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May 25, 2023



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The Lord is my light and my salvation - so why should I be afraid? The Lord is my fortress, protecting me from danger, so why should I tremble?

Psalm 27:1



Huckabee: DeSantis' launch was 'unfortunate' | Rob Schmitt Tonight

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Senator Fetterman update

Pennsylvania voters who sent a stroke victim to the Senate couldn’t claim to be surprised when health issues kept John Fetterman from showing up to work for months. But once he did show up, they might be wondering if one of the symptoms is that he forgot how to dress himself. Despite Senate rules requiring proper professional attire, not to mention the basic tradition of dressing like a grown-up when you’re a United States Senator, Fetterman has taken to stalking the halls of the Senate and even showing up to press conferences in a hoodie and gym shorts, looking like an unemployed teenager on spring break.

This has sparked complaints that he’s showing zero respect for his job, but don’t worry: Democrats are great at finding ways to work around and evade the rules (see the debt ceiling negotiations.) Instead of voting on the Senate floor, where a jacket and tie are expected, Fetterman yells in his "yeas" or "nays" from the side entrance or the doorway of the Democratic cloakroom, then ducks back out again.

See, who said that a man who’d suffered a severe stroke and can't even dress like an adult couldn’t handle all the responsibilities of being a Senator?

I hate to say “I told you so,” but as I told Pennsylvania voters before the 2022 election, and this applies to everyone else in America as well: This is one-half of all the representation your state will get in the Senate for the next six years, so think hard before you mark that ballot.



Senator Scott’s excellent response

Sen. Tim Scott had an excellent response to the leftwing hosts of “The View” attacking him as they did Clarence Thomas for daring to be black and not slavishly adhering to the Democrat Party line.

I’d also really love to hear Justice Thomas’ response to being lectured by rich white liberal Joy Behar on how he and Scott just don’t understand what it’s like to be a black man in America.

I sometimes wonder how these people can spout this divisive, vitriolic nonsense and still look at themselves in the mirror. Now I know: they don’t look in the mirror, or else they'd realize they’re not black men.

America the Beautiful

God's creation is all around us.  We are blessed with his bounty.  Take a moment to enjoy it.

Must-Read column

Law Prof. Glenn Reynolds of the Instapundit blog has an op-ed in the The New York Post on how the biggest threat to our military might be woke DEI indoctrination.

It’s weakened what used to be the greatest colorblind meritocracy and strongest fighting force on Earth into a bureaucracy obsessed with skin color, “oppression,” identity politics, transgenderism and other divisive, hot button leftist topics. It’s also actively driving out and repelling the kind of patriotic Americans who used to line up to volunteer for the US military, to the point that recruitment efforts have fallen by a dangerous 25%.

Read it and you’ll realize that throwing the current regime out of power ASAP is not only essential to saving our freedom, it’s essential to saving the military that up until now has been the protector of our freedom.

This mother’s message to the President is so important

I don’t report on every story of some violent criminal who’s in the US illegally committing some horrific crime against Americans because since Biden took office, it would be too depressing to have to report that so often. But in this case, the crime was so horrible, and so preventable, and the mother’s message to the President so important, that I have to direct your attention to it.

I will believe Democrats who claim to care so much about victims of violence as they demand more gun control laws when I see them also start demanding that the President stop letting unvetted people with criminal records pour across our open border, stop letting vicious coyotes prey on women and children that they bring across our open border, and denounce leftist DA’s who let criminals go free over and over while only prosecuting citizens who dare to do anything to stop them.

They could start by speaking up against Biden’s latest plan to overturn yet another Trump-era policy and make the illegal immigration crisis (and child trafficking) even worse.

Take a stand against this madness

Despite long being a left-leaning company (the first major retailer to let men go into women’s bathrooms and fitting rooms), Target has somehow managed to escape major blowback from conservative customers. But the wokeness has been pushed too far, and the Bud Light backlash showed conservatives that they don’t have to keep giving their money to people who spit on their values. They’ve tasted blood, and liked it better than Bud Light.

