January 8, 2021

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  • Something to consider
  • An inconvenient truth
  • Texodus


Mike Huckabee


By Mike Huckabee

There have been a number of Trump Administration staff resignations in protest of Trump’s handling of Wednesday’s rally that turned violent. They would be leaving in less than two weeks anyway, but they wanted to make a statement. This link has a list of the resignations, the biggest being Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, who is the wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell...

...and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who criticized Trump’s rhetoric as having an impact on the rioters inside the Capitol.

And for entirely different but obvious reasons, the chief of the Capitol Police has resigned.

More than meets the eye

By Mike Huckabee

Video has emerged showing a number of Trump supporters trying to stop protesters from breaking into the Capitol Wednesday. The video shows one Trump supporter trying to physically restrain someone who was attempting to damage the door, and others booing the protesters and yelling “Stop them,” “Don’t break that window” and “No Antifa, no Antifa.”

Speaking of Antifa, the initial claim that there were no leftist agitators disguised as Trump supporters is coming under question. The New York Post quoted law enforcement authorities as saying they had identified two people known from Antifa demonstrations in New York among the rioters in the Capitol…

…and KUTV in Utah reports that a man who was standing next to Ashli Babbitt and who filmed her fatal shooting has been identified as a far-left protest organizer from Utah who founded a group called “Insurgence USA,” is associated with Black Lives Matter and was arrested last summer for organizing a riot that ended in a shooting. He also has a history of social media posts promoting Antifa and BLM, branding Trump a white nationalist and calling to “burn it all down.” You can see more, including some of those posts, at this link from Katie Pavlich at Townhall.com.

And here's an interesting first-person account of Wednesday’s violence by someone who was on the scene as it was happening and who thinks we do not yet know the full story.

To be clear, this is not an attempt to shift blame. Most of the people involved do appear to have been Trump supporters, but a handful of violent fanatics are not representative of the vast majority of peaceful protesters. The media have lectured that to us for months before suddenly switching positions on Wednesday.

Finally, questions are being rightly raised about the deadly police shooting of unarmed protester Ashli Babbitt. Video from inside the building seems to show that the officer shot Babbitt as she was trying to bust down a door, even though there were other officers right behind her who not only could have peacefully arrested her, but who might have been killed themselves by their fellow officer.

As that article points out, it’s sickening to see leftists who’ve spent the past eight months protesting and rioting against police brutality suddenly turning on a dime and gleefully celebrating police murder because the unarmed protester who was shot was a Trump supporter. One tweeted, “Rightly deserved (to be shot and killed) for trespassing.” Maybe they should pass that message along to the DA in St. Louis who’s trying to imprison Mark and Patricia McCloskey just for showing guns to some leftist protesters who were threatening them while trespassing on their property.

Something to consider

By Mike Huckabee

Here’s something you might want to consider before you get a COVID-19 vaccination. It’s a ramification of the shot that has received almost no publicity, but it could have a serious harmful effect on those who already have it and need convalescent plasma transfusions.

An inconvenient truth

By Mike Huckabee

A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that long after trans athletes start taking female hormones, they still have a physical advantage over athletes who are born female. Hormones can’t alter male advantages such as upper body strength, bone size, heart size and lung capacity.

From the link: “Before hormone use, males who identify as female performed 31% more push-ups and 15% more sit-ups in 1 min and ran 1.5 miles 21% faster than females. During the first two years of hormone use, males who identify as female were able to do 10% more pushups and 6% more sit-ups than females. Following the two-year mark those numbers became ‘fairly equivalent,’ Roberts (the researcher) told NBC. When it comes to running, however, even after two years of taking hormones, males who identify as female were still 12% faster.”

It is not “transphobia,” hate or bigotry to point out the blindingly obvious biological fact that it's not fair to girls to allow males who “identify” as female to compete in their sports, even if they’re on hormones. Arguing otherwise is a perfect example of George Orwell’s rule that “there are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.”


