittersphere, so the BookwormRoom blog decided to go through it with a lice comb and give it a thorough refutation, complete with many links to back up the facts. It’s well worth a read, even if you haven’t read the Saletan original (which I wouldn’t recommend.) You might find yourself having to answer some of the same false assertions that are in it, from friends, co-workers or social media contacts who think they’re well-informed because they read Slate, so you might as well be ready.

Also, it’s fun to read. Here’s the second paragraph:

“So is Saletan right? Or is he an intellectually dishonest piece of human garbage whose work is just par for the course in the progressive sewer of ‘fake news?’”

Read the rest and it will become obvious which of those two possibilities the author eventually chooses.


Just as there are no riots or looting or violent Marxists terrorizing our cities (that’s all just Republicans stirring up racial fears) and no radicals assaulting federal courthouses (that’s the fault of the federal officers protecting the courthouses), there are also no media outlets that are out to tear down President Trump. And you can believe that because it came straight from…CNN’s Brian Stelter?

Okay, never mind…


Over the years, I’ve often imagined that somewhere in Washington, maybe hidden under the Capitol dome, there’s a big switch, like the one in the lab in Frankenstein movies. Whenever the Party in power in the White House changes over, someone throws that switch, and immediately, all the standards change to the exact opposite of whatever they’ve been for the previous four to eight years.

Just a few of many examples: Under Democrats, the homeless problem disappears from the news. (Switch!) This uncompassionate Republican President is entirely to blame for the homeless population, even though they were there before he ever got the job…Bush was a “war criminal” for ordering bombing in the Middle East. (Switch!) Obama could order drone strikes that would kill dozens of innocent people and nobody cared…Obama built illegal immigrant detention centers on the border. Democrats yawned. (Switch!) Trump puts children in CAGES!...Obama weaponized government agencies against his political opposition and hey, they had it coming. (Switch!) Trump made a phone call and mentioned the guy who might be running against him in two years. IMPEACH HIM!!

The greatest example may be Hillary Clinton sucking up to Vladimir Putin, then (Switch!) becoming the biggest Russia hawk since Joe McCarthy after losing the election. Democrats who’d spent decades as Russia apologists suddenly started snarkily calling Trump voters “Ivan” and blaming Hillary’s loss on Russian skulduggery instead of her horrible record, awful personality and open contempt for the American people. What made this the ultimate metaphor for the changing double standard is that before the switch, Hillary once brandished a red “Reset” button prop to kowtow to Russia – an actual, physical “switch!”

I bring all this up because we have a new example of “The Switch” that rivals even Hillary’s “switch” from Putin sycophant to 1950’s style Russkie baiter. Throughout the Obama Administration, on my radio and TV shows, I chronicled Obama’s habit of legislating via executive order. Few in the Democratic Party or the media seemed to care, and even Republicans declined to challenge him, beyond public complaining. As one of Obama’s aides put it, “Stroke of the pen, law of the land. Pretty cool.”

Except it wasn’t cool: it was plainly unconstitutional. Duties like making immigration law or ratifying treaties are specifically reserved for the people's elected representatives in Congress. Then Trump was elected, and (Switch!) suddenly, the President had no power to issue executive orders. Every EO was challenged in court. He dosen’t even have the power to rescind an Obama executive order (DACA) that Obama repeatedly admitted he had no power to create before he did it anyway.

And then came this weekend’s executive orders to extend coronavirus relief when Congress deadlocked (remember, Obama justified his DACA order by claiming that if Congress wouldn’t act, he had to.) And what was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s reaction? She was fine with Obama's end-runs around Congress, but now, she’s threatening a legal challenge because Trump's orders are “Absurdly unconstitutional!” (FYI: Trump had the DOJ vet his orders and determine that they are constitutional under the President’s power to allocate relief funds in the case of natural disasters.)

So (Switch!) now, the Constitution that was ignored for eight years suddenly must be followed to the letter, according to Nancy Pelosi. How long do you think it will take for the switch to be flipped back the other way if Joe Biden is (shudder!) elected President? Considering that he’s vowed to reverse Trump’s protections of First Amendment religious liberties in his first week in office, I think we all know the answer to that.



If you have to wear a face mask, then check out this study of which type is most effective at stopping exhaled droplets that might carry the coronavirus. You might also want to know which kind of mask actually breaks those droplets up into smaller droplets that linger in the air even longer, making it more likely to spread.


Here’s a handy list of four things to know about Sen. Kamala Harris, the VP running mate picked by Joe Biden, or whoever picks Joe Biden’s running mates for him these days.

And just to be helpful, here is my pick for the best serious social media comment on Harris.

David Daleiden, who was charged with felonies in California for exposing Planned Parenthood’s body parts business, tweeted, “Kamala Harris is the greatest threat to civil rights our country has ever seen. I know because she had my home raided for speaking the truth about her political patrons at Planned Parenthood.”

…And the second best

…My pick for the most surprising criticism of Harris: some African-American activists are furious that she’s being called “African-American” when she’s actually of Indian and Jamaican heritage:

…And for the funniest, this uncredited Facebook post that claims Stacey Abrams has declared herself Biden’s real running mate and wants to know the procedure for demanding a VP nomination recount.



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Comments 1-15 of 15

  • Terry L. Passmore

    08/15/2020 06:35 AM

    My wife came up with an idea that if Biden and Harris were elected could they be found incompetent and Nancy Pelosi take control? God forbid that President Trump will lose this election!