So when it was reported that Target was celebrating “Pride Month” by putting on prominent display items like children’s swimsuits for “tucking” male genitals and making boys look like girls and T-shirts and pins created by a “gay trans man” designer who pushes Satanism and guillotining “homophobes,” a lot of customers decided they’d had it. Some Target stores, especially in the South, moved the offensive merch to some less conspicuous spot, and the chain now seems to be having second thoughts about whether it’s a wise business practice to try to shove transgender propaganda aimed at children down their shoppers’ throats. As with their trans swimsuits, they claim to be making “adjustments.”

But read this statement and see if you think they’ve really gotten the message:

"For more than a decade, Target has offered an assortment of products aimed at celebrating Pride Month. Since introducing this year’s collection, we've experienced threats impacting our team members’ sense of safety and wellbeing while at work. Given these volatile circumstances, we are making adjustments to our plans, including removing items that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior. Our focus now is on moving forward with our continuing commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community and standing with them as we celebrate Pride Month and throughout the year."

Note that the problem isn’t that they’re foisting offensive and inappropriate merchandise into the faces of their customers. No, it’s the customers’ fault for not meekly taking it. They’re “volatile.” They’re “threatening” the “safety” of their team members with THEIR “confrontational behavior” (something we would NEVER see from the trans activists they’re so enamored with – ask Riley Gaines about that.) No, it’s not their fault for doing it, it’s your fault for complaining about it.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since Target’s CEO said in a recent interview that “woke” capitalism is “the right thing to do” and “great for their brand.”

Let’s see if Target’s sales figures over the next quarter bear that out.


A huge slap in the face

While we’re on the subject of once-great American brands siding with a tiny radical faction against their longtime customers, I already reported on how the Los Angeles Dodgers invited, then disinvited, then re-invited a gay/trans anti-Catholic group called the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to their “Pride Night” game. This group is radically, offensively and blasphemously anti-Catholic and anti-Christian.

But there’s a lot more to this story that I frankly don’t have the stomach to recount here. So I’m going to send you to these two articles that explain in more detail just how huge a slap in the face this is from the Dodgers’ management to Christian fans. By the way, this group that exists to promote perversion and mock the Bible and the faith of Christians isn’t merely invited to the game, they’re being honored with the “Community Hero Award."

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese has also condemned the Dodgers’ decision to glorify these repulsive religious bigots.

To prove it’s not just Christians who are angry and offended, here’s an article by Rabbi Michael Barclay on why he’s boycotting Major League Baseball and thinks you should, too.

Finally, leave it to the Babylon Bee to make the perfect observation about what these people have done to “America’s Game”:


Kari Lake case update

Here’s more on the Arizona judge’s ruling against Kari Lake, finding that the ballot counting process in Maricopa County was perfectly fine because the county election recorder whose alleged bias and corruption were the point of the challenge to the ballot counting process was satisfied with the ballot counting process. It’s circular logic worthy of Lewis Carroll.

No word yet on whether Lake will appeal, but let’s hope so. Even if she doesn’t prevail, allowing this Mad Hatter ruling to stand as precedent is like telling voters that even if they think vote fraud is taking place in front of their eyes, there’s no point in challenging it because if the officials accused of fraud say they’re not committing fraud, that’s good enough.

Consider this

Before going along with climate change hysteria and agreeing to give up your car, house, job and food, you might want to consider one simple question: have these people ever been right about anything? They’ve been making apocalyptic predictions for over half a century; have any of them come anywhere close to coming true? Like, is snow a thing of the past, or are Florida and New York under water? All those things and more were supposed to have happened by now.

Steve Malloy of the website Junk Science has been examining some of the more recent claims about extreme weather events being on the rise and becoming deadlier and more costly due to climate change. Before you agree to start eating bugs to stop it, read the data Malloy compiled that shows that none of that is true.

Senator Cruz delivers a lesson

I often use this newsletter to provide much-needed history lessons to people who claim that the Republicans are racists who want to bring back slavery (when the GOP was founded to end slavery; it took Republican President Abe Lincoln to do it; and Jim Crow laws, Bull Connor and the KKK that Democrats love to invoke in attacking Republicans were all Democrat institutions.)

I don’t expect today’s leftists like AOC to know any of that, or to have read a real history book, or even to have lived through some of the history that I have. So I’m glad that when they started spouting off their revisionist nonsense, Sen. Ted Cruz took to Twitter to give them a remedial lesson in which party was actually founded on, and continues to protect, civil rights, and which party fought a war to preserve slavery, invented all those racist institutions, filibustered the Civil Rights Act, and even today attempts to keep blacks on their plantation to cement their political power.