By Mike Huckabee

This is a lengthy but informative and entertaining read by Prof. Michael Lind about what he calls the “Texodus” (tech companies fleeing California for Texas.)

It provides an enlightening history of how Big Tech grew, developed massive political influence, turned from funding both parties to being 100% “progressive” Democrat, and is now fleeing California precisely because it practices the political agenda that they supported. If for no other reason, read it if you’re in a red state and need to start debating how you’re going to keep these new arrivals from “Californicating” your state and ruining it by voting for the same kind of leftist people and policies that fouled the nest they fled.

Important Message from Dan

By Mike Huckabee

Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw has a very important message to Republicans who believe that the election was swayed by vote fraud: the Congressional meeting on Wednesday was never going to solve that problem. Election integrity can only be resolved on the state and local levels.

Now is not the time to become demoralized and give up. It’s the time to turn your anger into action and hold your local and state officials accountable for ensuring that voter integrity laws that have been systematically eroded, dismantled, ignored and illegally altered now be reinforced to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. We can’t change the past, but we can make sure that future elections are secure and trustworthy. Make clear to your city and state officials that if they don’t do that, they’d better have new jobs lined up after the next election.



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  • David Snodderly

    01/11/2021 11:01 PM

    So Dan Crenshaw's solution to election fraud is to "vote out the fraudsters"? Uhhhhh, I guess I'm missing something.

  • Jerry

    01/09/2021 02:33 PM

    This country's Population before 2016 had no real understanding what Illegal Immigration does to a Nation President Trump enlightened the people and was resisted by Congress all the way. Today the Illegal Immigration will be in full effect and in route as Biden takes the Oath which he will disregard the first day in office. The problem of Illegal Immigration is 6 decades old and Trump made advancement in shutting it down I thank President Trump for making Immigration a bit more lawful say adios to that as people from around the world will enter the US without anyone knowing who or what will come in. Some organizations will benefit from the new work force that enters some citizens will be harmed by it who cares I guess no one. Now that Trump has left the building. The Nation will miss Donald Trump the World will miss Donald Trump oh China Iran North Korea won't Paris Peace the WHO United nations Nato won't all of the Anti American groups the Left and Right of Congress won't I will miss him and our way of Life will miss him.

  • Deanne Mechling

    01/09/2021 01:20 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee. 1/9/21
    Your daily Newsletter & Bible Verse you’re very helpful to me, now that I know about them. I count on them because you tell the TRUTH. Always..
    I do have a comment about your part of last nite’s Newsletter on Dan Crenshaw, which I will give below.
    But first, here are three topics I have not seen you cover (but I may have missed your coverage) and wonder if you could include them in tonite’s Newsletter?
    1. Concerning Ashlee Babbit: Could you explain her reason for being there?
    That is, was she a peaceful Trump supporter just trying to OPEN that
    door to join several hundred peaceful protesters who had already
    2. Could you help Sidney Powell get credit and respect if she is still about to be heard (and which court & when), and whether it is possible to get her an Emergency court date BEFORE January 22 (If I am correct that she has Jan. 22 court date)? I ask this publicity for her as my understanding Is that she has all the necessary evidence against corrupt Dominion Machines, & Dominion’s corrupt owner, and all the proof from the 5 or 6 different state’s attorneys for Trump on the outrageous Ballot and Voting intentional errors. And to know her current status on her goal would give immeasurable Hope to readers.
    Also, if she has all this proof, wouldn’t she WIN (and show Trump won), and so she should not worry about Dominion Owner suing her? But I do pray for safety of her and the containers of this’s proof).
    3. Last nite on Greg Kelly (7:00pm on NEWSMAX), he showed the actual wording which Trump said at the Rally on Jan 6, which I have not seen anywhere else, unless you also said it and I have missed that. So since it seems to me to be so helpful against the flood of critics blaming Trump for the “storming”, I wonder if you think so and would make the words a topic of tonite’s Newsletter and give more detail to show that all those deserting him with this excuse are such fools.
    MY COMMENT ON DAN CRENSHAW REASONING: Yes, it is true that the electoral votes are properly determined at state level. But IN THIS CASE, they were not able to achieve the correct count, and so the reason for the 10-day Audit was to FINALLY get that correct legal count, which would have shown which person really won, and which, at same time, would most likely have proven TRUMP WON (and saved 75 million and our great country from the sick, sick joke of Democrat Admin & handlers Soros, Obama’s, Bill Gates, et al about to devastate us all.
    Thank You So Much Sir. We, the Patriots I have mentioned above, are somThankful for you and Sarah Sanders and all you do for our freedom and prosperity and HOPE.
    Deanne Mechling


