September 3, 2021

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Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! Topics include:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - John 13:34
  • Stranded Students
  • August jobs report
  • NOT onsense and “transphobic discrimination"
  • Time to resign
  • These colors don't run
  • Credibility is nearly impossible to get back


Mike Huckabee


“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.”

John 13:34

Stranded students

By Mike Huckabee

Officials from California’s Cajon Valley Union School District and Rep. Darrell Issa's office helped rescue some students who were stranded (yes, I said the word “stranded”) in Afghanistan. But they say there could be more than 1,000 students, both American-born and children of Special Immigrant Visa holders, who are still trapped there.

August jobs report

By Mike Huckabee

Friday morning, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the August jobs report, and it’s pretty dismal. Unemployment did inch down from 5.4% to 5.2%, but the 235,000 non-farm payroll jobs fell far below the 733,000 that economists predicted (it’s almost as if someone were paying people not to work!)

The drop in hiring is being blamed on the rise in COVID cases due to the Delta variant, which was also blamed for a drop in consumer confidence about the future. Yes, that must be the reason. What else could be making Americans feel less than confident about the future?

NOT nonsense and “transphobic discrimination"

By Mike Huckabee

We’ve reported several times on the controversy at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles. Female customers were protesting that a trans “woman” was being allowed by law to enter their private spaces and walk around with “her” male genitals on display in front of both women and young girls. There were counter protests from those champions of tolerance and rationality, Antifa, which turned violent (of course) when they assaulted the women who didn’t want to flashed constantly.

Well, now, there’s a sick new twist to this story. It’s been reported that the trans "woman," who was painted by the left as an innocent victim of discrimination, is being charged with indecent exposure after a police investigation of the complaints. It’s alleged that “she” is actually a tier-one registered sex offender with two convictions for indecent exposure and another for failing to register as a sex offender, as well as multiple pending felony indecent exposure charges for a separate incident. A 2018 sheriff’s department flyer described the suspect as “claiming to identify as female so he can access women’s locker rooms and showers.”

When the insane idea of allowing men who claim to be women to enter women’s most private spaces was first brought up, this possibility was immediately raised, only to be dismissed as nonsense and “transphobic discrimination.” Indeed, when questioned about these revelations, this person claimed to be an innocent victim of discrimination – although it sounds as if a lot of victims of sexual perversion might disagree with that.

This is a developing story, so we’ll (very carefully) keep an eye on it. Until then, I won't apologize for the quotation marks around “woman” and “she.” I refuse to molest either English grammar or biological reality.

Time to resign Joe

By Mike Huckabee

Our “Good Catholic” President Joe Biden announced that he was launching a “whole of government” effort to fight the new Texas law banning abortions of babies after they have a heartbeat. So he’s literally enlisting all the powers of the federal government to go to war on babies with heartbeats. I’m so glad we have compassionate adults back in charge.

As previously noted, when they lost this round in the SCOTUS, Democrats quickly dropped their gaslighting nonsense about “birthing people” and men having babies, too, and starting couching the law not as a protection for unborn children, but as an attack on women’s health care or women’s rights (FYI: about half of all babies are girls, and they’re getting aborted, too. So I guess women only have rights if they’re lucky enough to make it out of the womb.)

All the talk about women’s rights is even more laughable when you consider it’s coming from a man who just consigned an entire nation full of women and girls to barbaric subjugation, rape, forced marriages, sex slavery and generally being treated worse than oxen.

And before you cut him any slack due to cognitive decline or the current chaotic conditions that he created, know that according to Richard Holbrooke, Obama’s former special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, way back in 2010, Biden was advocating bugging out of Afghanistan and never mind the consequences. When Holbrooke brought up America’s obligations to Afghans like the girl in the Kabul school, Biden replied, “F--- that, we don’t have to worry about that.” Referring to the tragic fall of Saigon in 1973, he continued, “We did it in Vietnam, Nixon and Kissinger got away with it.”

He had zero concern for the hideousness that might be inflicted on the women and girls of Afghanistan. All he cared about was how it would affect his political fortunes. If it didn't, then (BLEEP) them. Likewise, he doesn’t care about the rights of women to feel secure in intimate spaces or to win sports scholarships as long as he can pander to the deep pockets LGBTQ lobby.

So when I see him tossing his alleged sacred religious beliefs overboard to pander to the “no limits on abortion” lobby, pardon me if I don’t believe he’s doing it because he just cares so very, very deeply about the rights of females.

PS – He accused the Texas law of “unleashing unconstitutional chaos.” Again, if he really believes what he’s saying and opposes the unleashing of unconstitutional chaos, he should resign immediately.

These colors don't run

By Mike Huckabee

The President of the United States might be willing to leave our Afghan allies behind in Afghanistan, but a group of private citizens and former Special Ops personnel are not. And they’re doing something about it. Pray for their safety and success.

Credibility is nearly impossible to get back

By Mike Huckabee

Proof that once you torch your credibility, it’s nearly impossible to get back: President Biden promised Hurricane Ida survivors that they will get the resources they need and “won’t be left behind.” Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows blasted him for using the exact same words that he used just last week when he promised he wouldn’t leave any Americans behind in Afghanistan, and then he did.