Be sure to read the whole thing, since it includes a refutation of the Dems’ erroneous claim that somehow, after the Civil Rights Act passed, the parties “flipped” and all the racist Democrats became Republicans. Nope. Of the 21 Democrat Senators who opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act (that Republicans voted for in much higher percentages than did the Democrats), only one ever changed parties.

More tying President Obama to the two-tiered ‘justice’ system

“Splinter the CIA, NSA and FBI into a thousand pieces and scatter them into the winds.”

Agreed, 100 percent!  And what lovely imagery --- this cannot come too soon!  But there’s just one thing:  this quote came from former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who was at the helm of Twitter during the worst of the unconstitutional collaboration between wannabe censors in government and their eager accomplices in the private sector.  So this is a head-scratcher.

The responses to his tweet show that many people find this Dorsey totally at odds with the other one, and they gladly tell him so.  One typical response:  “Your words today don’t match your actions when you were at Twitter, so which one is real?  No one really knows, although it generally makes sense to pay more attention to what people do, rather than what people say.”

Dan Bongino was back Wednesday to offer more details on President Obama’s involvement with Hillary’s State Department email scandal.  But, to borrow Yogi Berra’s expression, it seems to us like “deja vu all over again,” as the Huckabee newsletter was full of this story several years ago.  If Hillary had mishandled classified material, that meant Obama had, too.  As Bongino says, “This whole thing was about Obama the whole time.”

If you’re a longtime reader, perhaps you’ll recall legal analyst Andrew C. McCarthy’s 2017 article in NATIONAL REVIEW about why then-FBI Director James Comey had no choice but to drop the Hillary email case.  And, of course, you remember Comey’s surreal press conference on July 5, 2016, listing all of Hillary’s transgressions relative to her sneaky private email account and then saying “no reasonable prosecutor” would take the case because they couldn’t prove she meant to break the law.  She had simply shown “carelessness.”  But the issue of intent was a straw man; the way the law is written, there is no need to prove she intentionally broke it.

But a few months before Comey’s bizarre press conference, Obama had publicly stated the very same thing, about Hillary’s “carelessness.”  He’d said she didn’t mean to endanger national security and that the importance of the emails had been vastly overstated.  It was in that same month of April --- even before the FBI had interviewed Hillary --- that Comey started drafting his “no reasonable prosecutor” speech.

So now we can see where Comey got his rationale for letting Hillary skate.  Obama had dictated in April exactly how the case was going to go.  As Bongino points out today, Comey used the exact same words Obama had used when talking about Hillary’s case.

Another thing to note again today:  when Obama was communicating with Hillary on his Blackberry, he was even using an ALIAS.

Also, the Obama administration refused to disclose these communications between him and Hillary because they no doubt contained classified conversations.  (Even worse --- McCarthy doesn’t mention this --- we’re wondering if they might have had something to do with the raid on our consulate in Benghazi.  That would be an additional reason to keep them under wraps.)

So, because Obama had communicated with Hillary over her non-secure private communications system, McCarthy said in 2017, “it would not have been possible to prosecute Mrs. Clinton for mishandling classified information without its being clear that President Obama had engaged in the same conduct.  The administration was never, ever going to allow that to happen.”

Hey, maybe THAT’S why “no reasonable prosecutor” would take the case.  They knew it would mean a short-cut to the unemployment line.  They’d be taken off the case just as surely as those IRS agents investigating Hunter got dropped from theirs.

By May, while Comey was purportedly still drafting his so-called findings, “the Obama Justice Department had fully adopted the theory of the case that had already been announced by President Obama in April.  They leaked to the WASHINGTON POST that Hillary probably would not be charged.  The government scribes at WAPO dutifully noted the exact same rationale Obama had given:  that there was “scant evidence tying Clinton to criminal wrongdoing” because there was “scant evidence that Clinton had malicious intent in [the] handling of emails.”  And nobody at WAPO pointed out that intent had nothing to do with whether or not she’d broken the law.

As McCarthy wrote in 2017, all they had to do to prove Hillary had committed those felonies was show that she willfully transmitted classified information, was grossly negligent in handling it, and withheld or destroyed government records.  They knew she had done all of those things.  Under normal circumstances, plenty of reasonable prosecutors would have taken that case.

