November 12, 2016

Who knew that I would ever be so euphoric over words and actions by three of the most partisan Democrats ever to hold elective office? And I’m not kidding. I am genuinely grateful to them because they have unwittingly given to President Trump and the Republican Majorities in the House and Senate a gift to top the past 100 Christmases.

When President Obama brushed back John McCain in what was supposed to be a “dialogue” about health care, he icily said to the Senator, “John, the election is over and we won.” He would later tell Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander in a similar forum, “Elections have consequences.” In other words, “Shut up,” he explained.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid rolled over Republicans in the minority on Obamacare even though they didn’t have a clue what the impact would be. As then-Speaker Pelosi famously quipped, “We’ll know what’s IN the bill after we PASS the bill.” I thought then it was like saying “I’ll know WHAT I had for dinner after I PASS what I had for dinner.”

Whether it was judicial appointments or packing the Labor Relations Board, when Democrats owned the stage and supplied the actors and the script, they were indifferent to anything the Republicans thought of proposing. It was one-party politics—the kind I faced in then one-party Clintonista Arkansas.

President Trump will enter office with not just a mandate from the American people. He shows up with the permission of what would normally be the opposition party to do anything he and the Republicans in Congress feel like doing. Will the Democrats scream about it? Of course! But their voices will be as credible as Carlos Danger demanding that we vigorously prosecute Internet predators who send pictures of their naughties to little girls.

President Trump can go ahead and build that wall. He can cut the business tax rate to 15%. He can tear to shreds the agreement to give Iran a license to steal and kill. He can move the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and encourage Israel to build neighborhoods in Judea and Samaria. He can renegotiate NAFTA and send TPP to the landfill. He can appoint authentic constitutionalists to the Supreme Court. He can pass real reforms about the revolving door of lobbying and legislating. He can proceed with repealing and replacing the ill-named “Affordable Care Act” since it’s become so unaffordable for many American families. He can ask that a real Department of Justice clean the cesspool IRS—a three letter acronym that smells like a four letter word. He can send people to lead federal agencies who will roll back job-killing regulations and impose a moratorium on any new regulations. He can take hundreds of executive orders issued by President Obama and use them to stoke the fireplace in the residence of the White House.

He can do all of that because President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid said he could. Surely no thoughtful, self-respecting Democrat would say a word about it because the Republicans will simply be playing by the rules that the Democrats wrote and lived by.

So while I didn’t think it so great at the time, I can now say, “Thank you, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. You will make it much easier to reset our great republic with reforms!

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  • Diana Nickell

    11/14/2016 09:56 AM

    I am so greatful to read your words, a history if you will, and I think others need a reminder. Great Read.

  • K Zelin

    11/13/2016 04:16 PM

    I love this article. It is refreshing to see someone in the political minefield exhibit such humor, honesty, intelligence and true conservative and Christian values. I am so glad Trump won the election and have done everything I could to support him, but if ever you want to throw your hat in the ring in the future, you can count on my support. May God bless you and your family.