November 5, 2019

When Paul Sperry put a name to the “whistleblower” last week, it was already quite well known in Washington circles who that person was, and a lot was known about his connections to the DNC, John Brennan, Joe Biden and the top tier of FBI officials who had targeted Trump and his campaign. Nevertheless, one of the attorneys for this person, Mark Zaid of Whistleblower Aid, put out a statement saying that the release of Eric Ciaramella’s name “is at the pinnacle of irresponsibility and is intentionally reckless.” That’s right, he was speaking about the irresponsibility and recklessness of suggesting that the so-called “whistleblower” is Eric Ciaramella...that's Eric Ciaramella...C-I-A-R-A-M-E-L-L-A.

The name is an open secret all around Washington, DC, yet many in the media are pretending they don’t know. In stark contrast, Dan Bongino may have taken this new revelation even further, having possibly connected another dot, tying this individual to the effort to spy on newly-elected President Trump in the White House. Bongino picked up on something unusual in the Sperry piece --- something I didn't when I linked to it last week.

Sperry had taken the trouble in his piece to provide a phonetic pronunciation of “Ciaramella.” It’s not what many would assume, which is “see-ah-rah-MEL-ah.” Sperry gave it as “char-a-MEL-ah.” Why should this matter? Not to go all tin-foil hat on you, but Sperry may have been trying to clue us in on something.

Recall the text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page that talked about sending someone named “Charlie” to the White House. They also use the term “CI,” which may stand for “Confidential Informant,” or SPY. If “CHAR-lie” was “Ciaramella (CHAR-a-mel-ah),” then the so-called “whistleblower” was actually a mole, planted inside the White House to spy on the President. We know that Ciaramella had been assigned to work in the West Wing.

As investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson has noted, the timing of the “whistleblower” report suggests that he was worried that Trump was getting close to uncovering Democrat links to Ukrainian efforts to interfere with our elecion in 2016.

On April 25, Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr asking about these text messages. You can be sure he’s on the case.

I had planned to link to Dan Bongino’s podcast about “Charlie,” but the following article beat me to the punch and also lays out more information (much of which we’ve covered but is good to review), so I linked to that instead.

On Sunday, Mark Zaid went on CBS’s FACE THE NATION to say that his “anonymous” client would be willing to answer written questions. THE DAILY BEAST tweeted that had offered the GOP “a direct opportunity to ask written questions of the whistleblower” without compromising his or her identity. (Never mind that his identity has already been compromised.) But according to the “rules” (ha) being followed in Adam Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee, he has the option to allow Republicans’ questions but can stop witnesses from answering questions he doesn’t want asked, which he has done. Also, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said on the same show that he was not aware of the offer to ranking member Devin Nunes to have the “whistleblower” answer Republicans’ questions. “I have never received that offer, and I am the lead Republican,” he said.

According to FOX News, Zaid tweeted that his client would answer questions posed directly by Republican members “in writing, under oath & under penalty of perjury.” He continued, “We will ensure timly answers. We stand ready to cooperate and ensure facts – rather than partisanship...”

Let’s just say I would be very surprised if this person answered all the questions Republicans might want to ask, whether in person or submitted in writing, as they would definitely choose to ask all about his relationship with Strzok, Page and others, who might in much bigger trouble than they already are. If the FBI/CIA spied on the White House, which seems increasingly likely, and the “whistleblower” who sparked the impeachment “inquiry” turned out to be THE SPY, this might be the most incredible government scandal ever, certainly in my lifetime.

Both of the “whistleblower’s” attorneys, from the law firm “Whistleblower Aid,” are strongly objecting to efforts being made to uncover their client’s identity. Well, they certainly have good reasons for trying to keep it a secret, and these have less to do with protecting their own client than they do with furthering the Democrats’ false narrative and keeping a larger plot from being exposed. Here’s a more comprehensive update on the whole “whistleblower” story from FOX News…

And, in an update on that story, late Sunday House Oversight Committee ranking member Jim Jordan issued a statement: “Written answers will not provide a sufficient opportunity to probe all the relevant facts and cross-examine the so-called whistleblower. You don’t get to ignite an impeachment effort and never account for your actions and role in orchestrating it. We have serious questions about this person’s political bias and partisan motivations and it seems Mark Zaid and Adam Schiff are attempting to hide these facts from public scrutiny. Last week’s testimony raised even more concerns about the anonymous whistleblower and our need to hear from them, in person.”

I would add that we might also want to find out if he answers to the name of "Charlie."