    01/09/2021 11:47 AM

    In reference to representative Crenshaws remarks:
    I am a great fan of Dan Crenshaw but I fail to envision how we replace our elected representatives through dishonest elections?

  • Kay DeWitt

    01/09/2021 11:14 AM

    IN RESPONSE to the "important message from Dan (Crenshaw)" to Republicans where he states...."Now is not the time to become demoralized and give up. It’s the time to turn your anger into action and hold your local and state officials accountable for ensuring that voter integrity laws that have been systematically eroded, dismantled, ignored and illegally altered now be reinforced to make sure nothing like this ever happens again".....DO I STATE TO CHRISTIANS....THAT...

    If one IS a true Christian...before he is a Republican...it is impossible for him TO, as Dan so states, "BECOME demoralized" ....and when Dan adds TO that statement, "and give up", I wonder how a true Christian would interpret what he would be inclined TO "give up" as a result of the Democratic political party winning over his Republican political party...Let's see WHAT it is that Dan is telling Republicans not to give up....In view of his statement that FOLLOWS this statement which he begins by saying, "it's the time to turn your anger into action", it would seem that what Dan is saying Republicans should not "give up" is FIGHTING...I ask, fighting for WHAT? That the Republican party not lose another "political" election?

    Now MY "important message" to Christians is that I cannot tell you to STOP fighting because you never STARTED fighting ....and, if you present me with a counterargument that you DID fight when you fought for your Constitutional "right" to GO TO church, you don't have a clue as to the kind of "fight" I am referring to because I am talking about fighting the one who REALLY won this election...which was Satan himself!

    Tell me, if it IS true that He Who is in us is greater than he who is in the world, then why DID the he who is in the world win this election? Why didn't your winning your fight for freedom of "religion" to "go to" church move God's Hand to Divinely Intervene in THIS presidential election, as Christians claimed He so Divinely Intervened in the 2016 presidential election?..and why did the claim...of our supposed "prophets"...that Trump would win this election, prove to be a lie?

    I ask, how many Christians know the answer TO that question?...Let me ask you another question....how come, here in Charlotte, NC, I have to have my heart broken on a daily basis because every day I have to hear on the news how yet another kid has gone to an early grave because he has been shot by another kid when Charlotte is, and has BEEN, the home of so many NATIONALLY -KNOWN ministries, and "churches" with thousands of Christians "going TO" those churches?....How come the He IN these church goers....who, again, is supposed to be greater than the he that is in the world...has not been able to STOP the he that is slaughtering our (His) BORN kids....as well AS our (His) UNBORN kids?

    Any Christian who KNOWS Christ, rather than just knowing ABOUT Christ, knows the answer TO the questions I have posed and it is TO these Christians that I GIVE my (His) special message to.. which is to...START fighting FOR what you know to BE the answer SO THAT the greater He that is in you WILL win over the he who is in the world...and if you DO, to, again, re-echo Dan's words, "turn your (and HIS) righteous anger into action and hold your Christian leaders accountable" .. for caring more about "going to" church than "being" church to our dying kids, the end -product will be that it will serve to take a step toward making America able to claim that she is, again, "one nation UNDER God" Who is THE only one Who can MAKE America great again!

