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June 2, 2021

Many Americans who voted for Joe Biden thought they were getting a moderate, bipartisan unifier. Instead, they’re suffering whiplash from how quickly he’s yanked the nation hard-left, with open borders, massive spending, huge tax hike proposals, a return to failed “appease our enemies” foreign policies, the destruction of America’s fossil fuel industry and more insanity from the far left wish list.

The buyer’s remorse is showing up in polls. I told you last week about a Fox News poll showing that the number of Americans who think Biden is too far left has jumped 10 points to 46%. Now, a new survey by Echelon Insights and Winning for Women finds deep concerns about Biden’s profligate spending.

Fifty-eight percent believe that "inflation, raising prices and the cost-of-living for Americans" is certain if Biden’s massive spending plans become law; 57% agreed that the tax hikes on American families his spending would require would "slow down our already fragile economy" and "jeopardize our recovery;" and 53% said his plans would "lead to an unprecedented expansion of big government."

Surprisingly, those numbers include 61% of Independents, 54% of women, 63% of women with children and even 56% of non-liberal Democrats.

So if Biden is governing far to the left of his record, his campaign rhetoric and even many of his own supporters, you have to wonder why? It’s almost as if the guy who’s running the Biden Presidency isn’t the Joe Biden who was in Washington for nearly half a century.

The editors of Issues & Insights have a theory that might explain why Joe Biden doesn’t seem to be governing like Joe Biden. Meet the person they believe is virtually the acting President, his unelected Chief of Staff known to some as “Biden’s brain,” Ron Klain.

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  • Sarah Betar

    07/07/2021 07:30 AM

    Obama, who is a large part of deep state, is serving his 3rd term as president, with the help and lots of encouragement of George Soros, Rothschild, etc) through Joe Biden....this must be stopped..we have evil foreigner bankers, etc. running America with help from America hating, white hating, Obama

  • Margaret Sorg

    06/30/2021 09:30 AM

    You misspelled Obama.

  • Janis Montgomery

    06/07/2021 04:48 PM

    Thank you to you, Mr. Huckabee, for exposing the facts of politics from the conservative point of view and for publishing the views of those who comment.
    The Biden of 2021 is definitely not the same man who 'sort of' campaigned for the Presidency from his basement in 2020. Not only is his appearance, posture, and agility completely different, the "gaffes" for which he was known are now too obviously faked to be funny.
    During the campaign, Biden was a demented and senile old man who never understood the issues and frequently didn't know where he was or what he had to say. His speech was more hesitant and wobbly than that of the body doubles he now uses for public appearances since he no longer has an excuse for the huge face covering masks necessary to hide double's plastic and muffle their speech as they learned Biden's speech patterns and obtained the voice emulation devices.
    As Rebecca Letson commented, Biden is obviously a puppet of Obama. Biden is giving Obama the third term he thought he deserved and needed to fulfill the Islamic post 9-11 vow to "Destroy the American Infidel from within." Biden's goals during his first 100 days as President certainly appear to be a continuation of Obama's effort to "Destroy the American Infidel from within" and to make America a third world country. The Communist Chinese who paid the Biden Crime Family millions if not billions during his political career and likely are still paying probably know enough dirt on the President to blackmail him until the end of time.
    The Communist Chinese, Obama, Biden and Fauci may be involved with the Bilderbergs, Gates, etc. in an international scheme to develop a gain of function organism and decrease world population by spreading it throughout the world as a pandemic.
    In the very beginning of the Covid crisis, an oriental female scientist in one of Fauci's labs stated in an online video that she took the gain of function organism developed in a Fauci lab from America to the lab in Wuhan, China. The development of the "gain of function Covid virus" in U.S. labs is too likely to overlook. It should be investigated along with Fauci and Wuhan's involvement in both labs.
    China offered not only a lab to be blamed for developing the organism, it is the location of the most efficient method for distribution of the virus to become a pandemic.
    The largest distributor of goods in the world is the company owned by Elain Chou, wife of Mitch McConnell, who controls distribution of Chinese made goods around the world via ships built by her father. The system which serves essentially the entire world may have functioned as a system for distributing the Covid virus. The pandemic was slowed when the ship became stuck in the canal and was unloaded to be searched before being dislodged.
    Fauci is also Chinese owned. Someone should be investigating both American and Chinese origins for the virus.

  • Karroll Hauseknecht

    06/07/2021 01:11 PM

    Bid is not a President, he is a nightmare for the American people.

  • Helen Kintner

    06/07/2021 12:15 PM

    I doubt that Biden is even in charge, he is not demonstrating the stamina or mental acuity that the job requires. The Bernie bros would have never supported his candidacy if they had no control over his agenda.

    I really enjoy your news letters & commentary.

  • Ellen Williams

    06/07/2021 11:51 AM

    I read about Klain last week and I think this has been the plan all along - to get Joe in the White House as the FACE we see but to have others in the background trying to destroy America. Jill was there to make sure he didn’t fall picking dandelions or falling asleep at the podium. Klain and Susan Rice plus other Obama socialists are fast tracking Marxism.

    If Klain hasn’t been approved by the Senate, is he supposed to be and if yes, why hasn’t it been done? Of course with all the Rinos voting with the socialist Democrats, we’ve seen countless approvals of people who have not business running their respective positions.

    I pray every day that God will turn this country around and there will be a God loving, God fearing awakening in America!

  • JER

    06/07/2021 10:19 AM

    I get so sick of voting and literally seeing what the present administration has literally DONE for us, our economy was thriving, people were working, taxes were down, there is NO EXCUSE, every individual SAW how we were being blessed with the present administration. Then you go and vote for Biden. Don't lie to me, you KNEW what you were getting into. If you vote for the bible, you NEVER vote wrong. They made fun of Trump and the bible. He may not have been a bible thumper, but he did what God wanted him to do. There is NO EXCUSE, you can't say 'you did not know'. I am sick and tired of having to carry their cross too because of 'their' stupidity. You WOULD NOT LISTen! Now God is giving the people what they wanted. I don't want to hear these people complain at ALL! God forgive them all. Because I'm not. I would be continuing to prosper if it had not been for those stupid ones. Now it's up to you stupid people who voted for him to make it right. Stand behind Trump to get our country back....if it is possible. Mr. Huckabee, we tried to tell these morons and they still are not listening. Have a blessed day.

  • Rebecca Letson

    06/07/2021 09:22 AM

    I think Obama is running the presidency right now. He found no way to run for a third term so he’s running the show as a shadow president.

  • Margaret Tonkin

    06/07/2021 09:17 AM

    I've never heard of the Tulsa massacre, an event that happened 100 years ago, until Biden started using it as a talking point. It's another of his cudgels to divide our country. He (and his handlers) are trying to destroy America. By the open border, the budget, closing our pipe line and stopping drilling on government land and kissing the backside of other countries and of terrorists. I can't believe we don't have some safety net that would allow us to put a stop to this. Immediately.

  • Diane Friedrick

    06/07/2021 06:50 AM

    Dear Governor, thank you for bringing to light "the person" who is truly running this country. From the beginning, we knew Mr Biden was not calling the shots due to his cognitive incapacity. Since this man wasn't confirmed yet by congress, is there a way to get him removed to stop this insanity from proceeding?