December 5, 2019

In what I assume is a play for the small number of remaining Kamala Harris supporters’ votes, Joe Biden teased that he might pick her to be his Vice Presidential running mate.  He told reporters, “Senator Harris has the capacity to be anything she wants to be. I mean it sincerely.”

(Pro Tip: Always be skeptical when a politician tells you anything during an election year and follows it with “I mean it sincerely.” If he really meant it, he wouldn’t need to add “sincerely.”)

He went on, “She is solid. She can be President someday herself.”

To unpack why he probably doesn’t mean any of that, sincerely or otherwise: Being Vice President doesn’t necessary mean you’re Presidential material.  Some might argue that applies to Joe, who made two disastrous Presidential runs before Obama chose him for Veep (in 2008, he dropped out after garnering less than one percent in the Iowa Caucuses.)  When Harris dropped out, she was at 7% in her own home state.

Of course, there are always miracle comeback stories, like Nixon in 1968.  And maybe Joe will actually clinch the nomination on his third try, although if so, it’s largely because the rest of the field is so awful. But that includes Harris, who was actually losing badly to Joe Biden!

But if Biden does become the nominee, is he sincere about picking Harris as his VP?  Why? Even if she were wildly popular in her home state, it’s California. The Democrats could run Bonnie & Clyde and win California. They need someone who can help them carry one of the swing states they lost to Trump.  When Harris dropped out, she was at 3% in Michigan and 1% in Pennsylvania (no wonder Democrats hate the Electoral College!)

Maybe the DNC poohbahs would pick Harris as an identity group candidate, thinking she would attract black and female voters. Personally, I think it’s insulting to believe people will vote for a candidate whose policies are harmful to them just because they share the same race or gender, but that’s the current mindset of the Democratic Party (it worked out so well with demanding that all women vote for Hillary or be called traitors to their sex.) 

So sure, there’s a chance that Biden could pick Harris. But if the Democrats want to “balance” Joe with a younger, female minority running mate, I assume they’re smart enough to find one from a state they lost in 2016 and that they need to win.

And when I say "I assume they’re smart," I mean that sincerely.


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  • Catherine H. McCaffrey

    12/07/2019 04:21 PM

    He might as well get his son to run for Vice Presidenty.

  • Pamela Farris

    12/06/2019 12:08 AM

    If they impeach President Trump over the Ukraine deal how can they let Biden run for President? He has done the same thing to get his son a job.