April 20, 2022

Speaking of mocking the ridiculous things leftists do, sometimes the jokes write themselves.

Like this story: ProPublica, the leftist journalism nonprofit that’s underwritten by billionaires, held an event on April 12th called “The Billionaire Playbook,” about how rich people are allegedly evading taxes. Its sponsors included the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, which has been accused of tax fraud.

Or try this headline: “Foundation gives Harvard $5 million to study ‘wealth inequality.’”

Considering that Harvard is sitting on the world’s biggest endowment – over $53 billion at last check – and to them, $5 million is pocket change, you’d think they’d already know everything there is to know about wealth inequality.

From PJ Media: “Left calls for an end to gun violence then gives shopping mall mass shooter $25K bond and house arrest.”

Talk about shooting your own foot off. Finally, there’s this: “World’s largest carbon removal facility designed to fight global warming suffers major setback after Arctic blast freezes machinery.”

This is why I say that the left may rail against “misinformation” and “disinformation,” but that’s just to deflect from their real enemy: information.

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  • Russell Griffin

    04/22/2022 03:36 PM

    Demon-crats. They cannot be a Christian and say and do the things we read about them. I changed parties many decades ago when Johnson was the president. Abortion was the talk and I realize a Christian would never kill a baby. When I got off of work, I went to the election office and changed parties. I didn't want to be associated with them.

  • R. Rudy Griffin

    04/22/2022 03:21 PM

    Yes, the Demon-crats are ridiculous, socialist and their woke culture are: dissolve the nuclear family, abolish capitalism, eliminate religion, re-write our constitution and raise children gender neutral. Other actions by the woke culture, such as canceling movies, cartoon characters, defunding law enforcement. FOOLS.