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March 14, 2024

Adam Schiff has done it.  He’s become so ridiculously sleazy and nonsensical that even a CNN host challenged him.  It happened over Schiff’s attack on Special Counsel Robert Hur during Tuesday’s hearing of the House Judiciary Committee.  As you know, Schiff accused Hur of inserting his own “personal, prejudicial, subjective opinion” into his report, specifically the part that talked about Biden coming across as an “elderly man with a poor memory.”  He said Hur did this deliberately to help Republicans.

But during an appearance on CNN later that day, Schiff was asked by Tapper to explain what part of Hur’s statement was inaccurate.  Schiff wouldn’t answer, but simply repeated, without evidence, that Hur’s report was “calculated,” motivated by politics.

Believe it or not, Tapper didn’t just let him get away with it!  We see this so rarely in mainstream media; would you like to watch it?  THE BLAZE has the clip.  If you just can’t stomach watching Adam Schiff (understandable), there’s also a good summary of the exchange.

Tapper’s emerging spine notwithstanding, we’ll still take the NEW YORK POST over CNN any day, and you might enjoy James Bovard’s take on the hearing, which is that the Democrats turned it into “Three Stooges Theater.”

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