    And for those who recognize the name Mark Harris, because he won a political election here in Charlotte, I want to make it known that it was BECAUSE Mark knew that there is a difference between KNOWING Christ, and knowing ABOUT Christ, that he exchanged being a pastor of the largest mega Baptist church here in Charlotte for being a senator in the House of Representatives because Mark's love for his country wanted to bring the love of the Christ he knew into a political system that did NOT know Christ's love....And because that is STILL the desire of Mark's heart he IS one Christian who is taking action to make the cry OUTSIDE the walls of Congress that he didn't get to make INSIDE the walls of Congress....which is THAT..

    Because JESUS commands us to "love our enemies" THE only answer to bringing unity to this very divided nation is that we must answer hatred with love ...and anyone who cannot say amen TO that should keep in mind what happened on January 6th when hatred was NOT answered with love but WITH hatred!
    And it is those Christians who CAN say amen TO Jesus command that we love our enemies who need now to make that truth KNOWN...and the REASON THAT, again re-echoing Dan's words, it "is time to turn our (righteous) anger into action" is because it is to the degree that Christ's love loves the sinner that he, concomitantly, hates the sinner's sin and any Christian who does NOT love Donald Trump, the sinner...and hates ONLY Trump's sin...is a Christian who does NOT know Christ because HE said THAT "by their fruit (OF His agape love) you will know them"....know who is My disciple whose ability to love as I love bears witness TO the fact that he is a born again Christian who KNOWS Me!

  • Carmine Fea

    01/09/2021 11:00 AM

    President Trump did NOT encourage the DC rally to violence and attack on the Capitol. Trump encouraged a large rally and protest against election irregularities and/or fraud that probably changed the election results, supported by Trump’s rally speech. It is no secret there is unheard and unlitigated evidence of election irregularities.
    It makes no sense and, to say the least, it is brainless to say Trump encouraged violence and attack on the Capitol. [Because] Trump made clear to the rally the tallying of state electoral votes going on in the Capitol was most important to him; Trump made clear to the rally the tallying of electoral votes going on in the Capitol could reverse what many believed to be a false election result; and Trump made clear to the rally he wanted VP Pence to have the courage to reject electoral votes from states violating election law or committing fraud, as evidenced by Trump’s rally speech.
    I repeat, Trump’s speech makes clear the tallying of state electoral votes occurring in the Capitol was most important to him, his speech made clear VP Pence could possibly reject some state electoral votes based on evidence of election irregularities and revise the election result. Of course it is ridiculous Trump encouraged violence and attack on the Capitol and stop the adding of questionable state electoral votes which would be helpful to him. It is brainless and contrary to what Trump said to accuse him of encouraging an attack on the Capitol.
    Additionally, evidence supports before Trump ever spoke people planned to attack the Capitol. it is clear both from watching the attackl and police reports some people came to the rally planning to commit violence on the Capitol carrying with them items to help them commit an attack on the Capitol before Trump ever spoke.

    President Trump’s speech encouraged a huge rally and protest to show strong public support against election irregularities and vote fraud reported to him and the country. Trump did not “make up” vote irregularities and fraud in our election, they were reported to him and evidenced by our Constitution election law and signed affidavits. As everyone is fully aware, huge rallies to show support are Trump’s way of operating and illegal acts are not for this law and order president.

    Impeachment? Impeachment would turn additional spotlighting of evidence of vote irregularities and fraud in our election, additionally turn public sentiment against democrats, and provide an Historical Record of evidence of election vote irregularities and fraud.

  • Sue Clark

    01/09/2021 10:23 AM

    Governor Huckabee, when you talk to President Trump please tell him there are a lot of people that have been praying for him. We are heart broken, we are trying to lean in to Jesus as we believe that what happened had been ordained before the world began. We believe that the end is coming. The United States of America, the United States I grew up in, is not the same. God has been taken out of the United States, we know that persecution is coming, praying that we stay close to Jesus, Who is our hope.