McCarthy went on to list “a series of Obama Justice Department shenanigans” designed to block the investigation.  “There is a way,” he said,” a notoriously aggressive way, that the Justice Department and FBI go about their business when they are trying to make a case.  Here, they were trying to UNMAKE a case.”

McCarthy could never have anticipated this when he wrote his piece in 2017, but lately we’ve seen plenty of the “notoriously aggressive way,” as it’s been used to destroy the lives of nonviolent Trump protesters who thought they were simply exercising their constitutional rights on January 6.  We’ve also seen them “unmake” a case --- the Hunter Biden case.

The Obama administration was able to dispense with Hillary’s case by essentially rewriting the statute to require intent and by, McCarthy said, “offering absurd rationalizations for not applying the statue as written.”  That plan came from Obama, to protect Obama, and was previewed by Obama three months before Comey gave his press conference.

FINAL NOTE:  We love to get letters but receive so many with the same refrain:  Why is no one ever prosecuted??  Why is there no accountability??  We’ve just served up one big reason.  Obama’s administration knew how to make itself impervious, to a shocking degree, and set up the ‘Justice’ Department to maintain their power.  It won’t change until we have someone in the White House who will do it what Jack Dorsey suggested. But until then, it’s imperative that people like us keep informing and reminding the public of what really happened, so that the whitewash the media keeps applying isn’t allowed to dry, and the next Republican government will have all the evidence ready to justify the herculean task they’ll face.




RELATED:  There’s plenty more FBI news today.  On Wednesday, CBS NEWS (surprise) actually aired a brief interview with the IRS whistleblower now identified as Gary Shapley.  It certainly didn’t provide any in-depth information but did at least confirm that this person and his claims actually exist. He says he faced “deviations from the normal process” that were “way outside the norm of what I’ve experienced in the past.”  He told CBS chief investigative correspondent Jim Axelrod that he had to say something when he could no longer deal with the “egregiousness” of the preferential treatment given to Hunter Biden.

Turning to the Durham Report, you’re no doubt aware that Special Counsel John Durham never fully interviewed a number of key people:  FBI Director James Comey, his deputy Andrew McCabe, agent Peter Strzok, attorney Lisa Page, Bill Priestap, Kevin Clinesmith (who got a slap on the wrist for altering a piece of evidence), and Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson.  They all to some extent “declined to be interviewed.”

Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin have sent a letter demanding to know why those people were “allowed to avoid fully cooperating with your office, particularly given your authority to compel testimony and records.”  They find it “odd.”

They compare Durham’s special counsel probe with Robert Mueller’s.  Durham “served more than 190 subpoenas under the auspices of grand juries” and “executed 7 search warrants.”  For Mueller, those numbers were “more than 2,800” and “nearly 500.”  It’s obvious that the Trump-haters on Mueller’s team were on a mission.

Just a hunch:  this might very well be another example of the DOJ not backing up the prosecutor.  If that’s the case, Durham should have pressed the issue --- like those whistleblowers at the FBI who said the DOJ had put obstacles in front of THEM.


Durham has until May 30 to answer these questions:

-- Did you subpoena any of the individuals listed above?  (Comey, etc.)

-- Did the DOJ, or any of its components, impede any of your office’s investigative activities?

-- Which FBI Counterintelligence personnel refused to cooperate?  Of those, which eventually cooperated?

-- Please describe how each individual “refused to cooperate.”





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  • Charles Sigars

    05/25/2023 11:05 PM

    The DOJ needs to be added to list list of "smashed into 1000 pieces....". It is moreso at the root, as it controls the FBI.

  • stephen russell

    05/25/2023 03:47 PM

    Hear KT MacFarland on 2024 race:
    Claims worse than 2020 since now Dems have to Fight for Control since if lose theyre going to be prosecuted by GOP House, WH, Senate
    Hear audio from KT MacFarland
    Rerun 2020 X10000 worse

  • Paul Kern

    05/25/2023 01:39 PM

    Since many voted in a criminal leader it seems there is no longer a nation. The few of us who really know and love God must be on our knees beseeching His help. Not pewwarmers like too many are. The smell of corruption must reach all the way to God's throne.
    I wonder how deep in the swamp Durham is.
    Like to see how the left is planning to steal the next elections.