  • David Nielsen

    08/13/2020 07:15 AM

    Harris is an immoral woman who got her political positions by having an affair with Willie Brown. She is a deceiver and tool of the evil one.

  • Dave Kelly

    08/12/2020 07:17 PM

    I am thrilled at the amazing move President Trump made a few days ago to produce a tax holiday, help the unemployed and student loan situation. One question I would like information on, is there any help for us senior citizens in all this? I have not seen any coming to us in this, but may be just lacking in information. Many of us have worked hard to get out of debt and carry our own weight, with very little coming in monthly from Social Security payments. The stimulus payments ($1,200) we received a while back did help, and would be a great help again.

  • Joseph Orsini PhD

    08/12/2020 06:07 PM

    WE HAVE BEEN CONNED by Biden's supposed "frailty" and mental capacity. This just "lowered the bar" so that he would actually look very good - by comparison.

  • Firewagon

    08/12/2020 05:10 PM

    "Planned Parenthood" - That has to be the most grotesque oxymoron of all time! The people 'naming' that abortion mill factually left out several modifiers. The actual name is 'Planned FREEDOM From Parenthood!'

    A scary thought on America's way to over 62 MILLION abortions claiming the lives of "God's Unborn" 'gifts.' Is there any even slight indication that 'God's Hand of protection,' which has enabled this nation to survive and thrive, is being 'lifted' due to our ambivalence to adhering to His dictates? I mean, how can the giver of life NOT take offense at the blatant disregard so many have shown by discarding those lives? I FEAR for America God's righteous ANGER, anger that perhaps is evident in just those thousands of yearly killings of kids killing other kids!

  • Robbie Mize

    08/12/2020 04:11 PM

    Do you think that Biden will actually become the nominee? And what do you think they are "cooking up"......

  • Stephen Russell

    08/12/2020 03:59 PM

    Whats the New Normal for the US ahead:

    Lockdown days, weeks?
    Wear mask days or by locales
    Immunity cards?
    Internal checkpoints see Russia, China etc.
    Police State?
    OR Civil War 2.
    After 2024?
    One party rule in DC

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/12/2020 03:03 PM

    Thank you

  • Lawrence Foster

    08/12/2020 02:48 PM

    Normally I would look on the selection of Kamala Harris as a gift to Donald Trump, almost guaranteeing his reelection.

    However, as one wag noted, never underestimate the ability of the democrats to steal an election. (Can you say "Senator Al Franken")?

    If Chief Justice Roberts goes along with the neocommies on the supreme court, and allows global mail in voting, We could see the actualization of Joe Stalins famous quote, "It doesn't matter how many votes you get, what matters is who counts them". (In Minnesota that's called the Al Franken rule).

    Not sure how to pressure Roberts, but he obviously is vulnerable to pressure, making several of his more controversial decisions because of pressure from the left. Maybe with some good fortune RBG will decide to retire, and Trump can put a new Chief Justice on SCOTUS before the election.

  • david clark

    08/12/2020 02:41 PM

    Many commentators have been focusing on Biden's lack of cognitive ability, almost to the point that it is the only thing they talk about (Huckabee being one exception). That is a mistake. We must focus on his poor choices of policy because lack of cognitive ability will not stop him from doing huge damage once in office and the thing the voters should care about is what policies he will try to enact with the complicity of a democratic Congress.

  • Patricia Owens

    08/12/2020 02:38 PM

    I’ve just advised my grown kids to dump their maps/globes as the make-up of the planet has just changed. I’m just not sure if it is India or Jamaica that will be moved onto the African continent. However, considering India seems to be nearly the size of that continent, I suspect the Democrats will decide on Jamaica. What those particular citizens feel about this is totally immaterial to the dictators.

  • JP Blickenstaff

    08/12/2020 02:27 PM

    Hello Governor, "Progressive" is a code word or dog whistle for "Rebellious". Progressives have no philosophical agenda for governing. Evidence is all the rioting in dem-cities. and their lack of understanding the nature of Policing, laws, enforcement, etc. The progressive agenda is disruption, deviancy, dependency, depravity, rebellion, destruction and death.

  • Pat J Green

    08/12/2020 02:07 PM

    Biden can pick just who or what ever, it just doesn't matter. God's word is just real plane on it, he said he would bless those who bless Isreal and curse those who curse Isreal. A real quick look at Trump and biden's record on Isreal alone will tell us real quick who our God will give the presidency to

  • Marshall Suttles

    08/12/2020 01:16 PM

    Kamala Harris was chosen to be Hiding Biden's next phase "Basement"! Dems know he has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peeling, and must have a "protector" Her big mouth and cultured fake smile is suppose to draw the media and millions of voters away from Biden's blunders. If they can pull this off, Kamala will soon be president and the puppet masters, (Socialist / Communist's) will have pulled the greatest "Coup" in history! The complete destruction of America will soon follow! Makes me want to cry and fall down on my knees begging God to have mercy on US one more time! And, I do this every day!!

  • Jay Ebli

    08/12/2020 01:16 PM

    Kamala Harris is nothing more than a political climber. Episode two of the democratic debates opened with Harris going at Biden with both barrels. Believing Tara Reid (alleged rape victim) racist (hanging out with known segregationists) racist again (Clinton's crime bill). Now that he has selected her as a running mate, everything is just fine and dandy.