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February 8, 2024

Last night, Sean Hannity asked me if I really believed that black and Hispanic voters who are abandoning Biden in polls would actually vote for Trump. He believes they’ll follow historic precedent and fall back in line by November, voting once again for Democrats who make big promises they never keep and scare them with lies about Republicans being racists who want to bring back slavery. Remember Biden telling a black audience, “They want to put y’all back in chains”? Rest assured, we have no interest in bringing back that cursed Democrat institution that Republican Abe Lincoln fought a Civil War to end.

My response is that, while I’m sure many disgruntled Democrat voters will ultimately yield to habit and mark the (D) box to keep letting the same party destroy their lives in perpetuity, I suspect that this year, things might be at least a little different. Some might actually switch parties, while other voters the Dems rely on might just stay home and not vote in big enough numbers to make a difference. Partly because Biden has been such a HORRENDOUS President, and partly because it hasn’t been so long since Trump's term (good jobs, rising wages, low inflation, secure borders, no wars) that people can make an A-B comparison (this is why they have to personally demonize Trump so hard and keep people from hearing what he has to say.) But mostly because of the illegal immigrant invasion Biden has set off.

When it was just the border states’ problem, it was easy for blue state voters to ignore. But the brilliant plan by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to bus just a fraction of the problem northward to “sanctuary cities” that claimed they welcomed them has created a black swan disruption event. Pious liberal city leaders are getting a taste of their own medicine, and it’s bitter stuff, indeed. Residents of these cities are sick of seeing their kids’ schools, parks and recreation facilities taken over by illegal aliens and their city services bankrupted. All while the Democrats they elected ignore their constituents and lavish the invaders with free food, debit cards and hotel rooms (that they trash.) Illegals can even beat up cops and get released on zero bail while flashing an obscene hand gesture to America.

Here are just a couple of examples of how it’s better to be an illegal immigrant in a blue state than a taxpaying citizen:

New York’s Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul is relaxing requirements and loosening red tape to make it easier to get a state government job. That sounds good, except that it’s to make it easier for illegal immigrants to get government jobs instead of American workers.

And in today’s MUST-READ, Howie Carr of the Boston Herald talked to people familiar with the illegal aliens enjoying free stays in local hotels and motels. These “undocumented Democrats,” as he calls them, have learned very quickly that in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, everything will be provided to them for free and only suckers work for a living. The biggest joke is calling them “migrants” because why would they ever migrate anywhere else?

That’s why I think this might be different from previous elections. A struggling single mom working two jobs to pay the bills and who normally votes Democrat might just look at all of this and think, “I’m voting for Trump. No matter what they say, he’s GOT to be better than this.”

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