It’s a cold reminder that if you entrust some people with power over your life, you’d better have a life preserver handy for when they let you down and fail to show up.

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Comments 11-18 of 18

  • Gary Stilwell

    09/03/2021 11:31 PM

    I will leave another comment on this biden thing--the forth one--
    The man is is old, ok? he has no clue even what his name is--he should be pitied and prayed for(simply for his humanity--although I do have reservations on this point--he has had quite a long time to demonstrate his membership in the Homo-Sapiens genome(seems he like kinda failed in this regard)
    Calls for his impeachment are certainly warranted--BUT you must understand what the outcome of this would be--his veep is far worse than a feeble old man--the door would be wide open to finally socialize our Federation--McConnell has the right bent--we can't win this now---what we CAN win is the charge of treason against all the administration--it is very-very clear--all would be subject to the sweeping charge--all the way to the House speaker(and probably some of her minions)--can you actually imagine the damage to the "swamp" if this were to be put forward?????

  • Jj

    09/03/2021 10:55 PM

    American conservatives have been put in as many boxes as the census form. Deplorables nazis, Hicks, pickup-truck driving flag waving rednecks, white supremacy, racists, anti abortionist, religious fanatics God fearing the list of name calling is endless however break into my home and you will not call anyone a name again my dear leftists please bring a card that cleans up disasters so I know who to call and charge. With all the new people Biden is bringing in most of them do not care about human life, In America animals have more rights and respect than humans in Afghanistan the Taliban Biden’s only friend will only send their best terrorists.

  • William Fuhrer

    09/03/2021 10:53 PM

    One full term of President Joseph Biden should be the end of the Democratic Party or at least describing high prices and shortages using the term PROGRESSIVE.

  • Dr. James Wiest

    09/03/2021 10:08 PM

    I, as a "good" Catholic, am appalled at our so called leaders. Several of who label themselves as "Catholic" (i.e. Biden and Pelosi). The promoting of killing babies in the womb is horrifying to some of us and I have fear and pity for the souls of these politicians who advocate it. I cringe whenever I hear these poor excuses for a compassionate human being called Catholic and resent the slander that they are doing to our faith.
    God bless you Mike and keep up the good work.

  • Anne Turner

    09/03/2021 09:59 PM

    The abortion issue is so very complex. I do not believe that Roe vs. Wade was a sound decision as SCOTUS is supposed to understand the Constitution and rule accordingly. There is nothing in this document that alludes to abortion, but it explicitly states if something is not mentioned as belonging to the Federal Government it belongs to the states. I strongly object to the idea of aborting babies at anytime during gestation. If they can survive outside of the mother then they are little independent humans. To do it after that point is murder. There are exceptions, such as the life of the mother. But, to say the an 11 year old girl has to endure a pregnancy because of rape or incest is cruel. To tell a mother who can’t feed her five children as it is that she has to have a sixth is cruel. To bring a ciiild into the world where the mother had German measles in the first trimester is cruel to mother and child. To make a woman carry a fetus without brain development is cruel. In these cases, early termination would be possible, way before substantial development. One thing for sure is that men should keep a low voice on this one. Men would not look kindly on women telling them what to do with their reproductive parts. Again, this is not a simple matter of outlawing all abortions or allowing abortions at any time. In the former, women would get abortions anyway, in the back streets. Along with curbing abortions should be the tightening of the child support laws so that men are severely punished for not helping substantially to support any children they sire. And please don’t tell me there are already laws on the books. There are such laws and they are mostly not prosecuted. But judge, I don’t have a job, We’ll, get a job and support your child or spend a lot of time in jail should be the answer. When girls start saying no, and boys find their manhood and a sense of responsibility, we will not have nearly as much of a problem. Marriage was established as a wat for people to have and bring up children in an orderly way. Some how my generation and the generations before mine, mostly managed self control do this was much less of a problem. I didn't say it was easy , but most things worth doing aren’t.

  • Paul Kern

    09/03/2021 09:12 PM

    I have been watching how the Manchurian candidate(joe) in charge is operating. His past shows he sold out evil decades ago. He ruled from his temple in DC
    Having ministered to demoniacs I now see he is truly an empty she'll. One of the antichrists John spoke about. Satan's puppet! He has exerted control over the Democratic Party now. The squad are his lieutenants!
    For decades civil religion has been the norm. Now it is showing its true colors.
    Are we seeing God's hand of wrath on us now! It would not surprise me. Sad that many have fallen away. Fake shepherds are the wolves destroying all they can!
    It is time for God's people to arise!

  • ken moore

    09/03/2021 08:30 PM

    Time to resign Joe NO HE IS A MURDERER
    firing squad benedict arnold

  • Robert Arvanitis

    09/03/2021 08:29 PM

    Governor -- Sadly, justice short term is not best for the nation. Kamala is not the lesser evil here.
    The way forward for America is electoral defeat for the left in House and Senate in 2022
    Then electoral defeat for the left in Executive in 2024.
    Nothing constructive to be gained in the meantime, except blocking of further depredations.