Also, President Trump is insisting that the whistleblower give up his anonymity, as he has made false claims.

Finally, if you would like just a taste of Zaid’s condescending attitude towards President Trump --- and also to his supporters --- here it is:

Whistleblower lawyer acknowledges client had 'contact' with presidential candidate

That’s right --- in his mind, he’s “non-partisan,” and if we out “in the heartland” don’t understand this, we are just “narrow-minded.” Perhaps he’s not totally anti-Republican, but he’s as anti-Trump as they come, and against any Republican who doesn’t share his dislike for Trump. He put out a tweet saying, “Help us legally challenge this President. We’ve been litigating claims against him for 2 years FOR FREE...” This attorney even pitched to Michael Avenatti. I think that speaks for itself.


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  • Verlyn Steinbach

    11/07/2019 04:09 AM

    "The name is an open secret all around Washington, DC, yet many in the media are pretending they don’t know."
    Why is this a secret for the DC Elite? Who can accuse the President of TREASON and remain anon?

  • Kevin Cook

    11/06/2019 11:48 AM

    Where is the Senate?! Call this traitor and Schiff in for question ASAP!

  • Alice Claar

    11/06/2019 10:25 AM

    Again I thank you very much for being there for all of us out here. God Bless

  • Thomas R Sprenger

    11/06/2019 06:49 AM

    Please my name down as a

    Please put me down as a Democratic misbeliever since the days of FDR and even moreso with Pelosi and Schumer. The Rebubliticans have to find better candidates than the late John McCain. We had 8 years of Obama who hid everything about who he is and ran up enormous bills for all of us to pay. I am 88 years old and hope to die with a Republican President like our current one holdng the office of President of the United States.

  • Amelia Little

    11/05/2019 11:30 PM

    I guess shiff and company think that everyone swallows the garbage they put out hook, line and sinker. Of course, msm tries to make sure that everyone who listens to them believes the garbage--and, who knows--they just might really believe it themselves. It's not like they investigate anything, just take the scripts they are given and run with them. Judge Judy needs to get in their faces about hearsay--no way is hearsay allowed in her courtroom unless the litigant brings the original source so SHE can question the source. She knows more than the politicians about the law. I can't find where pelosi ever was a lawyer--and shiff needs some remedial courses--from bona fide law professors, not some new "woke" psuedo-law professors.

  • Robbie Mize

    11/05/2019 08:30 PM

    I can only hope and pray the info gets out and not too late.

  • Barry Spinka

    11/05/2019 07:59 PM

    I just hope the American voters understand the full depth of the depravity the leaders of the Democrat Party have for President Trump and the freedoms and rights that we citizens have under the Constitution. This goes way beyond anything any politician or party leaders have done in the past.

  • Terri Lupa

    11/05/2019 07:50 PM

    I get so upset with these politicians who spend all their time and energy defaming our president. If they spent half that time in making our country a better place we would see progress. Don't they get it? Trump won. End of story. Now get to work on what you are supposed to do as a congressman. I am ashamed of our government and how far it has deviated from the ideals of our forefathers. Shame on you.

  • Jerry Korba

    11/05/2019 05:39 PM

    The Impeachment of our President is a Farce while the needs of our Country is buried in the House the only benefit of this Farce is the Media from all sides almost all day and nite all it focus on is the Impeachment farce the Media is a farce why tune in. If no one watches or listens maybe it goes away. If the media talks about the trade agreement with Mexico and Canada we get involved focus on that; have the media explain what is real the Mexican Cartel massacre on Americans might be of interest the clean up in Austin Texas those are real things; forget the fake Impeachment its nonsense the World is laughing at the House. Pelosi and Schiff people around the world in a hundred different languages are saying what donkeys you are please donkey's don't take offense you actually serve a purpose. Pelosi Schiff you are the lowest rated animal if we were loading up the ark the Creator would question Himself whether to let you on unfortunately he allowed it.

  • Matt Hunyadi

    11/05/2019 05:05 PM

    If this "Impeachment Hoax" does not call for "Term Limits for the House of Representatives," then I don't know what does.

  • Ray Cowden Witter

    11/05/2019 04:43 PM

    It appears that CI is a known partisan of the Democratic Party.
    Pelosi and Schiff are trying to game the American voting citizens with false information.

  • Alan Doud

    11/05/2019 04:09 PM

    If I was this whistle blower I would be very worried about my life. Not because of Trump, but the fact that he could expose the democrats plot. After all it is very disconcerting why so many people that cold testify against the Democrats die, especially from suicide.

  • George Spettigue

    11/05/2019 03:17 PM

    Mike, I am just sorry that it took me so long to wake up to your newsletter! I have been watching you on YouTube for quite a while! You are welcome into our living room always!! PS - Your daughter is great!! We loved her "press" briefings!! George & Becky

  • Linda Meyer

    11/05/2019 03:00 PM

    Governor, have you seen the Schiff impersonator on the Greg Gutfeld show? It’s hilarious. It’s so good to be able to laugh at all of this crap!
    Thank you for all you do!

  • Dianne Royer

    11/05/2019 02:41 PM

    I think it is about time the rest of the Republicans in the Senate get off their backsides and start chirping just like the Dems!!!

  • William Taylor

    11/05/2019 02:36 PM

    Aren’t “political bias” and “partisan motivations” part of ALL of us? Do we ALWAYS assume that if these are present they will lead to criminal or unethical activities? Shouldn’t we focus on what actually happened first and look at motives secondarily? Someone may have a reason e.g. political bias, to act but you can’t assume that lead to an action because other reasoning e.g. legalities, higher purpose, good sense, may override political bias.

  • Curtis Clark

    11/05/2019 02:28 PM

    If Ciaramella is the "SPY" and Schiff has hired his (Ciaramella's) CIA buddies, that he worked with, from the White House, could you say Schiff is leaking info to Ciaramella through his old White House CIA buddies? If Ciaramella was a CI for the FBI Strzok spy ring, were Ciaramella and his buddies handed over to Schiff when Strzok was fired? Did Schiff construct his own spy ring against the White House? Did Schiff provide the substance of the Whistleblower complaint to Ciaramella through his CIA buddies? I have read the whistleblower complaint. It is not a whistleblower complaint, it is an intelligence report that was provided in order to answer questions for someone (Schiff?).

  • Rick Augustine

    11/05/2019 02:05 PM

    Thanks for connecting the dots!

  • rodney burke

    11/05/2019 02:00 PM

    First of all as Dan points out there IS no whistle blower, there was nothing to blow about, so by definition this clown/spy is not anything but a spy with so many bad connections it's sickening. So as Dan asks, why did Ciaramela resign from the NSC soon after the phone call. He should be before the SENATE intelligence committee if we have to drag him by the hair.

    Written questions? sure, sure and what lied will be send back? Hope, He answers in person. I think there is already enough evidence to convict him as a spy. Zaid better watch his condescending attitude, it will come back to haunt him BIG time.

  • Gina Nelson

    11/05/2019 02:00 PM

    Governor Huckabee, Thank you for your emails - if not for you, we would be in the dark about many important issues. I don't understand why the so-called Whistleblower's identity has not been announced on the news. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Vernon Thompson

    11/05/2019 01:57 PM

    Everyday the story gets more and more convoluted. With the Deep State as deep as it appears to be and the circle as tight as is seems to be, will we ever know the truth?
    With the low-life lying scumbag Adam Schiff involved, I would not be surprised that he orchestrated the whole Ukraine caper. I'll bet he had his "parody" written beforehand and Trump spoiled the deal with the release of the transcript. But he went ahead and read it hoping the stupid among us would think it was true.
    Harry Reid taught me never to trust any member of Congress speaking from the halls of Congress because they can lie, slander, defame, etc, with no risk of consequences.
    Isn't there some way to prosecute Schiff and his buddy and favorite sock puppet Erik (The Weasel) Swalwell?

  • RogerParisee

    11/05/2019 01:41 PM

    Mike if it really is Charlie Leaker( not whistleblower) then this is a continuation of failed Coup against DJT!! ENUFF ALL NEED TO B ARRESTED FORTHWITH! Im sure AG Barr would know!UNBELIEVABLE!

  • Naomi Redd

    11/05/2019 01:32 PM

    Mike, I appreciate very much your informative articles, tying the confusing pieces of Trump's unfair impeachment inquiry to the "investigation of the investigators" by John Durham. It is such a complex puzzle that the average person (including me) could not put together without your help and the balanced reporting by Fox News. When do you think that John Durham's report will be released, and do you believe that it will receive the attention that it deserves in the mainstream media?

  • Sammi Lehmann

    11/05/2019 01:13 PM

    When impeachment goes to the Senate...yes I believe it will...can't the Senate call these witnesses and review all the documents the House has?

    Where are answers to posted questions found?

  • Elaine

    11/05/2019 01:10 PM

    Thank you Governor for again bringing all the loose ends together in an easy to understand method!